The Flim starts off with Erin, Crisspin, Feilx and Freedom talking then it cuts to the ghost in the sheet and finally the end of the first flim. A young boy who runs away from home named Bill stays at his friend's Nick. Bill is looking for a house to stay in and tapes himself in front of the camera. His friend Nick calls and tells him that he can rent a room in a house downtown. Bill who has been folllowing the Freedom case is shocked when he sees Erin and Feilx. Erin warnes him not to go into the living room after dark beacuse strange things happen and she dose not like being tapped beacuse werid stuff happend when her son Crisspin did. That day Bill sits his camera on top of the refridgerator while he goes to look for his phone. Erin goes into the bathroom and the shower curtains open and Crisspin steps out and walks down the hallway and walks back into the kitchen and disappers. Bill asks Erin where his phone at and Erin says she dosen't know where its at. That night while Bill goe st sleep something comes in his room and goes out the door that goes outside.

Bill wakes up and leaves his camera and Crisspin comes out of the room and slams the door shut and Bill finds Crisspins shirt which is the same exact one as his.


  • Jamie Campbell Bower as Bill
  • Christian Hall as Crisspin
  • Debroah Ann Woll as Erin
  • Kevin Zeigers as Feilx
  • Ashley Benson as Marin
  • Katie Chang as Hanna
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