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The Freak Shows are a group of renegade Noto that reside in the forbidden part of the Noto Realm and are one of the main villains of the DonBrothers fanfic series Secrets of the Noto Realm. They serve the black witch Kofuku no Henka. They are one of the antagonistic factions alongside the trio of Sonoi, Sonini, and Sonoza.

They plot in the shadows, and treat each of the members as friends who would do anything for each other.


Kofuku no Henka - leader

Adam Zed - member

Maria Tron - member

Soni-X - member

Isabelle Ray - A Noto that is like Nagomi Yui/Gollum, member

TBA - A Noto that is like Yabasword, member

Renegade Anoni

These are Anoni who rebelled against the Noto generals and now serve the black witch Kofuku no Henka, and as a result, have gone renegade by violating taboo and rebelling against the Noto trio (and possibly other Noto Generals). To violate taboo, an Anoni has to break the feature that allows humans to not see them or have a feature that is different from other existing Anoni (whether it be from a quirk or not).

Gregory Hayne (a.k.a Anoni #2) - An Anoni that that can speak

Ge Gun - An Anoni that can turn his hands into chainsaws. (destroyed by Sonoi in part 1)

Allied Juto

  • Tracker Slasher
  • A boar like Juto
  • A rhino like Juto


  • Kofuku's height is 6' 6.6'' it is an allusion to the Number of the Beast.
  • There will be more members of the Freak Shows.
  • The Freak Shows are very interesting if you look at them - in the case of Maria Tron, a Noto version of Frax (one of the Time Force villains that is very tragic).
  • They will be aware of Mother and have plans for her, because DonBrothers has introduced Don Murasame. This will take place in the 2nd part.
  • The Freak Shows are a foil to the Nouto Council regarding the Juto. The latter opposes them while the former allies with some of them.