The Fox and the Hound (1983)

Parents Guide


Australia:M (series 4-present)| Russia:12+ (series 1-3)| Russia:16+ (series 4-present)| United States:TV-PG (most episodes, series 1-3)| United States:TV-14 (most episodes, series 4-present)| United States:TV-MA (some episodes, series 4-present)

Sex and Nudity

Seasons 1-3


There isn't any sex or nudity. While Tod, Copper, Vixey, and the other animals are seen nude often, it's considered realistic because animals don't wear clothes, so basically, no one is seen naked in this.

Seasons 4-present


There's some sexual tension between Widow Tweed and Amos Slade.

Characters have sex in some episodes.

Full upper and frontal nudity can be seen in some episodes.

Masturbation is discussed in a majority of episodes.

Characters such as Widow Tweed and Amos Slade could be seen in bed after sex in some episodes.

In New Adventure Today, Vixey complains to Widow Tweed, saying "I found thousands of inappropriate websites, a bunch of spyware, malware and viruses, and bookmarks to worthless ads leading to said spyware. I'd like to know who did this stupidity to my computer". Widow tells her "You did." Vixey then says "Oh... Of course." It is heavily implied that Amos Slade has been watching porn on her computer.

Violence and Gore

Seasons 1-3


Some play fighting but that's just about it.

Seasons 4-present



Seasons 1-3


Name calling is shown in some episodes, but that's just about it.

Amos Slade says "Dagnabbit," but it isn't at all obscene.

Seasons 4-present


Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

Seasons 4-present

Some characters can be seen smoking.

Frightening and Intense Scenes


In the first three seasons, there isn't anything intense, so kids should be fine, but in later seasons, be careful.

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