The Flash 2 is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It is a sequel to the 2014 film The Flash and is part of the DC Movie Universe. Brett Ratner returns as director alongside Cliff Martinez as the composer, with Bradley Cooper, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ben Foster reprising their roles from the first film as Barry Allen, Iris West and Hunter Zolomon respectively.


The film begins with a criminal gang attempting to steal an ATM machine, only to be stopped by the Flash. The Flash then changes back into his alter ego, Barry Allen, and arrives at the hospital to visit his friend Hunter Zolomon. During the events of the first film, both Barry and Hunter were blasted with strange energy rays and soaked in chemicals, which gave Barry the powers of super speed and super strength but put Hunter into a coma. Hunter has finally recovered and is ready to be discharged from hospital.

Elsewhere, an mentally unstable circus acrobat named James Jesse (Mark Hamill) is smitten with fellow circus member Corinne and tries unsuccessfully to ask her out. She plays him, tricking him into getting tickets to an upcoming rock concert, and then takes the tickets and goes with another man. When Jesse learns of this, he attacks her in her trailer and accidentally strangles her. Her boyfriend arrives, expecting to spend the night, and intrudes on the scene, forcing Jesse to kill him as well.

While trying to flee the scene, Jesse is spotted by the ringmaster, who lures him into his own trailer and then discreetly contacts the police. When they arrive at the scene, Jesse realizes that the ringmaster betrayed him and kills him in a rage. He then attacks a police officer, taking his gun and his car, and escapes with a stolen circus outfit.

Now on the run, Jesse's sanity begins to slip further when he sees visions of his abusive father, who tells him that it's time to stop being a pushover. Jesse puts the costume on and starts to call himself the Trickster.

Meanwhile, Barry learns that his molecular structure has become imperfect due to the accident and devises a serum to fix it. Unknown to Barry or his girlfriend Iris West, Hunter has also developed super speed and super strength. Iris, who had previously taken a course, begins to spend a lot of time with Hunter, acting as a carer, and he secretly becomes infatuated with her. This only fuels his jealousy of Barry, stemming from childhood. Combined with his new powers and damaged psyche, Hunter begins to slowly slide into madness.

Barry and Iris are visited by Iris' nephew, Wally West, who reveals that he idolizes the Flash and hopes to meet him. At the same time, the Trickster arrives in Central City and hides in an old industrial warehouse, where he spends all of his time alone. This only worsens his mental state however.

One night, the Trickster walks the city streets alone to investigate the area, when he confronted by a gang of youths, who bully him for his costume and try to assault him. He is rescued by Barry, in the disguise of the Flash, and the gang flee the scene. Barry tries to help the Trickster up, but the man only screams in horror and runs. Unbeknownst to Barry, he has been followed by Wally, who deduces his secret identity.

Hunter creates a new Flash-like costume for himself and gives himself the nickname Zoom. He tests his limits by running across the city, during which he passes through the Trickster's lair. However, the place is booby trapped and Zoom gets himself captured. While he talks with the Trickster, the Trickster reveals that he desires to know more about the Flash. Hunter promises to give him the Flash if he helps him with his own plans.

The Trickster detonates a makeshift bomb in the middle of the city and goes on a shooting spree, forcing Barry into action. This is actually a distraction which allows Hunter to kidnap Iris, and he knocks Wally out in the process. Barry finally apprehends the Trickster and is stunned to recognize him. The Trickster suddenly breaks into tears and collapses. The police arrive to arrest him, but before Barry can hand him over, the Trickster makes a run for it dives in front of a hail of gunfire, killing him.

Barry returns home and finds a dazed Wally, who reveals what happened and admits that he knows Barry is the Flash, and forces him to let him join him in rescuing Iris. The duo make their way to Hunter's, where they find a makeshift lab he created and a large reactor. Hunter reveals that he is going to recreate the events of the accident which transformed Barry and Hunter. He plans to use it to transform Iris into another “Flash” so that they can be together forever.

Barry and Hunter fight before Hunter manages to activate the machine and begin to process. Barry reveals to Hunter that the effects of the experiment will more likely kill Iris then change her, making Hunter finally realize that he has put Iris' life in danger. Using his powers, he runs into the machine at the last moment and pulls Iris out, just as the machine explodes, blasting Wally with similar rays. The effects of the explosion cause Hunter to age rapidly (which was what Barry had injected himself to prevent earlier) and he dies after making peace with Barry. Wally recovers and learns that he to has become a speedster, and becomes Barry's sidekick; Kid Flash.


Bradley Cooper – Barry Allen/The Flash

Alex Pettyfer - Wally West/Kid Flash

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Iris West

Ben Foster – Hunter Zolomon/Zoom

Mark Hamill - James Jesse/Trickster

Charles Dance – Darryl Frye

Anthony Anderson – James Forrest


The Flash 2 was followed by The Flash: Speed Force.

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