The Flash: Speed Force is a 2019 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name and a sequel to both The Flash and The Flash 2. The film is part of the DC Movie Universe and stars Bradley Cooper, Alex Pettyfer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Kendrick and Andy Serkis amongst others. Brett Ratner directed the film, which was scored by Cliff Martinez.


The film begins with Wally West meeting up with his date, Valerie Perez, at a diner. As they are starting to get on, a van races down the street outside, ploughing through anything in it's way, including pedestrians. The van smashes into a car and flips it through the window, where Wally pulls Valerie to safety before sets off after the van, changing into his Kid Flash costume along the way.

Wally pursues the van across the city, demanding that they stop and face the consequences, only to have a man lean out of the passenger window and fire at Wally with a futuristic looking pistol. The chase comes to a conclusion on the bridge, where a pile-up leaves the van teetering on the edge. Wally struggles to pull it back up and all seems lost until he is helped by the Flash, Barry Allen. They check out the van and learn that it was carrying radioactive isotopes. They then find that the men driving the van were scientists from the scientific insitute the isotopes where originally stolen from, and they have no recollection of the preceeding events.

Barry and Wally pay the institute a visit and meet Dr Sarah Corwin, who cannot provide an explanation of the scientist's activities. Barry takes notice of an adult gorilla amongst the lab's test monkeys. On the way home, Barry and Wally intercept a police report about a gorill having stolen a car. The two head in the direction of the incident and briefly tangle with the gorilla, who warns them off before escaping.

When Wally gets home, he finds Valerie waiting for him, who tells him that she really enjoyed their date and would like to make another go of it. Wally then invites her inside, where it soon becomes clear that they more than simply like each other. Meanwhile, Barry returns home to Wally's aunt and his girlfriend, Iris West, and begins nonchalantly telling her about his bizarre day. Suddenly, their apartment is struck by an energy blast, and Barry is knocked out.

Barry wakes up in a police cell and is then brought into the interrogation room for questioning. Here, Barry is told that his apartment was destroyed in an explosion, which killed Iris, much to his horror. The police then show him survelliance footage of him, as the Flash, breaking into a police compound and stealing the isotopes before he tracks down and kills the two scientists. Barry is shocked by his actions and claims that he has no recollection of it. Meanwhile, Wally arrives at the station with Valerie, having come from the hospital, and Valerie manages to persuade the police to let Wally talk to Barry.

Barry swears that he didn't do anything that the tapes show him doing and pleads with Wally to believe him. Wally decides that he does trust him and takes Valerie home, promising that he will see her again soon. Wally then breaks Barry out of jail and the two set off to find out who killed Iris and set Barry up.

Soon enough, they once again encounter the gorilla and fight him, eventually managing to subdue him, and he identifies himself as Solovar. Solovar explains that he is the chief of security at Gorilla City, a secret city of hyper intelligent apes. It was a peaceful civilization until Grodd, a brilliant scientist, stole a mind control helmet and tried to take over until he was chased out. He also thinks that Grodd and Corwin are working together, so Barry runs back to the institute. Solovar and Wally pursue him, with Solovar explaining that they need to wear special headbands in order to protect themselves against Grodd's mind control.

Barry arrives at the insitute but is quickly subdued by Grodd, who explains that he had Corwin attack his apartment with an energy ray, killing Iris, and then took control of Barry's mind and forced him to do his dirty work. Solovar and Wally arrive and Barry and Wally fight while Solovar chases Grodd and Corwin. The villains escape while Wally manages to override Grodd's device and free Barry. Just then, the institute is invaded by the police, searching for the trio, who also make their escape.

Solovar makes the decision to return to Gorilla City in Africa, which is were he thinks Grodd is going. Barry and Wally announce that they are going with him, in spite of his initial protests. Wally later sneaks into Valerie's house to once again assure her that he will see her again. They almost kiss but he pulls away and leaves. Valerie secretly follows him and learns that he, Barry and Solovar plan to commandeer a boat and sail to Africa. She then stows away on board and is undetected.

Solovar speaks to Barry about Iris and explains that he once had a wife in Gorilla City, until Grodd killed her. They are both out for revenge against him, and Solovar promises Barry that Grodd will die. Wally then stumbles across Iris just as they reach Africa, and unable to turn back, tells her to stay on the boat. After they leave however, she sneaks off and is then kidnapped by Corwin.

The trio deduce that Grodd's plan is to use the stolen isotopes to overload the city's main power generator, found just beneath it, and set out to stop him. Meanwhile, the military close in the group and locate Gorilla City. A standoff begins between the apes and the military, which Solovar tries to defuse. Wally learns that Corwin is holding Valerie hostage, while Grodd prepare to overload the generator. Seeing an additional opportunity, Grodd runs to the main control tower and uses his helmet to take control of the gorillas, turning the confrontation violent. Solovar spots Grodd trying to escape amidst the chaos and pulls a spear from a statue and throws it after the villain, impaling him.

Wally runs up the control tower, which is also the point from which Corwin is trying to escape in a chopper with Valerie. Wally manages to disable Grodd's device, which in turn allows Solovar to stop the carnage. Wally then runs up the roof and jumps through the chopper, pulling Valerie out with him. Corwin then loses control and crashes, dying when the chopper explodes into a huge fireball. Wally and Valerie then finally kiss. However, the overload is still underway, and Barry has no choice but to enter the generator to remove the isotopes. He manages to save Gorilla City, but gets a bad dose of radiation. Wally arrives and cradles him, where Barry thanks him for everything before he succumbs to radiation poisoning and dies. Wally is consoled by Valerie, while Solovar sadly looks on along with the other gorillas and the army.

The film ends with Wally meeting some other members of the Justice League at the funeral of Barry and Iris, and after he says his final goodbyes, he meets with Valerie and the two become a proper couple. Gorilla City, although no longer a secret, continues to exist peacefully, with Solovar congratulated as a hero for his actions. As the film ends, a crime is being committed in Central City, by Wally arrives to save the day. As he emerges from the shadows however, he is revealed to be now wearing Barry's Flash costume, meaning that he has taken up the mantle of his fallen hero.


Bradley Cooper – Barry Allen/The Flash

Alex Pettyfer - Wally West/Kid Flash

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Iris West

Anna Kendrick - Valerie Perez

Andy Serkis - Gorilla Grodd

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Sarah Corwin

Charles Dance – Darryl Frye

Anthony Anderson – James Forrest

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