The Final girls 2 (Remake Sequel)

This film is a sequel to The final girls (Remake).


The film begins with a recap of the previous film where Max Cartwright and her friends: Duncan, Chris Briggs, Gertie, Vicki and the movie version of Max's dead mother Nancy were all transported into a movie and are now in the sequel after killing the two killers in that movie: David Cartwright, the psychotic father of Max and Donovan Briggs, the equally psychoic brother of Chris Briggs. David and Donovan have returned from being killed in the previous film and are with Billy Murphy, the original killer of the previous film whom they made appear in this. After the recap, the film picks up exactly where the last one ended: Max lunging at Billy with a metal pole and with Duncan yelling at her to stop since she isn't the final girl and can't kill Billy. Max hears him and stops but Billy manages to grab her and break the metal pole. 2 doctors appear and manages to drag Max off of Billy, they then proceed to run away. The 3 killer chase after them and the group try to leave the hospital. They realize they can not leave since the setting of the film is in the hospital and they must find a way to kill all 3 killers and end the sequel so they can go home. The 2 doctors introduce themselves as Joey Connors and Sarah Hicks. They also stumble upon the other 4 characters of the movie, Kevin, Rebecca, Jeremy and Carrie. Duncan regonizes Carrie and Jeremy as the final two of the movie and they are the ones who stay alive until the end. Upon realizing that in order to have the power to win, there must be a final girl as is happened in the previous film. Nancy then picks up a knife to commit suicide and Max turns around so she doesn't have to see her mom die a third time. Nancy is unable to kill herself with it however and they hear the narrator's voice say "you are not allowed to break the rules". They realize that Donovan has the script to the film and has made sure that they can't commit suicide, whether it's directly or indirectly. Gertie suggests that they find a way to get the script from Donovan and maybe set it on fire in hopes of freeing themselves from the movie. Vicki suggests that they edit the script so that they can say that all 3 killers die and write their death scenes but either option works for her. They then overhear in a conversation that Donovan has lost the script and is looking for it, knowing that the script could change the outcome of the entire movie.  Duncan finds the script on the floor right behind Billy and crawls toward the script to get it. After careful sneaking, he gets the script and gets back to the others with it. Duncan gives Rebecca a pencil to write on it with but upon touching the script, she is electrocuted to death with the narrator again saying "you are not allowed to break the rules". David bursts in the room and reveals that in order to make edits to the script. they also need the pencil that was used to make it, which he has in his hands. Any attempt to change it without the magic pencil will result in death by electrocution.

Max attacks David for the pencil but is driven away when Billy arrives on the scene and they are chased again. When Donovan appears, Kevin tackles him to buy the others time to escape. This results in Billy grabbing Kevin and crushing him in a bear hug while the others manages to escape to a different section of the building.  Max sees that she managed to grab the magic pencil during the struggle and prepares to rewrite the script. David then turns a fan on, causing the script to be float into the vents. Carrie takes the magic pencil and enters the vents after it. She edventually finds the script but Donovan is also in the vents however and he tries to grab the script. Carrie kicks him away and David shows up in the vents and throws the script to Donovan. He then writes that Carrie dies by her head exploding into a thousand glass fragments. Carrie's head then explodes into a thousand fragments and some of them land back toward the group as they realize what has happened and Donovan is in complete control of the script now. Jeremy and Joey see that Donovan is coming out in a vent close to them and is writing Jeremy's death. Jeremy tries to attack him before he can finish, only to be grabbed by Billy. Donovan then writes that Jeremy dies by Billy snapping his neck, which Billy immeditly does, killing him. Joey gets the script off of Donovan and manages to write that he falls down the stairs next to him and that there is several chemical vats in the building. Before he can write that he dies, David appears, grabs the pencil and stabs Joey in the heart with the magic pencil (it is very sharp), killing him. Another chase scene begins and Sarah manages to tackle Billy off a set of stairs but he manages to grab Sarah's leg in process. This makes them both fall into one of the vats of chemicals that Joey wrote up.  Sarah is boiled to death although Donovan and David cease their chase and help a seriously boiled Billy out of the chemical vat. Gertie and Vicki go back and finds that David dropped the script and pencil while they were chasing them. When Vicki mumbles "that was easy" she and Gertie is killed by by Billy when he suffocates them both with a paper bag, revealing the script and pencil to be fake. Duncan, Chris, Max and Nancy are now the four remaining surivivors and they must find a way get that script so they can finally kill all 3 killers and go home. Nancy then finds a way to bypass the no suicide rule by looking for the pencil, knowing she will get caught. Having no choice, Max agrees and they retreat to a different part of the building while Nancy is killed once again by Donovan who dismembers her with an axe. David yells at Donovan for doing this, knowing that this has made Max the final girl and she is now capable of killing them. Donovan tells him to relax as he will just edit the script again to make them immortal and unable to be killed at all. When he takes out the pencil to edit the script the narrator says "you are not allowed to break the rules".

As Donovan realizes the meaning of this, he electocuted to death as he is revealed to be using the fake pencil used to kill Gertie and Vicki earlier. David and Billy are now on their own and David realizes that the real pencil is lost and they must find it. Chris and Duncan distract David and Billy while Max looks throughout the hospital for the pencil. While the killers are distracted, Max finds that the pencil has landed in a hole that is too small for Max to get the pencil out. She then gets a vacuum and sucks the pencil into it. When Max gets the pencil out, David comes in having heard the noise and sees Max with the pencil. Max sees the script on David the two begin to fight. Meanwhile, Billy has killed Duncan by decapitating him with his machete and is continuing to chase Chris. Chris manages to lead Billy back to Max and David so Max can help him. Meanwhile Max has managed to overwhelm David and knock him out with a choke hold and goes to help Chris with Billy. They fight Billy until Max remembers the script and writes that Billy dies by exploding into dust. After Billy does die, Max prepares to kiss Chris as they did in the previous film. Before they do so, David wakes up and tries to sneak up behind them with a glass shard for a last effort to win. However, Chris notices this and kills David by plunging Billy's machete into his head, ending the film. Max tries to kiss Chris again but they are finally transported back into the real world to the building where they were transported into the movies. They then see that all the real life people are now back to life (Duncan, Gertie, Vicki,) and also Nancy is now in real life. Max is overjoyed to have her mother back until they notice that the building is still on fire. It is then revealed that only a couple of minuties have passed in real life compared to the time they spent in the films. Just then, Nancy also realizes that since all the real life people come back, that would mean Donovan and David would be resurrected too. Just then, David shows up and axes Gertie's head, killing her. Donovan also shows up with a Darth Vader helmet and gives it to David, thinking that this is more fitting since Max is his daughter. In a prolonged struggle, Vicki is axed through the chest by Donovan and Nancy is pushed into the fire by David, burning her . Enraged at her mother's apparent fourth and final death and with no more hope of ever having her back she viciously assaults her father. Outmatched, he flees to the roof with Donovan and also with Max and Chris in pursuit. When cornered on the roof, Max and Chris engage in a final battle with Donovan and David. The fight is long and brutal and in the end, Donovan suddendly pulls out a handgun and Chris struggles with his brother for it. Chris wins the struggle and shoots Donovan repeatingly in the chest.

Max pummels David to the edge of the roof but David grabs her hand and Chris grabs her leg before she can fall too. David tries to get her not to let him go, noting "i am your father". To this Max simply replies "you are NOT my father" and lets go of David who falls screaming. Nancy then comes in alive and unburnt and she explains that she had been rescued by Duncan moments after being pushed into the fire and was also wearing flame retarden gel, so she could hold until Duncan got her out. Chris then asks if anyone else is still alive. Just then, Donovan is revealed to still be alive as he is wearing bulletproof armor on his chest and tries to strangle Nancy to death.  Chris then says "not this time Bro" and the 3 fight him (Duncan sits this out, knowing they can handle it). He is unable to keep up with all 3 of his attackers and is overpowered. Nancy soon pushes Donovan of the edge of the building, making him finally fall to his final death. His last words (while falling) are "GRAB ME! GRAB ME! GRAB MEEEEEEEE!". With everything finally over and Max reunited with her mother, Max and Chris finally kiss for real. In the aftermath four months later, Max is finally living with Nancy as her mother and has had no trouble fitting in with the real world. Chris and Max are engaged and preparing for there wedding. In a post credit scene, David is revealed to have survived his fall and David checks to make sure if Donovan survived or not. He inspects Donovan's dead body and then walks away from the scene, he is suddendly run over by a passing truck, finally killing David for real this time.


1. Rebecca: electrocuted to death when trying to change the script with a regular pencil

2.Kevin: crushed in a bear hug by Billy

3. Carrie: Donovan writes on the script that Carrie's head explodes into a thousand glass fragments, which happens seconds later

4.Jeremy: Donovan writes on the script that Billy kills Jeremy by snapping his neck, which Billy does so seconds later

5.Joey: Stabbed in the hear with the magic pencil by David

6.Sarah: falls in a vat of chemicals and is boiled to death which she tackles Billy

7/8: (1st) Gertie and Vicki: suffocated with a plastic bag by Billy

9.  (1st) Nancy: Dismembered with an axe by David

10. (1st) Donovan Briggs: electrocuted to death when he unknowingly tries to change the script with a fake pencil

11.Duncan: decapitated by Billy, comes back in the real world like all other real life characters who were in the movie

12. Billy Murphy: Max wrote on the script that he dies by exploding into dust and he does so a few seconds later

13. (1st) David Cartwright: Billy's machete plunged into head by Chris

14: (2nd) Gertie: axe plunged into head by David

15. (2nd) Vicki: axe plunged into chest by Donovan

16. (2nd) Nancy: pushed into fire by David, did not actually die since she had flame retardent gel

17. (2nd) Donovan Briggs: Shot repeatingly in a bulletproof chest by Chris and pushed off a roof to his death by Nancy, David checked his body to make sure he was dead.

18. (2nd) David Cartwright: fought Max, pushed off a building and ran over by a truck in the post credit scene

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