The Final Scary Scream: CIndy Campbell vs Sidney Prescott is the third and final film in the Scary Scream series. It also provides a fictional reason why Cindy is not in Scary Movie 5 (the real reason being that the actor who played her stopped doing so).


The film takes place weeks after The 2nd Scary Scream (Scream and Scary Movie crossover) where Cindy Campbell has killed Charlie Walker who now lives on inside her mind and has become insane and Sidney is forced to battle her best friend along with an accomplise in the ultimate confrontation.


Weeks after Cindy has replaced her hand with a knife, she and a mystery accomplise team up for a killing spree in which they fully intend to kill Sidney before going on it. It is also shown that Cindy now has multiple personality disorder with a hallucination of Charlie Walker constantly talking to her. Judy Hicks, Dewey's deputy in the Scream films meets with Sidney and they both know about what has happened to Cindy and that she has an accomplise helping her. They team up to find a way to hopefully make Cindy see reason and help her back to sanity although they both know this is very unlikely to work. They are then attacked by Cindy's accomplise who is wearing a ghostface costume with the number 2 on it. Sidney manages to hold the accomplise off while Judy grabs a gun and shoots the accomplise in the arm, wounding him and forcing him to flee. They chase after the accomplise but they lose him after a prolonged chase. When the accomplise returns to Cindy and informs her of his failure, she stabs him in the leg and warns him not to fail again or the next punishment will be more severe. Judy and Sidney meets Cindy's mother, Ms.Campbell and informs her of what is happened. Sidney and Judy explain to Ms.Campbell that Charlie had returned and Cindy's fight with him damaged her brain and Cindy had a series of nightmares which she didn't tell anyone about. The accomplise from earlier comes back and Judy is revealed to have forgotten her gun this time. He manages to stab Ms.Campbell in the shoulder and knocks out Judy. Sidney then stabs him his right leg and asks just who on earth he is. He replies "not yet miss Prescott, not yet" and vanishes in a smoke pellet that he had brought with him to the house. Judy awakens and promises not to forget her gun next time and will not shoot the accomplise in the shoulder. Judy recieves a call from Cindy later tonight at her house and asks her to solve a series of questions about the previous killing sprees and if she gets one wrong Cindy will disconnect and will kill Sidney. If she gets them all right she will end up doing something else and does not specify what it is. Since all the questions were about the killings in the scream films she manages to get them all right. Cindy then reveals what the alternative was: killing Judy instead of Sidney.

Cindy then bursts out of a closet and tackles Judy to the floor and after an intense struggle, Judy shoots Cindy in the chest and she falls on the floor. As Judy leaves to inform Sidney and Ms.campbell what has happened she suddendly remembers that the killers have almost always worn bulletproff vests. She then hears Cindy getting up and walking away which results in Judy realizing that she is not dead and hurries upstairs to stop her but Cindy is already gone. At Cindy's hideout, the accomplise returns and informs her of his second failure and apologizes, Cindy responds by stabbing his arm that was shot earlier and tells the accomplise if he fails again, she will kill him. Judy informs Sidney and Ms.Campbell of Cindy's attack and relizes that the accomplise was never meant to kill Sidney, he was meant to Kill Judy and Ms.Campbell so that Cindy could take Sidney herself. Later, Ms.Campbell is called by Cindy and is quizzed on the same questions that Judy was quizzed on, if she gets it wrong the accomplise will pop out and killer her, but if she gets it right Cindy will tell her Mother where her hideout is. The question is who the killer in the third killing spree was and gives her the hint of it being a lone killer. Ms.Campbell manages to remember reading a newspaper about Roman's Rampage and answers it correctly. Cindy calls off the accomplise and reveals that she has always been hiding in Judy's house all along which explains how Cindy managed to ambush Judy earlier and that when she was home they would always leave without a trace. Ms.Campbell tells Judy and Sidney of this and they prepare for a final showdown and although Judy was a bit creeped out due to the fact that the killers were hiding in her basement, she comes with a hidden gun. They enter and find Cindy in the basement and Judy tells her to get on her knees or she will shoot. Just then the accomplise comes in, unmasks, and reveals himself.

He is Mr.Campbell, Cindy's father, much to everyone's shock who had disappeared week ago. He explains that he loves his daughter more than anything including Ms.Campbell and a flashback reveals that Mr.Campbell found Cindy and tried to convince her to come home. In order to be with her Cindy told her father that she had to help her with killing Sidney and the spree afterwards and he accepted. Ms.Campbell is heartbroken at this and asks her husband if killing people is really worth being together with your daughter who has a knife for a hand. Mr.Campbell is silent for a moment as if considering about if she is right or not and then Cindy tells him it is time for something. Just then Mr.Campbell Stabs his wife through the head, killing her. Judy, right afterwards attempts to shoot Mr.Campbell only to discover that she had a taken a gun loaded with blanks. Cindy then Tackles Sidney and tells her it is time for the moment she had dreamed about since she became insane. Mr.Campbell assaults Judy so that CIndy can fight Sidney without interferance. Cindy and Sidney engage each other in the most Vicious fight in both their lives (and in the series). Meanwhile Mr.Campbell is winning against Judy since he is armed with a knife and managees to slash her on her left arm. Cindy has the upper hand when Sidney tries to hold back against Cindy as much as possible and Charlie (an hallucination) encourgages her not to hold back anything. Mr.Campbell moves in for the kill when she pushes a refrigrator down on his head. He recovers and engages Judy again when she goes to help Sidney. Cindy is about to kill Sidney with a gun with one bullet that she had packed when Judy smacks Cindy causing her too misfire the one bullet at Mr.Campbell's head, killing him. CIndy is now completely enraged that Judy has just accidently made her kill her own father. She shoves Sidney aside, overpowers Judy, and angrily stabs Judy 10 times in the chest and 4 times on her face (she had died by the 3rd chest stab)

Sidney, enraged seeing this, now holds nothing back against Cindy and they both brutally beat each other with their feet and fists. Sidney kicks Cindy's face on a stove 5 times and Cindy retaliates by Punching her 6 times in her face with her other hand. Sidney then trips Cindy and stomps on her face 3 times and Cindy again retaliates by Stabbing her right leg and left arm with her knife hand.  Sidney then drops a wardrobe on her for time to recover and Cindy pushes Sindey down the stairs once she gets up and tries to stab her while she is down. Sidney then removes the knife out of her hand and throws it away. Cindy is now bleeding from her arm and weakened but she will not give up until Sidney is dead. Sidney delivers a massive beating on Cindy by slashing her left cheek with a broken glass bottle, Punching her 5 times in her face, delievering a devastating uppercut and a severe face kick which breaks her nose and knocks out two teeth. Cindy picks up Judy's gun and fires it at Sidney only to remember it is loaded with blanks and Sidney fatally wounds Cindy stabbing her in the chest with the broken bottle. Sidney, realzing what she just did goes to comfort Cindy as she dies and shows her a photo of Cindy and Sidney while they were together having fun and reminds her of all the good times they had together. Cindy finally overcomes her insanity and shoots the hallucination Charlie (with an hallucination gun) in the head.  Charlie Walker's final words are "party pooper, i see that i should have chosen the other one" (Sidney) and then vanishes finally gone forever. Cindy reverts back to her sane friend she was before but is still dying from her wound. She gives her goodbye to Sidney and promises her that even in death they will always be best friends forever and never forget each other which Sidney also promises. Cindy manages to stand up and they both hug for a final time until Cindy Campbell dies of her wound and drops dead on the floor and Sidney begins crying until she stands up and walks out of the house and decides to take her place as shreiff wanting to carry on her memory by doing so (although she refused her original offer). 8 years later, we are shown Sidney playing catch with Alfred Prescott, her 8 year old son both smiling and living happily and  Sidney going back inside after being done playing. She opens a drawer with her Shreiff badge and the photo she showed Cindy 8 years ago. She picks up the photo  and whispers "no matter what we will always be best friends forever" and puts the photo down as the film ends.

Ghostfaces and motives

1. Cindy Campbell: She had gone insane in the previous film and had become a killer Just like Charlie walker did.

2. Mr.Campbell: He could not bear losing his daughter and agreed to help her with killing Sidney and anyone else she desired to remain together with her.


1. Ms.Campbell: Stabbed through the head by Mr.Campbell

2. Mr.Campbell: accidently shot through the head by Cindy when she was shoved by Judy

3. Judy Hicks: viciously stabbed 10 times through the chest and then 4 times through the face by an enraged Cindy (she had already died on the 3rd chest stab)

4. Cindy Campbell: Massive beating, slashed on her left check, stabbed in the chest by an enraged Sidney and comforted by a calmed down Sidney

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