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The Final Girls is a 2015 American Slasher Meta Horror film written by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller and directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson starring Nina Dobrev, Dylan O'Brien, Chris Evans, Margot Robbie, Donald Faison, Zack Lively, Miles Teller and Lucas Till.


The film begins with Luther Jenkins (Donald Faison), Brothers Yax (Lucas Till) and Ethan Leston (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and Julia Verne (Kay Panabaker) watching a group of four partying teenagers whom have taken to playing pranks on each other after a movie night. The partygoers oblivious to the watchers outside of the house they are in discuss how lucky they were to acquire the property for rent before their expensive flight to Los Angeles to salute their friend Steven off for his first film audition whilst the others take up vacancy in Steven's brothers' Hollywood apartment. They discuss the stereotypes of horror films after devouring such classics as Psycho, Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They discuss the 'Final Girl' theorem and after three of them part away drunk to sleep they leave Steven drunk and happy on an armchair downstairs watching the remake of the Thing come on at which he makes a snyde remark against horror remakes. Luther, Yax, Ethan and the younger Julia then cut the phone line to the cabin and sneak inside.

Yax and Ethan push ahead into the cabin and Yax comes into the living room donning a Michael Myers mask. The Michael Myers masked Yax takes out a large chef's knife from the cabin kitchen and then returns to the living room where he then slits Steven's throat as he switches the t.v channel onto The Stepford Wives which is starting with it's dramatic opening credits. The first slice Yax makes is messy and Steven survives the cut gasping in pain before he passes from the armchair to the ground grasping at his profusely bleeding throat. A Norma Bates dressed Luther approaches Yax and argues with him pointing out the mistake he made with slitting Steven's throat and he would make a terrible Michael Myers in a Halloween film, even the crappy sequels that came before Steve Miner's redeeming Halloween H20 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michelle Williams. Julia walks slowly forward as the two argue looking over at a teary eyed, bleeding and incapicitated Steven.

The Norma Bates dressed Luther then states with the chef's knife he confiscates from Yax that he will do it and is then stopped by Julia who states she will. Julia then slips on a miner's gas mask and pulls forth a pick-axe which she swings up like a gold club and brings down upon Steven's throat and then slides it across gashing his neck completely open, killing him. Ethan heading upstairs masked with a Leatherface mask comes into Julius Vance and his girlfriend Jaymie's room where Julius is sleeping and Jaymie is in the shower. Ethan withdraws a chainsaw which he begins to rev up which instantly awakens a screaming Julius who lunges at him and struggles with him for the chainsaw, punching him.

He yells out and Keera Weitz in the opposite room and Jaymie in the shower hear. Eventually Luther, Julia and Yax come running upstairs and Yax jumps into the struggle knocking Julius away from his brother. The interlocked three are stopped as Julia goes forth to stab Julius in the head with her pick-axe but is punched back after only landing a slice across the leg. Ethan knocked to the ground next to the chainsaw pulls the pull cord again and it revs to life and as Julius breaks free from Yax Ethan steps forward plunging the chainsaw into Julius' chest and out his back killing him brutally. Jaymie who had heard all the commotion now wrapped in a towel has locked herself in the bathroom and with her cell phone is trying to call 911 whilst attempting to open the small window above the shower.

Keera comes into the room to see the gruesome scene and then attempts to flee as she is then pursued by Yax, Julia and Ethan. Luther then begins to head towards the bathroom door humming the Psycho theme by Bernard Hermann before kicking the door open and rushing in with the chef's knife. He is knocked down by Jaymie who has stepped above the toilet beside the locked door and has lept down with the removed shower curtain bar which she uses to knock upon him.

As she rushes out with her mobile she is stabbed in the chest by Julia's pick-axe. Keera proceeds downstairs and sees the dead body of Steven whom she rushes to's side feeling his pulse before running to the kitchen for the phone. Jaymie not dead from the stab wound pulls free and stumbles out onto the upper floor railing where she collapses and smashes through the staircase railing, dangling over gulping. Jaymie sighs Keera's name and as Keera screams for Jaymie from the kitchen pantry where she has taken the dead phone Jaymie is killed by Luther who brings down the chef's knife multiple times into Jaymie's chest and face.

Water then floods out onto the upper staircase railing from Julius and Jaymie's bathroom as the still running shower has overflown. Keera realises the phone to be dead shortly after hearing Jaymie die and as Yax and Ethan smash their way into the pantry she smashes out the pantry window and crawls free. In doing so she has cut her arms on the broken glass and begins to run screaming and crying. Luther, Yax, Ethan and Julia rush to the living room window overseeing the outside Keera escaping. Luther then states that is a Final Girl but is unfortunately only a test run for something greater and the others are ushered after her. They pursue Keera all the way to the group's car where she begins to escape but is crashed into by a jeep from which a concealed figure emerges.

A still alive but severely injured Keera crawls free of the wreckage of the group sedan and is killed as the mysterious figure slashes across her torso with a Freddy Krueger esque glove spraying her blood over the dented bonnet of the sedan. After that we have a sunny afternoon of Luter, Julia, Yax and Ethan doing up a large a farmhouse before putting out profiles to look amongst as Luther hangs up a for rent sign out front. The scene then comes to a group of high school seniors led by popular football player Rhys Waterford (Zack Lively) and his girlfriend Kathleen (Nina Dobrev), who along with Kathy's dorky twin brother Stanley (Dylan O'Brien), Stanley's depressive, long-time loner girl friend Fiona (Margot Robbie), Tight Knit friends Rebecca (Samantha Barks), Oslo (Andra Bowen) and Jenny (Taylor Momsen), Well liked senior couple Gavin (Daniel Lee Curtis) and Sandra (Keke Palmer), Media student prankster and comedic student Jimmy (Miles Teller).

The girls get ready to meet up with guys and head over to Washington State for their Graduation ceremony and widespread news gets around the television of the youths from the beginning whom have now been reported missing with the smashed up group sedan found abandoned in a junkyard smeared in blood. The group rally together at the graduation ceremony and receive their diplomas before discussing the big end of year Spring Break Mardi Festival, the biggest music festival on the West Coast which they have been looking forward to since the beginning of senior year and how they will be the only one's not attending. They are then met however by Kathy's chemistry/ party senior friend Fred Vance (James Maslow) who presents them with a large collective of tickets to the festival for them all to go if they trade in some cash with him. When questioned on the offer he states they were initially for him and his buddies but they have ditched in favor of a trip to L.A to party up California style. The decision rests on Kathy and Rhys to wether they accept Fred's offer and accompany him to the festival and Rhys with the aid of Kathy's brother Stan who has a thing for depressive confidante Fiona convince her to say yes. The group then pack up in Rhys' van and head for the West Coast beach front set up with tents and supplies.

However upon arrival they are informed that all camping grounds have been taken up in quantity and they will have to settle for a nearby motel for vacancy. They strike out with nearby motels and Fred on a last minute radical suggestion after a phone booth call suggests that they come to stay at his family's ranch which as they're out for spring break and he has a key to the place.

They decide on it and then are met after settling in that afternoon at the gorgeous Vance ranch. The murderous group from the beginning led by psychotic Luther Jenkins are visited by two officers investigating the disappearance of Steven Werndell and his companions whose brother has now filed a missing persons report along with Keera Weitz's father and the parents of the other teenagers with them. They present a necklace belonging to Julia Verne found within the house the group had struck up and although there was no evidence to suggest a struggle or anything else other than drunk and disorderly conduct and drug use were in occurrence they are keeping an eye on the property and them. Kathy, her brother Stan, Fiona, Rhys, Jimmy, Fred, Bec, Oslo, Gavin, Jenny and Sandra settle in to the Vance ranch second house, the first closed with police tape following the discovery of Julia Verne's pendant. After Luther and the gang finish their conversation with the investigating detectives they formulate a new drastic plan, something completely horror original, one which should the mobilize, capture with the hidden 1080p fast acting GoPro cameras they have scattered throughout the Vance properties should entail a real life story to propel them into stardom, a story where they overcome a masked killer and help secure the survival of one lucky 'Final Girl.' Luther then suggests there is another in on their diabolical slasher plot who unlike them will not get caught, will not cause a mess and one who will guarantee their stardom.


  • Nina Dobrev as Kathleen Yates
  • Dylan O'Brien as Stanley Yates
  • Chris Evans as Royce Tattler Jr.
  • Margot Robbie as Fiona Gordon
  • Donald Faison as Luther Jenkins
  • Zack Lively as Rhys Waterford
  • Miles Teller as Jimmy Weston
  • Lucas Till as Yax Leston
  • Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ethan Leston
  • James Maslow as Fred Vance
  • Kay Panabaker as Julia Verne
  • Samantha Barks as Rebecca Mayson
  • Andrea Bowen as Oslo Sonett
  • Daniel Curtis Lee as Gavin Simonsen
  • Taylor Momsen as Jenny Wadsworth
  • Keke Palmer as Sandra Newton
  • James Van Der Beek as Office Donovan Weitz
  • Angus T. Jones as Steven Werndell
  • Cameron Monaghan as Julius Vance
  • Alyson Stoner as Keera Weitz
  • Halston Sage as Jaymie Renoble


  1. Sweet Flower- Malachai
  2. Marilyn Monroe- Pharrell Williams
  3. Fluorescent Adolescents- Artic Monkeys
  4. Woman- Maroon 5
  5. Never Say Never- Romeo Void
  6. Spooky- Dusty Springfield
  7. A Little Time- The Beautiful South
  8. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons (Synchronice Remix)
  9. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- STRFKR