The Final Day of School is the final episode of the second season of The Phoenix Defenders.



That was a very good performance but Billy, you didn't do anything.


It's not just that, but you didn't even act everything out. You just stood up in the middle of class and only spoke the words.

But that was a part of our assignment challenge.

Don't care. You get a B.


That's what i said. You guys get a B.

But Devanie was absent for two days!

Billy: I think she skipped class.

Devanie Black:I didn't skip class. I had...important stuff to attend to.

Grim Reaper:That's not fair!

Devanie Black:Don't!

Grim Reaper:Why?

Devanie Black:We can settle this on a more peaceful matters. It's just a B, i mean, who cares?

We care!

Devanie Black:Okay, okay. But we have to do this my way. I have some friends-

You have friends?!

Aeolus Rowan: When our high school days are over, we want you to marry both me and Sera.

Berna Manchester:I will.

Sera Hernandez:You will what?

Berna Manchester:Marry the both of you. Whenever we graduate, i'll marry you guys.

Aeolus Rowan:You mean it.

Berna Manchester:You know i do.

Sera Hernandez:Does that make you our intended?

Berna Manchester:Sorry, sorry. I'll leave it be.

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