The Fat Love & The Thin Minded Theft is a 2017 American Comedy Drama film with experimental elements from

The Fat Love & The Thin Minded Theft
Directed by Will Gluck
Produced by

Will Gluck

James Cameron

Zane Devine

Jon Landau

Written by

James Cameron

Will Gluck


Nikki Blonsky

Chad Michael Murray

Michelle Dockery

Emily Rose

Michael Pitt

Jonathen Taylor Thomas

Christina Schmidt

Alex Borstein

Thomas Haden Church

Melissa Leo

Daryl Hannah

John Hurt

James Cromwell

Jet Li

Donnie Yen

Nia Vardalos

Music by James Horner

Russell Carpenter

Editing by

James Cameron

Conrad Buff IV

Richard A. Harris

Distributed by Screen Gems
Release date(s) November 12, 2017
Running time 109 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $40 million
Box office $141,069,860

acclaimed writer directors James Cameron & Will Gluck. The film is written by Titantic/Avatar Creator James Cameron and Easy A/Friends With Benefits Will Gluck but only directed by Easy A/Friends With Benefits Helmer Will Gluck.

The film to be released theatrically on January 23rd 2012 contains vasting images of various unnamed obese characters and the inside images of what is an obese individuals' stomach vasting images of depression, loss, sadness, high school, bullying, poverty, injury and a black and white 1939 tutorial film on the fictionalizations of actual suffering captured on what is called film.

Apart from the real imaging prospect is the fictionalized love story between an obese female high school student and a skinny highly desired High School Varsity Jock whom is secretly dying of an inner injury.

The film features Nikki Blonsky, Chad Michael Murray, Michelle Dockery, Emily Rose, Michael Pitt, Jonathen Taylor Thomas, Christina Schmidt, Alex Borstein, Thomas Haden Church, Melissa Leo, Daryl Hannah, John Hurt, James Cromwell, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Nia Vardalos.

The fictional setting town of Remcord, Ohio is actually the Ohio Town of Toledo where most of the film was shot save from the New Jersey location which was actually in fact New Jersey itself.

The film served as a pet project of James Cameron's from a very long time (beginning with it's idea creation in 1991 spanning up until now 2012) but was hindered as Cameron prioritized projects Terminator, Titantic and Avatar.

Great deal of concern was expressed with Cameron concerning the picture as it does not serve in big granddeur but rather small town romance film with strange Terrence Malick like non-fiction shots of documentary big scale.


An irreponsebile Varsity Jock opts to participate in a prank along with his friends but later backs out as the prank involves vandalizing the property of an obese family and dispensing horrible items upon a particular obese female teen resident whom is a fellow student at their high school.

He cleans up the property of the damage and the obese girl seeing beauty on her face and on the inside not her weight and then opts to take her out.

She accepts and a wild night commences where he shows her a world of being free, doing what you want when you want in oppose to her usual do nothing because it is safe from punishment and ridicule.

As a particular popular group of the high school of whom he is associated with tries to tear them apart along with the two strangely struck lovers' parents nothing seems to be able to tear them apart.

But their destructive romance and behaviour is to end as the boy has an incurable condition which not even his parents know of which will kill him within 48 Hours and the upper weight girl is to die of a strange glandular condition.

Ultimatley as of a cruel twist of fate the boy is the only to die and the strange apparently life threatening gland condition the obese lover possesses fixes itself.

She ultimatley moves on and loses all her disrespected weight but not before falling whilest still possessing the weight a skinny man priest.


  • Nikki Blonsky as Jacinta Bradlock
  • Chad Michael Murray as Peter Strohmon
  • Michelle Dockery as Emo Edeline Ross/ Ecuitia Rosseldark
  • Emily Rose as Cheerleader Chastity Roberts
  • Michael Pitt as Bestfriend Parker Chaple
  • Jonathen Taylor Thomas as Angus Schmidt
  • Christina Schmidt as Nadine Bradlock
  • Alex Borstein as Momma Candlebright Bradlock
  • Thomas Haden Church as Jack Strohmon
  • Melissa Leo as Carlene Strohmon
  • Daryl Hannah as Remcord High Councellor Felicity Breakwurst/ Jack's Mistress
  • John Hurt as Grandfather Strohmon
  • James Cromwell as Principal Larry Blaxenby
  • Jet Li as Mister Yokomato
  • Donnie Yen as Taki Yokomato
  • Nia Vardalos as Miss Filcaust


  1. I Just Wanna Be Ok- Ingrid Michaelson (Played between the narrations of Jacinta and Peter narrating Remcord High.)
  2. Walls- Marit Larsen
  3. Fuel- Marit Larsen
  4. Winter Wonderland- Marit Larsen Feat Steinar Sagen
  5. Mon Petit Ami- April March
  6. Love Will Take You- Angus & Julia Stone
  7. Paradise- Coldplay (Played as Jacinta, Her Sister and Mother pack up to leave for New Jersey three months following Peter's Passing.)
  8. So Cruel- U2
  9. Love Is Blindness- U2
  10. Good Life- OneRepublic
  11. Almost Lover- Fine Frenzy
  12. Why Do Fools Fall In Love- Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
  13. Good Golly Miss Molly- Little Richard
  14. Only You- The Platters (Played in the scene between Peter and Jacinta in Jacinta's Bedroom)
  15. Maybellene- Chuck Berry
  16. Roll Over Beethoven- Chuck Berry (Second End Credits Song)
  17. December 1963 (Oh What A Night)- Frankie Valley & The Seasons (Played as Jacinta loses her virginity to Peter in the arc underway at Remcord Park.)
  18. Walking In A Winter Wonderland- Dean Martin (First End Credits Song)
  19. Big Girl You Are Beautiful- Mika
  20. Someday- Black Eyed Peas
  21. The Best One Yet (The Boy)- Black Eyed Peas
  22. Whenever- Black Eyed Peas
  23. Fashion Beats- Black Eyed Peas
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