The Fast and the Furious Special Edition PS2 Cover Art

PlayStation 2 Cover art

''''The Fast and the Furious Special Edition''''' is a revised edition of ''The Fast and the Furious''. It is available as a Greatest Hits release on PlayStation 2 and a Platinum Hits release on Xbox (the special edition of the game is not available for the PlayStation Portable). The game was released on March 12, 2006 or exactly eleven months after the original version's release. It was released on December 19, 2012 on PlayStation Network for the PS3; However, it was removed after a passing of time due to licensing issues.

The game features all of the cities, vehicles, music, and other features from ''The Fast and the Furious''. This version of the game also allows the player to import the ''The Fast and the Furious'' data on their memory card to ''The Fast and the Furious Special Edition'' to make up for lost progress, thus saving the player from starting all over again.

The following features were added in ''Special Edition'':

*24 new vehicles (including some from brands not in the original version, such as GMC, Infiniti, Pagani, and Scion)

*Tokyo, as a returning city, which is a slightly updated version of the Tokyo city from ''Midnight Club II''. It serves as optional career mode, Tokyo Challenge.

*25 new licensed songs

*Additional races and battle maps

*Recolored Menu UI, being recolored from a mostly blue/gold UI to a red/black/silver colored user interface

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