The Fast and the Furious PS2 Cover Art

PlayStation 2 Cover art

'''''The Fast and the Furious''''' Is a racing game developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Vivendi Universal Games, it was released on April 12, 2005 for Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and on June 27, 2005 for Sony PlayStation Portable, a sequel to the game titled ''Fast & Furious: Los Angeles'' (known in development as ''The Fast and the Furious 2: Los Angeles'') is released on October 28, 2008 for Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Players race through open world recreations of San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit listening to 98 (124 in the Special Edition version) licensed music tracks that include hip-hop, rock, and more. The game features a number of graphical views after the player crashes into certain objects, or travels across particular stretches of road. There is also the ability to customize a player's vehicle. Other than modifying the external looks, the vehicle's performance can also be improved (with the exception of all 'A' Class vehicles except motorcycles).


There are seven types of cars: Tuners, Luxury Sedans, SUVs/Trucks, Exotics, Muscle Cars, Sport Bikes, and Choppers. As the game continues, different clubs that drive a specific type of car will invite the player to race with them: American Royalty Car Club (Muscle Cars), Big Playas (SUV s/Trucks), By Invitation Only (Exotics), Chopper of America Bike Club (Choppers), Luxury Rollers (Luxury Cars), Original Riders (Sport Bikes) and Unbeatable Street Racers (Tuners). If the player beats a club in three races they unlock a special ability for that class. Tuners, Sport Bikes, Exotics, the Lexus SC430, Mercedes Benz SL 500 and the Cadillac XLR in "Special Edition" get "Zone" (a form of bullet time which allows for more precise handling at high speeds), Trucks/SUVs and Luxury Cars get "Agro" (which allows the vehicle to plow through traffic and other obstacles without taking damage or slowing down), and Muscle Cars and Choppers get "Roar" (the only offensive ability, it launches a sonic wave that blows away any vehicles in its path).


The Fast and the Furious is an open world racing video game with car modification, both visual and performance. By winning races, the player unlocks new cars and options to customize them with. These options include enhancing the performance, adding vinyls and new paint jobs, and physically modifying the car by changing parts such as wheels, bumpers, spoilers, neon, hoods, and engine components. The cars are divided into four classes: D, C, B and A, depending on their performance.

There are five types of races in the game: Ordered Race, Circuit Race, Unordered Race, Autocross Race, Track and Frenzy. In ordered races the player races through the city on a course marked by yellow-orange flares to reach a finish line. In circuit races the player races along a circuit course through the city for a set number of laps. In unordered races the player is free to go through scattered checkpoints in any order before crossing the finish line. Autocross races take place in a walled-in circuit of the street with no traffic or police, the goal being to finish the circuit faster than a set time. Track events, available in arcade mode, are similar to autocross races, except that the player competes against other races inside the barricaded track, often taking more damage. Frenzy events also available in Arcade, are time trial races where the player gets every 15 second a nitrous boost, also the handbrake won't work and the race only ends when the time is over.

Players can also create their own races in the Race Editor (not available in PSP release) Players can create either a circuit, ordered or unordered race by placing checkpoints throughout the city, and can change racing conditions such as traffic, weather, and time of day.


The game includes an online mode, where players can race with other players from all around the world. There are also many clubs available to join, but players can also start and manage their own. Most offline modes are available for play online, while in online mode it's possible to chat in-game, including a cruise mode, capture the flag, circuit racing, ordered racing, unordered racing, tag, paint and Autocross. Tracks created via the Race Editor offline can be used Online.

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