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The Farmer Who Lives On Hell's Tip is a 2012 American Psychadelic Psychological Drama Thriller film written and directed by Terrence Malik starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Chastain, Krisen Conolly, Shia LaBeouf, Ian McShane, Martin Lawrence, Henry Cavill, Dominic Monaghan and Blake Lively.

The film received an Oscar Nomination for Best Picture and won awards for Best Picture, Leading Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Leading Actress Kristen Connolly, Leading Actor Shia LaBeouf and various other awards.

It was incredibly well received by critics and premiered worldwide on May 19th, 2012.


Hank Bottmyer (Ian McShane) is the abusive farmer father of three adult children who live with him.

They reside out on a desert farm in Maine and come one smouldering summer after he viciously abuses all three children decide to kill him to be rid of him.

When push comes to shove the eldest Charles (Leonardo DiCaprio) and daughter Eve (Kristen Connolly) after rendering him unconsious cannot do it.

However the hothead youngest of the three Mark (Shia LaBeouf) murders him with an expanding metal pole.

All three then bury the body on the desert cliff overlooking the desert farm.

He is filed as missing by the three to avoid authorities catching them.

They then however have their minds crumble and realities fade away from them as what they had done kicks in to full consequence as well the bloodlust Mark developed upon murdering his abusive father growing deeper and darker.


  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Charles Bottmyer
  • Jessica Chastain as District Attorney Valerie Simpson
  • Kristen Connolly as Eve Bottmyer
  • Shia LaBeouf as Mark Bottmyer
  • Ian McShane as Hank Bottmyer
  • Martin Lawrence as Reverend Hope Kingsman
  • Henry Cavill as Neighbour from down the way Curt Blake/ Eve's Love Interest
  • Dominic Monaghan as Elroy Hinder/ Mark's friend
  • Jesse Williams as Les Turner/ Mark's friend
  • Lucas Till as Anthony Marcos/ Mark's bestfriend
  • Blake Lively as Brenda Song/ Charles' Girlfriend
  • Jane Lynch as Helen Blake
  • Elisabeth Shue as Charles' Councellor Claire Vonting