The Facts of Death is a British spy film based on the 1998 James Bond novel by Raymond Benson and follows Zero Minus Ten.


James Bond finds himself wrapped up in a mystery in Cyprus when a troop of British soldiers are violently murdered. Bond's snooping leads to him being attacked by the perpatrators, but is rescued by a fiery Greek agent named Niki Mirakos. She reveals that the soldiers are only the most recent victim of a brutal killing spree by cult by the name of the Decada, led by brilliant mathematician Konstantine Romanos. 

Bond heads to a casino outside of Athens and engages Romanos in a baccarat game. After beating him, Bond meets another Decada member; the beautiful Hera Volopoulos. He beds her, but is then drugged. Bond is brought before Romanos, who orders Hera to kill him. Bond manages to escape and deduces Romanos' plan. He wants to fire a missile at Turkey, insitgating a war between Turkey and Greece. He figures out the location of the Decada hideout, but Hera appears and reveals that she is only using the Decada to get closer to her own goal; unleashing a deadly new virus and become rich from performing treatments. Romanos is angered, but Hera shoots and kills him before he can retaliate.

Bond teams up with the Greek military and together with Niki, they go after Hera. A battle ensues between the military and the Decada, culminating in Bond blowing Hera up.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond 007

Helen Mirren - Barbara Mawdsley (M)

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Thanos Samaras - Konstantine Romanos

Penelope Anastasopoulou - Hera Volopoulos

Katerina Gerinikolou - Niki Mirakos


The film was followed by High Time to KillDoubleShot and Never Dream of Dying.

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