Sera leaned forward and cradled Berna's face in her palms.

I want to. I need to get this off my chest.


I think it's time i told you what happened that bring me to who i am now.

No...Maya, you don't have to.

Here goes.

Is it a boy?

No, it's a girl.


It's fine, we can always try again.

We can get rid of her, it's that simple.

Pedro, Are you sure this is good idea?

Dear, she will never be of any use to us anyway, so why not give her away?

I just don't feel this is right.

It's just your motherly instincts coming into play. Watch, soon enough, you will be just as repulsed as i am.


Pedro Hernandez: As her padres (parents), we should at least bless her with a name before giving her away. This way, we'll be able to pinpoint her whereabouts if she ever get into trouble.

Nikita Hernandez: Alright. I say we give her the name Amaya Nikita Martinez. What do you say, dear?

Pedro Hernandez: I say it's just fine. Nikita, where did you come up with the name Amaya?

Nikita Hernandez: Ah, well, Amaya is a given name and surname of Spanish origins, derived from the village of Amaya and its neighboring mountain in Castile and Leon, Spain which is where my ancestors comes from. The name of the village has Indo-European roots and means "am (ma)" or mother". Other hypothesis is that the name derived from the Proto-Basque or basque word Amaia, meaning "the end".

Pedro Hernandez: Amaya... that is such a unique name.

Carl:Sera! How many times do i have to tell you... play nice or you'll get fed to the mice!

Sera Hernandez: I don't believe you, Carl.

Carl:You're quite the smartbutt for a five year old.

Sera Hernandez: Maybe my biological parents were incredibly smart and had nice...hey, what does smartbutt really mean, Fiona?

Fiona: Carl! How dare you swear in front of Seraph? Come Seraph, let's leave these primitive men to their foul language.

Sera Hernandez: I'll get that lazy crap face for you!

Fiona: SERAPH!


Sera Hernandez: Carl, nobody wants to adopt me. I really don't deserve that cake. Jeff's gonna have new los padres (parents) in two days and Katie's leaving next week with her future los padres (parents) on a special vacation trip. The

Carl:Firstly young lady, you don't address me with my first name! I am your father and-

Sera Hernandez: But you're not my padre (father)! You're just some guy who took me in away from my biological los padres (parents)! I want them! I want Mama (Mom) and Papa (Dad) back, not

Carl:You! You're so ungrateful, Seraph! Fiona tries her hardest to find a kind, loving family to take you in but every time she does so, you just-

Sera Hernandez: GO AHEAD! SAY IT!


Jackson:Hey, you okay?

Sera Hernandez: Leave me alone!

Jackson:I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you. Um, here! Have some of this's fresh out of the oven!

My name is Jackson. What's your name?

Seraph Hernandez. But i'm better preferred being called Sera.

Jackson:Seraph. Seraph! I like it! It's a cool name!

Sera:Yeah? You think so?

Jackson:Uh huh! So Sera, can we be friends?

Sera:I'll have to think about it!

Jackson:Aw, that's no fair!

Sera Hernandez: We'll be the best of friends!

Sera Hernandez: So...tell me about yourself?

Jackson:Well, i was a fugitive who had ran away from my parents when they kept making decisions for me. I hated their lifestyles and treatment of me, so i stole as much money as i could, packed what little clothes and food he could carry, and left Orchid Bay City.(sighed and stood, clutching his brown paper bag to his scrawny chest) I

Fiona: Seraph! Seraph! I'm so glad you're okay! I missed you so much!

Sera closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

Sera Hernandez: I missed you too, Mom.

Jackson:What's up with the attitude? I'm just trying to be nice.

Sera Hernandez:(shouted) I didn't ask for you to be nice!

Aeolus Rowan:So this is Sera, huh? She's not that great in my opinion.

Sera Hernandez: What's you say, punk.

Crispin Martinez: Don't fight anymore, please.

Aeolus RowanI don't like her one bit...she's full of crap.

Sera HernandezYeah, but i bet even a girl that is full of crap can kick your sorry white butt!

Aeolus Rowan:Why i ought to-

Jackson:STOP! Aeolus, Sera, stop! Geez, you guys are crazy!

Jackson:You know what, screw it. Just screw it. You two can go off and do whatever you want...just leave me out of it. This was supposed to be a day to relax and that's exactly what i'm gonna do, so leave me alone.



Crispin Martinez:Don't bring me into this.



Sera touched the boy's fingertips but was unable to grab him. She watched Jackson's face become smaller and smaller as he fell and read his lips before he hit the ground in a sickening loud crunch. Sera fell to her knees with a piercing shriek of horror.

Crispin said

Sera blinked and looked at Berna again.

Sera Hernandez: Huh?

Berna Manchester: I said: Crispin told me that Jackson was hit by a bus.

Sera Hernandez: Why would Crispin tell you that?

Berna Manchester: Because i asked him? I, uh, went around asking some people about you before we became friends. T-to get to know you more, that is!

Sera Hernandez: So you went around Lakewood High, asking our friends about me?

Berna Hernandez: Yes.

Sera Hernandez: And none of what they said turned you away?

Berna Manchester:Well I'm here now, aren't i?

Berna Manchester: Why does Aeolus hate you so much? I still don't understand that part.

Sera sighed and tightened her grip on Julie's hand.

Sera Hernandez: He blames me for Jackson's death... not that i disagree with him.

Berna Manchester:What?! You blame yourself for his death?!

Sera Hernandez: Yeah, if i had been just a little bit faster i could

Berna Manchester:You're right, but...what's the point in holding back? Why should i push down my feelings for a bunch of what ifs? Maya, i know that right now, in this moment, i want to be with you forever. Can't you just let go of the rock around your heart to love me?

Maya Hernandez: I do love you! It's just...

Berna Manchester: You don't want to be hurt, like you were hurt with Jackson. I understand but unlike Jackson, we have something special, much to intimate. And though Jackson was content to have you as his own sister and close comrade, i want something more. Can you let me be selfish and indulge in my desires? Can you be with me, Sera!

Sera Hernandez: I can but Julie, it won't always be like this! Why can't you understand that two girls loving each other is not-

Berna Manchester: Don't you dare say what i think you're going to say! Hermione and Devanie love each other very much, even if they don't realize it yet, and our love is just as special! Love isn't meant to be understood!

Sera Hernandez: Berna, i want you to know that despite your bravery and stubbornness, the words of others will tear you down. You're not like me... you sometimes care about what others think. Are you sure you want to love me, even with all of the troubles that are sure to follow?

Berna smiled beautifully and kissed Sera passionately.

Berna Manchester:Of course.

Berna Manchester:Hey Sera, what happened to Jackson's stuff and his bed?

Sera Martinez: Why do you care?

Berna Manchester:I just need to know.

Sera Hernandez: I threw out his bed. I burned his stuff and i sold his valuables for a skateboard and some video games.

Berna gasped and sat up. Sera grumbled angrily and turned to her side, facing away from Berna.

Berna Jonas: Sera! How could you even think of-

Sera Hernandez: Here we go...

Sera grabbed the pillow from under her head and covered her visible ear from Berna. A sour look scrunched up her facial features and displayed her annoyed mood.

Berna Jonas: Are you even listening to me?

Sera Martinez:Nope!

Berna Jonas: Maya!

Sera Hernandez: You're annoying me; leave me alone.

Berna Jonas: Why did you do that? I thought you loved Jackson!

Sera sat up abruptly and glared down at Berna. Berna flinched but remain firm.

Sera Hernandez:(muttered)I did and i do, but-

Berna Jonas: It's painful, isn't it? Having to come back home to an empty house, knowing that the one you genuinely liked was gone, forever. (Sera bit her bottom lip and Berna thumbed it gently) It's okay, I'm here for you, Sera. You're right...I can't promise forever...but i can promise now.

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