The Eye of the Hurricane Part 1


Maya gets over pressured because Paul is the only person who is able to steal Julie's heart and because of everyone who tried to get close to her!


Sera Hernandez: Hello?

Berna sighed in relief

Berna Jonas: Sera! Thank goodness! I was so worried and-

Sera Hernandez: Leave me alone.

Berna Jonas: What?

Sera Hernandez: You heard me. Stay away from me. I hate you and i never want to see you again.

Berna Jonas: I don't understand. Sera, what's going on?

Sera remained silent for a long time.

Berna Jonas: Seraa?

Sera Hernandez: You deserve better. (hangs up)

Berna called her again and again and again but Sera refused to pick up. She placed the phone next to her and cried into her pillow. At the other end of the line, Sera sat on the edge of her bed, playing with Berna's hair clip. There was a photograph of her and Julie fro

Sera Hernandez:(whispers)What have i done?


Hey, i ran those thieves off for you, old man. Throw the money bag here already!

H-here! Please...take's all that i have! Yes, thank you Hyrr!

Chuckling amusedly, Hyrr wrenched the bag off his hands and gave his liver spotted head a pat.

Thanks. Remember, this is better than all those thieves taking your precious merchandise. If they did, how could you make a living?

C-come again.

Her again. Always her.

The police needs to step in.

They can't. She can throw fireballs from her hands! She could destroy us all if she wanted to.

We don't need a hero.

Um, yes we do. Don't you remember what happened last time? With...

No, no, don't even mention that guy. Okay, i get it. We need Hyrr.

That's right. You don't want it to happen again like last time, don't you? How this guy just comes rocking in and-

Stop! We know. We know.

Hyrr stopped in her tracks and turned to look at the trio who were huddled in a corner by the street. They all tensed up as she began staring at them intensely. One sweated nervously and from his throat, a small whine escaped.

Sera Hernandez: What the heck do you losers want?

Macy crossed her arms

Macy Connors: What? Berna's not here to put you down, dog?

Sera Hernandez: I asked you a question.

Macy Connors: So did i.

Sera Hernandez:Get outta here before i cut you and your groupies up.

Macy Connors: Are you threatening us?

Sera Hernandez: Are you deaf?

Macy Connors: This is exactly why you should stay away from Julie! All you do is bringing trouble for her and lash out violently when others bug you!

Sera Hernandez: Screw off! You don't know anything about-

Macy Connors: Oh but i do! How many times have you made Julie cry?

Sera's eyes widened and she took a step back.

Sera Hernandez: That's not-

Macy Connors: How does that make you feel, you selfish demon? I bet you don't even care! You just keep using her for your own benefits!

Sera Hernandez: That's not true.

Macy Connors: It is! It's all true, so stay away from Berna! Or we'll make you pay!

Sera put her pocket knife back in her pocket. She snapped her eyes open and stomped to Macy, lifting her up by her collar. Weston squeaked out a shout and ran away. Groupie#2 and Groupie#3 glanced at each other and pounced on Sera. Sera swung Macy around and threw her to Groupie#2. The two girls fell to the concrete and Sera swung her fist at Groupie#3's face. Her nose spurted out blood and she fell back. Macy and Groupie#2 got up, wanting revenge. They shouted as they put up their fists, but Sera simply sidestepped and allowed them to crash into Groupie#3. Sera walked over and crouched next to Macy's face. She lifted her head up by her hair and smirked at her pained expression.

Sera Hernandez :(whispered menacingly)Don't screw with me Macy or i'll kill you. Don't worry about Berna, I'm staying far away from her and far away from anyone else.

She dropped Macy's head, whipped the necklace off her collarbone, threw it as far as she could and stalked off, bag on her shoulder.

Paul watched from a distance, laughing to himself. He placed his sunglasses to his eyes and walked to a sedan, opening the door for Julie. Julie glanced at him in annoyance but entered the car.

Sera Hernandez: Hello?

Julie sighed in relief

Berna Jonas: Sera! Thank goodness! I was so worried and-

Sera Hernandez: Leave me alone.

Berna Jonas: What?

Sera Hernandez: You heard me. Stay away from me. I hate you and i never want to see you again.

Berna Jonas: I don't understand. Sera, what's going on?

Sera remained silent for a long time.

Berna Jonas: Sera?

Sera Hernandez: You deserve better. (hangs up)

Berna called her again and again and again but Sera refused to pick up. She placed the phone next to her and cried into her pillow. At the other end of the line, Sera sat on the edge of her bed, playing with Berna's hair clip. There was a photograph of her and Berna fro

Sera Hernandez:(whispers)What have i done?

Sera Hernandez: What do you want?

Berna Jonas: I want to talk about last night!

Sera Hernandez: There's nothing to talk about.

Berna Jonas: Did you mean what you said? Do you really hate me?

Sera Hernandez: Yes. Now leave me alone.

Berna Jonas: I don't believe you.

Sera Hernandez: Too bad then, because i mean it.

Berna Jonas:(shouted)What did i even do to you?! (Many students turned their heads towards her and Berna blushed, lowering her voice to a whisper) What did i do to hurt you, Sera? Whatever i did, I'm so sorry!

Sera Hernandez: Nothing. I just hate you. That's all.

Katelyn: What the heck do you want?

Sera Hernandez: For you to stop talking crap about people you know nothing about.

Katelyn: Why do you care? Aren't you the one who ditched Berna?

Sera Hernandez: Aren't you supposed to be her friend?

Katelyn: Friends? As if i could be friends with a goody two shoed Crashlie who tries to steal my man, who refuses to do what's right and what's wrong, and decided to set you aside. Honestly, what does she even see in you anyway? You're a nasty yet ugly Latino person with a cruel, selfish personality, and no one and i mean no one likes you. Like. At .All!

Sera clenched her fists and locked her jaw in anger.

Sera Hernandez:(mentally)Katelyn was really going to get it from me if she didn't shut her mouth. The comments about me socializing were a drop in the bucket compared to the storm brewing in me at the insult to Berna.

Katelyn: What? Nothing to say?

Sera Hernandez: Shut up. You know exactly who i am, what i am, and what i will do to your face if you keep talking crap to me.

Katelyn smirked and pointed at her jaw.

Katelyn: I dare you. Punch me, right here and right now.

Sera evilly smirked.

Sera Hernandez: Gladly.

Sera lifted her fist and socked Katelyn right on her eye. shrieked in pain and fell back, clutching her now swollen eye socket. Her friends squealed in fright and crowded around her, voicing their concern and surprise. Sera crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

Sera Hernandez: She asked for it, didn't she?


Sera turned around and sighed.

Berna Jonas:(Mentally)I guess Devanie wasn't joking when she said she wanted Hermione on a healthy diet. (not mentally)Hey Hermione!

Hermione Cooper:Hey!

Berna Jonas: Where's Devanie?

Hermione Cooper:Oh, she had to escort Sera to the office with Mr.Tatum.

Berna Jonas: What! Why?

Hermione Cooper:Sera got into a fight with Katelyn and punched her right in the eye.

Berna Jonas: No way!

Hermione Cooper:Yes way! Just ask her friends!

Berna Jonas: Where were you?

Hermione Cooper:I was hiding from Mr.Tatum in the girls restroom. He was looking for me, which is why he came to class early and saw the fight. I was on my way to class when i saw Devanie pull Sera to vic principal Elliot's office.

Berna Jonas: I see. Well, thank you Hermione, but i think i'm going to have to ask the cheerleaders what happened.

Katherine:Oh, if it isn't the criminal's youngest daughter? What, did you came here to finish what your monster freak friend started?

Berna Jonas: No. I just came here to find out what happened. And don't call Sera a monster freak.

Katherine:Typical! You defending her is so laughable, it's not even worth making fun of. You're like a sick little puppy, constantly trailing around her like she's got some reward for you. Or Scooby Snacks, if you dig that. I heard she threw you out on the curb and yet you still following her. Are you in love with her or something?

Berna Jonas: You didn't answer me. I want to know what happened between Katelyn and Sera.

Katherine:So you wanna know? Why What does that have to do your sorry self?

Berna Jonas: Because i want to know!

Katherine:Why does it matter to you? Sera is most likely gonna get a detention during lunch and probably suspended for her violence. It was all her fault anyway! She just came up to us with this angry look on her face and randomly punched Katelyn for no damn reason!

Berna Jonas:(muttered)I doubt that.

Mr.Elliot:You do understand why you're here, correct?

Sera Hernandez: Yes.

Mr.Elliot:And you do understand that there are consequences for harming another student?

Sera Hernandez: Yep.

Mr.Elliot:Then, why did you do it?

Sera Hernandez: She was talking crap about me.

Mr.Elliot:I doubt it Sera because i know you too well. You never cared about what other people think of you. Why, when i brought my wife over to see the school and she made a rude comment about you, you simply just shrugged and walked away. What is it really about, Sera?

Sera Hernandez: Look, Mr. Elliot. I think we both know that i'm just gonna get a suspension, so let's get it over with.

Mr.Elliot:And you were making such good progress too! Oh wait, i think i understand now. It was about Berna, wasn't it?

Sera Hernandez: No.

Mr.Elliot:Okay, fine. Here's the deal. I don't give you a suspension, just detention for today during lunch, if you admit the real reason why punched Katelyn.

Sera raised an eyebrow and laughed. However, Elliot was dead serious and leaned forward with his fingers interlaced and elbows propped on his desk. Sera stopped laughing and trailed off awkwardly.

Sera Hernandez: You're serious? You can actually do that?

Mr.Elliot:I can and i will. I'm just dying to know. Nothing interesting ever happens in this school.

Sera Hernandez: Have you been by the bins at the back of the school? That crap's so interesting that you could make thousands off of it.

Mr.Elliot:Really? Ahem, Are you willing to take me up on my offer or not?

Sera Hernandez: A suspension sound better than a detention, to be honest.

Mr.Elliot:A suspension ends up on your permanent record. Say goodbye to a good university!

Sera Hernandez: I can't believe you're blackmailing me into admitting something so trivial.

Mr.Elliot:I can't believe you're so reluctant in telling me the truth. It's true, isn't it?

Sera Hernandez: Yes! Now leave me alone and give me the detention slip!

Mr.Elliot:As i thought. You're softening up, Sera.

Sera Hernandez: Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'm outta here.

Mr.Elliot:Come in!

Berna Jonas: H-hello, Mr.Elliot.

Mr.Elliot: Berna, it's so good to see you! You know, Sera was here just now. Oh? Is that a note for me? Berna, you know how important roll call is to Mr.Tatum, right?

Berna Jonas: Yes sir, i do.

Mr.Elliot:Then why did you do this?

Berna Jonas: I want to see what detention looks like. I kept hearing things from Sera that's it's a prison and absolutely horrible so i wanted to see it for myself! That's all!

Mr.Elliot:Well, i guess that's no helping it. Here's a detention slip. Mr.Johnson will be the monitoring teacher and he is expecting you exactly five minutes after the lunch bell. Don't be late, That's all.

Berna Jonas: Yes sir, thank you sir.

Berna exited the office and made her way back to class. Elliot chuckled to himself and drew hearts on the corner of his notebook.

Mr.Elliot:They're both horrible liars.

Skye Rowan:Hmm, you're right. Why the long face?

Berna Jonas: I'm really worried for Sera. I'm sorry, i

Skye Rowan:No, i should be apologizing. I'm not taking this as seriously as i should be! Okay, i'll be serious. You can trust me!

Berna Jonas: I trust you, Skye.

Skye Rowan:So Berna, where do we look first?

Berna Jonas: Let's stop by Sera's apartment. Maybe she's hiding out there?

Skye nodded and put one of their thumbs up.

Skye Rowan:(screams) AHHH!

Skye swerved to the side to avoid an oncoming vehicle and both occupants let out a sigh of relief. Berna laughed nervously and shook her head.

Skye Rowan:Do you still trust me?

Berna Jonas: Of course. I'm still alive, aren't i?

Skye Rowan:That you are!

Berna Jonas: Uh sir, Could you help my friend and i? We're looking for

Wait a minute! Ain't you Berna? The one Sera's been bragging about all the time?

Berna Jonas: Brag?

Yeah! You are her, ain't you? Wow! Never though i'd finally meet you! What're you doin' outside of school, little lady?

Skye Rowan:Listen, we're here to see Sera. Do you know where she is by any chance?

Well, she left for school and i haven't seen her since, so she's definitely not here. You'd have noticed anyway without going in. She's always throwin' stuff off of her balcony and makin' comments at other pedestrians.


Sounds good!

Julie Jonas: Maya!

Maya snapped her eyes to her and was about to run away, but Julie wrapped her arms around her waist tightly. She buried her nose to Maya's side and cried. Maya stood awkwardly, arms out stiffly.

Sera Hernandez:(shouted) Julie let go!

Berna Jonas: No! If i let go now, you'll slip between my fingers. Sera, you almost dies and- (her voiced cracked as tears rushed forth) don't leave me, please. I need you.

Sera Hernandez: Well, i don't need you so leave me alone! After all, you have Trixie, Lyn and Aeolus and the rest of your rich family members, so what do you need me for!

Julie loosened her arms slowly and before Maya could react, pulled the taller girl by her collar and pressed their lips together. Maya's eyes widened in disbelief and she uttered a noise of protest. She tried to pull back but Julie wrapped her arms around her neck and deepened the kiss. Maya exhaled through her nose and closed her eyes, relenting.

Sera Hernandez:(mentally)I love you. I freaking love you.

Sera leaned forward and cradled Berna's face in her palms.

I want to. I need to get this off my chest.


I think it's time i told you what happened that bring me to who i am now.

No...Maya, you don't have to.

Here goes.

Is it a boy?

No, it's a girl.


It's fine, we can always try again.

We can get rid of her, it's that simple.

Pedro, Are you sure this is good idea?

Dear, she will never be of any use to us anyway, so why not give her away?

I just don't feel this is right.

It's just your motherly instincts coming into play. Watch, soon enough, you will be just as repulsed as i am.


Pedro Hernandez: As her padres (parents), we should at least bless her with a name before giving her away. This way, we'll be able to pinpoint her whereabouts if she ever get into trouble.

Nikita Hernandez: Alright. I say we give her the name Amaya Nikita Martinez. What do you say, dear?

Pedro Hernandez: I say it's just fine. Nikita, where did you come up with the name Amaya?

Nikita Hernandez: Ah, well, Amaya is a given name and surname of Spanish origins, derived from the village of Amaya and its neighboring mountain in Castile and Leon, Spain which is where my ancestors comes from. The name of the village has Indo-European roots and means "am (ma)" or mother". Other hypothesis is that the name derived from the Proto-Basque or basque word Amaia, meaning "the end".

Pedro Hernandez: Amaya... that is such a unique name.

Carl:Sera! How many times do i have to tell you... play nice or you'll get fed to the mice!

Sera Hernandez: I don't believe you, Carl.

Carl:You're quite the smartbutt for a five year old.

Sera Hernandez: Maybe my biological parents were incredibly smart and had nice...hey, what does smartbutt really mean, Fiona?

Fiona: Carl! How dare you swear in front of Seraph? Come Seraph, let's leave these primitive men to their foul language.

Sera Hernandez: I'll get that lazy crap face for you!

Fiona: SERAPH!


Sera Hernandez: Carl, nobody wants to adopt me. I really don't deserve that cake. Jeff's gonna have new los padres (parents) in two days and Katie's leaving next week with her future los padres (parents) on a special vacation trip. The

Carl:Firstly young lady, you don't address me with my first name! I am your father and-

Sera Hernandez: But you're not my padre (father)! You're just some guy who took me in away from my biological los padres (parents)! I want them! I want Mama (Mom) and Papa (Dad) back, not

Carl:You! You're so ungrateful, Seraph! Fiona tries her hardest to find a kind, loving family to take you in but every time she does so, you just-

Sera Hernandez: GO AHEAD! SAY IT!


Jackson:Hey, you okay?

Sera Hernandez: Leave me alone!

Jackson:I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you. Um, here! Have some of this's fresh out of the oven!

My name is Jackson. What's your name?

Seraph Hernandez. But i'm better preferred being called Sera.

Jackson:Seraph. Seraph! I like it! It's a cool name!

Sera:Yeah? You think so?

Jackson:Uh huh! So Sera, can we be friends?

Sera:I'll have to think about it!

Jackson:Aw, that's no fair!

Sera Hernandez: We'll be the best of friends!

Sera Hernandez: So...tell me about yourself?

Jackson:Well, i was a fugitive who had ran away from my parents when they kept making decisions for me. I hated their lifestyles and treatment of me, so i stole as much money as i could, packed what little clothes and food he could carry, and left Orchid Bay City.(sighed and stood, clutching his brown paper bag to his scrawny chest) I

Fiona: Seraph! Seraph! I'm so glad you're okay! I missed you so much!

Sera closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

Sera Hernandez: I missed you too, Mom.

Jackson:What's up with the attitude? I'm just trying to be nice.

Sera Hernandez:(shouted) I didn't ask for you to be nice!

Aeolus Rowan:So this is Sera, huh? She's not that great in my opinion.

Sera Hernandez: What's you say, punk.

Crispin Martinez: Don't fight anymore, please.

Aeolus RowanI don't like her one bit...she's full of crap.

Sera HernandezYeah, but i bet even a girl that is full of crap can kick your sorry white butt!

Aeolus RowanWhy i ought to-

Jackson:STOP! Aeolus, Sera, stop! Geez, you guys are crazy!

Jackson:You know what, screw it. Just screw it. You two can go off and do whatever you want...just leave me out of it. This was supposed to be a day to relax and that's exactly what i'm gonna do, so leave me alone.



Crispin Martinez:Don't bring me into this.



Sera touched the boy's fingertips but was unable to grab him. She watched Jackson's face become smaller and smaller as he fell and read his lips before he hit the ground in a sickening loud crunch. Sera fell to her knees with a piercing shriek of horror.

Ezekiel said

Sera blinked and looked at Berna again.

Sera Hernandez: Huh?

Berna Jonas: I said: Ezekiel told me that Jackson was hit by a bus.

Sera Martinez:Why would Ezekiel tell you that?

Julie Jonas: Because i asked him? I, uh, went around asking the gang about you before we became friends. T-to get to know you more, that is!

Sera Hernandez:So you went around Lakewood High, asking our friends about me?

Berna Jonas: Yes.

Maya Martinez:And none of what they said turned you away?

Julie Jonas: Well I'm here now, aren't i?

Julie Jonas: Why does Paul hate you so much? I still don't understand that part.

Maya sighed and tightened her grip on Julie's hand.

Maya Martinez:He blames me for Jackson's death... not that i disagree with him.

Julie Jonas: What?! You blame yourself for his death?!

Maya Martinez:Yeah, if i had been just a little bit faster i could

Julie Jonas: You're right, but...what's the point in holding back? Why should i push down my feelings for a bunch of what ifs? Maya, i know that right now, in this moment, i want to be with you forever. Can't you just let go of the rock around your heart to love me?

Maya Martinez:I do love you! It's just...

Julie Jonas: You don't want to be hurt, like you were hurt with Jackson. I understand but unlike Jackson, we have something special, much to intimate. And though Jackson was content to have you as his own sister and close comrade, i want something more. Can you let me be selfish and indulge in my desires? Can you be with me, Maya!

Maya Martinez:I can but Julie, it won't always be like this! Why can't you understand that two girls loving each other is not-

Julie Jonas: Don't you dare say what i think you're going to say! Indira and Vanessa love each other very much, even if they don't realize it yet, and our love is just as special! Love isn't meant to be understood!

Sera Hernandez: Julie, i want you to know that despite your bravery and stubbornness, the words of others will tear you down. You're not like me... you sometimes care about what others think. Are you sure you want to love me, even with all of the troubles that are sure to follow?

Julie smiled beautifully and kissed Maya passionately.

Julie Jonas: Of course.

Julie Jonas:Hey Maya, what happened to Jackson's stuff and his bed?

Maya Martinez:Why do you care?

Julie Jonas:I just need to know.

Maya Martinez:I threw out his bed. I burned his stuff and i sold his valuables for a skateboard and some video games.

Berna gasped and sat up. Sera grumbled angrily and turned to her side, facing away from Berna.

Berna Jonas: Sera! How could you even think of-

Sera Hernandez: Here we go...

Sera grabbed the pillow from under her head and covered her visible ear from Berna. A sour look scrunched up her facial features and displayed her annoyed mood.

Berna Jonas: Are you even listening to me?

Sera Martinez:Nope!

Berna Jonas: Maya!

Sera Hernandez: You're annoying me; leave me alone.

Berna Jonas: Why did you do that? I thought you loved Jackson!

Sera sat up abruptly and glared down at Berna. Berna flinched but remain firm.

Sera Hernandez:(muttered)I did and i do, but-

Berna Jonas: It's painful, isn't it? Having to come back home to an empty house, knowing that the one you genuinely liked was gone, forever. (Sera bit her bottom lip and Berna thumbed it gently) It's okay, I'm here for you, Sera. You're right...I can't promise forever...but i can promise now.

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