The Eye
Genre Comedy


Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Nicholas Hoult

Simon Pegg

Judi Dench

Various Others

Opening Theme The Eye Theme
Location London, UK
Country Of Origin UK
Number Of Episodes 96
Running Time 23 minutes
Original Channel: Channel 4
Original Air Date August 5th 2017 - May 11th 2021
Produced by Ifan Barber
Directed by Various
The Eye Unveiled (sometimes styled as The Eye: Unveiled) is a mockumentary comedy series about a British reality TV show entitled The Eye. It follows the producers of the show over a course of the season. It is inspired by the international reality series Big Brother. It aired for 8 series from August 2017 to May 2021.


Nicholas Hoult as Jack Marks, the producer of The Eye and the main focus of the documentary, he took over as producer in the show's sixth series. Little is known about his predecessor apart from the fact she was a middle aged woman who had a heart attack and died on the job.

Simon Pegg as Richard Wilkins, the show's creator and executive producer, he's extremely laid back and leaves Jack to a lot of work. He, however, takes most of the credit for the show.

Judi Dench as Esmerelda Victorious, the current chairperson of Imagination Television, the production company behind The Eye. She immerses herself in the production in order to fully understand the point of the show.

Amy Hoggart as DeeDee Branch, the demanding host of The Eye, a washed up singer who's one-hit wonder earned her British celebrity status.

Various other cast members have either appeared as themselves or fictional celebrities on the show within the show. Many characters have guested on the panel show for one-off episodes.


Series 1

Episode Title Synopsis Air Date
1 Launch Night (Pilot) On the launch night of the sixth series of The Eye, a reality series based in a reclusive house, new producer Jack is trying to make his mark, but difficult contestants, an overbearing boss and a intruding network executive prove it to be difficult. August 5th 2017
2 Week 2 After the housemates finally begin to settle, a spanner is thrown into the works when the hot water stops working. Elsewhere, Mark is still struggling as Dee Dee threatens to quit ahead of the first elimination. Richard tries to impress Esmerelda with a tour of the studio. August 12th 2017
3 Week 3 Another contestant walks, throwing the whole series off course and leaves Jack stressed. Richard thinks Esmerelda is going to offer him a promotion, but Dee Dee plots against him. August 19th 2017
4 Week 4 Jack is promised by Esmerelda that his job is solidified for the next series at least, but she's going to stick around in a supervisor capacity. Richard and Dee Dee lock horns ahead of the upcoming double elimination. August 26th 2017
5 Week 5 September 2nd 2017
6 Week 6 September 9th 2017
7 Week 7 September 16th 2017
8 Week 8 September 23rd 2017
9 Week 9 September 30th 2017
10 Week 10 October 7th 2017
11 Week 11 October 14th 2017
12 Finale As the final three houseguests premier to leave the Eye Centre, Jack is nervous when Esmerelda tells him his job is on the line if the finale doesn't go smoothly. Dee Dee and Richard team up to get her a famous co-host to boost her popularity. October 21st 2017
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