The Expendables III: War Zone is the second sequel to The Expendables, following on from The Expendables Part II: Retaliation.


Years ago, Barney Ross was a member of another mercenary team, which he co-founded with old friend Conrad Stonebanks. On their last mission, Stonebanks was seemingly killed when it went awry and the team fell apart. Now, Barney is the leader of the mercenary group called the Expendables. He learns that his old surviving team mates are being offed one by one by a new mercenary group. He meets two survivors, Surgeon and Bonaparte, and decides to help them find out who is hunting them. This leads them to Ivos Lenkov, who appears to be the mastermind behind the attacks against them. The Expendables then encounter the rival mercenary group, and Barney is shocked to find that their leader is none other than Stonebanks himself. Stonebanks reveals that he faked his own death and is now working with Lenkov. The Expendables team up with their old allies such as Trench Mauser, Mr Church and Booker among others and some new faces to take down Stonebanks and Lenkov.


Gerard Butler - Barney Ross

Tom Hardy – Jarrod Christmas

Donnie Yen – Ying Yang

Michael Jai White – Hale Caesar

Karl Urban – Toll Road

Morgan Freeman – Church

Kurt Russell – Trench Mauser

Bruce Campbell – Booker

Maggie Q – Maggie Chan

Justin Timberlake - Billy the Kid

Olga Kurylenko - Sandra Garza

Carl Weathers - Surgeon

Christopher Lambert - Bonaparte

Robert DeNiro - Rapido

Steven Seagal - Conrad Stonebanks

Rutger Hauer - Ivos Lenkov

Thomas Jane - Mars

Jonah Hill - Wi-Fi

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