The Expendables 3 (film) Action film.


  • Junior Swaby as Harrison "Counter" Derold (main villain)
  • Yuri Ferguson as Antonio "Flashy" DeGonzaléz
  • Jesus Pino as Maxwell "The Boxer" Wagner; Barney's new crew and Barney's former rival and main protagonist.
  • Joseph Swaby as Sergeant Barney Ross
  • Ericksen Brown as Tool
  • Oliver Swaby as Jarrod Christmas
  • Bruno U. Caymanbarber as Bruno Len
  • Jason Hydes as Johnsen; Barney's new crew.
  • John Henkis as Johnathan (uncredited)
  • Sean Broderick as Victor "Seeker" Reynolds; Barney's crew.
  • Rudy Swaby as Taylor "Pepé" Pepper; Barney's crew.
  • Keevon Douglas as Benny
  • Brian Tatum as Vick
  • Andrew Smiley as Trent Trench; teammate.
  • Matthew Ebanks as Church
  • Darrel Swaby as Ronald Washington; Barney's new crew.
  • Erick McBean as Vincent Delour; teammate.
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