The Expendables 2 (2013 film) Action-Thriller 2013 film.


  • Keenon Douglas as Benny; ex-pilot and Barney's crew.
  • Glenda Maria Pino as Tessa ex-family and John's deceased far family.
  • Oliver Swaby as Jarrod Christmas; Barney's buddy and Barney's crew.
  • Harvey Swaby as Jimmy Christmas (Jack's crew and deceased main antagonist).
  • Bruno Caymanbarber as Bruno Len; Barney's crew.
  • Joseph Swaby as U.S Navy Seal Sergeant Barney Ross
  • Andrew Smiley as Trent Trench
  • Ernesto Laurance Peaz as Jack; main antagonist.
  • Heriberto Ruiz as John Austin; main antagonist.
  • Francisco Hernandez Ballester as Pedro Antonio; Barney crew.
  • Lee Clarke as Jay Xander
  • Jasser Camacho as Mexico Navy Seal/Sergeant Colonel Rick Jensen; Barney's close family-friend.
  • Caridad Camacho as Juila Ross-Garica; friend of Barney.
  • Shaniel Smith as Barney's enstranged wife (uncredited)
  • Derlis Swaby Mayo as Jedd "Brandt" Ross (framed photo) Barney's younger brother.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Barney's framed father (flashbacks; posthumous release)
  • Amaila Mayo as Yolanda Ross (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Clarke as Jensen Xander
  • Tyson Tatum as Tyson Vilain; main antagonist Kirk's older twin-brother.
  • Marilto Hilo as Yun Chin
  • Douglas Cameron Jr. as Lt. Cheng
  • Dario Rivers as Frederick; Jarrod's old best friend.
  • Yanet Calderin as Janet Tyler; Tyler's ex-wife.
  • Borys Larosa as Jake Scott Archer; ex-marine and U.S sniper soldier.
  • Jesika Ebanks as Tyler's deceased daughter
  • Roymler Matos as Tyler
  • Matthew Ebanks as Church
  • Mark Ebanks as Benson (uncredited)
  • Arley Swaby as Lt. Booker
  • Josue Sanchez Ebanks as Frank Castillo; ex-millitary and new zealand soldier.
  • Jason Statham as Captain Sergeant Lee Christmas; Jarrod's framed deceased father.
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