The Exorcism of Frank Middleton, or Rokhello Presents: The Exorcism of Frank Middleton, is the fourth studio album from American metal band Rokhello. Released on February 18 2009, it was released only two years apart from its predecessor 2007's The Sky Is Falling.


The album was regarded as Rokhello's most serious to date. According to Metalix: "They have stripped away all the jokes and humour to create a serious record. It shows us a side of Jack Simpson not seen since the days of Exorcismic in the late 80s and early 90s. Tops off definetly for Rokhello. If they were wanting to make a serious album with their fourth, they succeeded. The sound is refreshing, and a darker side to the band. 9/10.

However, Metal Reviewer said otherwise: "Fans of Rokhello may be dissapointed. The seriousness of the album is not classical Rokhello, it's more like Jack Simpson has revisited Exorcismic and cranked up the volume to 11. The album is somewhat lacking unlike its predecessors, and is just another metal record instead of being what it should be, another Rokhello record. Questionable title also, which happens to not have anything to do with the songs or themes on the album. 6/10.

Rolling Stone was more positive towards the album: "This fourth album is a refreshing change from previous Rokhello. Some may question this injection of seriousness, but it works. They have scrapped away all the jokes and humour to create a truly raw album. Exorcismic for Jack Simpson was education, and Rokhello is like college for him, he can experiment with the experience he has gained over the years. 8/10

Track listing

  1. "Pray That I'm Wrong" - 4:33
  2. "The Magnitude of the Problem" - 6:00
  3. "Take It And Die" - 3:44
  4. "Run Away" - 5:00
  5. "Breathe In The Ash" - 4:20
  6. "Dead OR Alive!?" - 3:40
  7. "Chronicles of Psychopathic Mindf*cked Lives II" - 6:00
  8. "Solution" - 3:00
  9. "Find A Way" - 4:00
  10. "Fall of Our Civilization" 6:00
  11. "Say Goodbye!" - 5:00
  12. "Drowning In A Bathtub Full of Blood" - 5:45
  13. "Final Word In The Final Minute of the Final Hour of the Final Day" - 4:44
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