The Evil Rises is a novel book series and a spin-off to the 2014 horror survival game, The Evil Within.


Set in the same universe as The Evil Within was, the story follows former detective, Jacob Santiago who is dragged into the Ruvik's nightmarish world and desperately attempts survives as he finds a way out.


Major Characters

  • Jacob Santiago - The protagonist of novel series, a former Krimson City police officer and convict. Jacob was known to be aggressive when it came to dealing with criminals, using police brutality. Jacob has shown to have a deep hatred against his criminals, due to the fact that his mother was stabbed by a criminal one night, while she was prgenant with Jacob and died giving birth to him. This has caused some of the other officers to be wary of this and would report this, but are too afraid of him to even tell their superiors. Eventually his rival, Clarke Hoffman, framed Jacob as a drug dealer, and Jacob was sentenced to prison. Now Jacob is trying to make amends by seeking redemption, but is brought into Ruvik's nightmarish world and must survive in order to escape. But to do that he'll have to face nightmarish creatures and experience what true fear really is.
  • David Harpers - Jacob's former best friend since high school and a Krimson City police officer, David has since tried warn Jacob that his reckless actions and using police brutality against criminals and suspects as an excuse to get him further is getting more closer to bringing his career into ruins. With no other option, David is forced to turn in his partner and best friend. Like Jacob, David is brought into Ruvik's world.
  • Ashley Young - A Kirmson City police officer and Jacob's love interest, like David she has tried to warn him about how his aggressive actions are getting him closer to into trouble but Jacob has continued to ignore their warnings and refusing their help. Ashley has shown to harbour romantic feelings for him, but she does not let this interfere with work as an officer of the law, but she eventually breaks down when Jacob is sentenced to prison when his actions got out of control. Like Jacob and David, she is brought into Ruvik's world.
  • Clarke Hoffman - A primary antagonist of the first installment, is a corrupt police officer and Jacob's rival, Hoffman is known to be a scumbag and a dirty cop, he'd usually but heads with Jacob due to the way they do their work and with Hoffman flirting with Ashley, which deeply annoys Jacob. Eventually, Hoffman took issue about the aggressive way Jacob's been doing with his work and framed him of being a drug dealer, which caused Jacob to be sentenced to prison. Hoffman is one of the victims to be brought into Ruvik's world.
  • Ruvik - The main antagonist of The Evil Within and The Evil Rises. He is a thin, sharp-featured man who is heavily disfigured with various burns and scars, giving him the appearance of a walking cadaver. Seemingly unrestrained by the laws of physical reality, he is capable of teleportation, superhuman speed, and invulnerability to the majority of all physical assaults. Fueled in equal parts by a seeming desire for revenge and his own madness, Ruvik torments all those who come into contact with him.

Cut off from the outside world, Ruvik continued his research alone. Vicious burns have left his skin senseless and useless for regulating his body temperature. Ravaged by ceaseless headaches and physical and mental seizures, he was known for being close to the physical limits of his body.

Supporting Characters

  • Jeffrey Winchester - Is a mysterious character who serves as a guide to Jacob Santiago, helping him reaching his destination and to escape from Ruvik's nightmarish world, all that is known about his life is left completely ambiguous, other than the fact that he used to be a mailman.
  • Carlos Mortez - Is an italian criminal who was sentenced to the same prison Jqcob Santiago was sentenced to, for raping a young girl. He claims he was falsely accused but was convicted. Later, he is brought into Ruvik's world and crosses paths Jacob who at first seems neutral but later becomes hostile, serving as one of the antagonists of the first novel.
  • Donald Blake - Is a character featured in The Evil Rises, a former criminal trying to make amends and do right by everyone else, but caused him to miserably fail, despite this Donald holds great enthusiasm for it (despite the feeling of hopelessness in his voice), even the slightest opportunity. However, Donald is quite gruff and blunt, as he is unhelpful and cryptic towards Jacob, but somehow knows a good deal about him, knowing his name without being told and making scathing comments that imply he knows Jacob's sins.

Minor Characters

  • Sebastian Castellanos - The protagonist of The Evil Within, is a Kimson City detective and is partners with Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman. However he does not appear in the novel series but shares a past connection with Jacob Santiago and will be mentioned in at least a few chapters.
  • Juli Kidman - The deutragonist of The Evil Within, is a rookie Krimson City detective and is partners with Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda. She is mysterious character working for an unknown organisation, however she does not appear in the novel series but shares a past connection with Jacob Santiago and will be mentioned in at least a few chapters.
  • Joseph Oda - A major character featured in The Evil Within, is a Krimson City police detective and partners with Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda. However he does not appear in the novel series but shares a past connection with Jacob Santiago and will be mentioned in at least a few chapters.
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