the evil dead is a 2013 remake of the 1981 horror film of the same name. it stars Ellen Wroe, Nicholas D'Agosto, Hayden Pannetiere, Chris Zylka, and Daniella Monet.


A group of friends - Ash, Cheryl, Scotty, Linda, and Shelly, go to a cabin for spring break, and it results terribly. They awake demons with a tape recorder and everyone except Ash dies.


Ellen Wroe as Cheryl Williams

Nicholas D'Agosto as Ash Williams

Hayden Pannetiere as Linda Green

Chris Zylka as Scotty Valens

Daniella Monet as Shelley Marsh


Shelley- hacked to pieces with hammer by Scotty.

Linda - decapitated with garden hoe by Ash.

Scotty - eyes gouged out by Ash.

Cheryl - Ash throws book of the dead in fire place / causes her to melt and fall apart.

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