The Evil Dead is a 2008 American Slasher-Splatter Horror film written by Brad Inglesby & Seamus Tierney. It is a remake of the 1981 classic horror film of the same name from Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell. Directed by Adam Robitel, produced by Michael Bay and distributed by Platinum Dunes. It is the sixth overall instalment in the Evil Dead franchise, and would later go on to be rebooted in Fede Alvarez & Ghost House Pictures' 2013 significantly more successful Evil Dead.

Series icon Ash Williams is not portrayed by Bruce Campbell but is instead played by Richard Madden supported by an ensemble cast including Jake McDorman, Wyatt Russell, Inbar Lavi, Diane Guerrero, Aldis Hodge, Brooke Newton and Dianna Agron.


Professor Knowlby arrives with his wife Henrietta at their Michigan mountain log cabin to renovate in preparation for it's sale. As night falls and Henrietta falls asleep Knowlby gathers his tape recorder and a wrapped in skin book from the cellar. He begins going over the book as he makes a recording discussing the book which ends in an incantation. With the uttering of the incantation unseen demonic entities rise from the surrounding woods and manifest in the bedroom where Henrietta is sleeping. As a result a now possessed Henrietta attacks Knowlby and she is dismembered by him in self-defence with a shovel.

With this Knowlby leaves a final recording for their daughter who is away travelling with friends, and commits suicide with a single gunshot.

In the present Michigan State college student Ash Williams receives a failing grade determining the end of his studies in civil engineering, leaving him to clash with his mechanic father on his final option, pursuing work with him.

He rallies his sister Cheryl, girlfriend Linda and their friends: Scotty, Shelley, Sarah, Derek and Kingsley for a college break trip to Ash & Cheryl's family owned cabin in the woods. Settled in they find Knowlby's tape recorder and the buried book: Naturom Demonto buried in the yard. Ash plays the tapes as Cheryl scans the book and the demons mentioned on the tapes and in the book (the Deadites) are released from the surrounding woods. The Deadites cause local trucker Bernard who deliverd the kids' supplies to be on the road out crushed and run over by his own truck.

Cheryl becomes increasingly paranoid about hearing voices and seeing things about the property, eventually asking Ash to take her into town. Ash loses control of the car seeing the bloodied animate corpse of Trucker Bernard and crashing into the bridge. An injured Cheryl awakens outside of the accident in the woods, where she is slashed at by possessed tree roots and branches. Cheryl returns to Ash and the two see the bridge and only exit destroyed.

Returning to the cabin a now possessed Cheryl attacks Ash and Linda, leading Scotty to force Cheryl into the cellar, where she is locked in. An oblivious Kingsley and Derek outside come face to face with the possessed trees, which Scotty rushing outside to help is shredded by. Ash confronts his sister in the cellar alone and a possessed Derek stabs Kingsley in the neck, killing him. Linda, Shelley and Sarah destroy Derek's corpse with a molotov cocktail. Shelley in a panicked state locks herself in the bathroom where a Deadite Bernard appears and breaks her back, bloodletting on her afterward.

Sarah calls the police as Linda goes over the book, as she opens up the cellar unleashing a now Deadite Ash and his still alive Deadite sister Cheryl. Linda has her leg broken and in accordance to the book, uses a light immolation to via the purification by fire, expel the Deadite possessing Ash. With a sawed off shotgun Ash obliterates Cheryl's head. Linda then cuts off Ash's left hand, now possessed.

Sarah rushing to the bathroom comes across Bernard and a Deadite Shelley who she kills with a meat tenderiser and kitchen knife. Ash is chased to the shed where he fills his wound with a chainsaw, and mutilates Linda as she advances. Ash and Sarah reconvene and Sarah fearing possession commits suicide via overdose of sleeping pills. Ash then proceeds to try and burn down the cabin. The damage is reversed and he is again possessed.

An after credits scene shows Knowlby's daughter Joanne and her three friends arrive at the cabin, A Deadite Ash appearing and chainsawing into her friends before her as they descend into the cellar, hearing Knowlby's tape playing.


  • Richard Madden as Ash Williams
  • Inbar Lavi as Cheryl Williams
  • Jack McDorman as Scotty Haynes
  • Brooke Newton as Linda Evans
  • Dianna Agron as Sarah Newton
  • Wyatt Russell as Kingsley Whitmore
  • Aldis Hodge as Derek Edum
  • Robin Givens as Detective Soraya
  • Linus Roache as Detective Kennedy
  • Shane Jacobson as Trucker Bernard
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