The Evil: Blood Origins is a 2017 American sequel to the 2016 supernatural horror film, The Evil, which is directed by Steven Quale. This film stars Joel Courtney, Amanda Seyfried, Cameron Bright, Victoria Hester, Ethan Hawke, Natalie Portman, Kiernan Shipka, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Frances McDormand and Bill Paxton.


Frank and his friends must find the true secret of David Crimson, a man with magical abilities who is also Frank's father. Meanwhile, The Mysterious Man is looking for his son after learn he is alive.



  • Joel Courtney as Frank Linebeck/A 17-year-old teenager.
    • August Maturo as Young Frank Linebeck (age 8)
  • Amanda Seyfried as Rebecca Timberlake/Frank's girlfriend and Marcus' older sister.
    • Sabrina Carpenter as Young Rebecca Timberlake (age 15)
  • Cameron Bright as Marcus Timberlake/Frank's childhood best friend and Rebecca's brother.
    • Sal Pandolfo Jr. as Young Marcus Timberlake (age 9)
  • Victoria Hester as Vanessa Taylor/Frank's classmate and Marcus' new love interest.
    • Eva Bella as Young Vanessa Taylor (age 13)
  • Ethan Hawke as David Crimson/A man with dark powers and Frank's father. David's real name is Adrian Holbrook, the son of Scott Holbrook (the Mysterious Man) and Mia Stevenson (Elanie Wallace)
    • Ellar Coltrane as Young David Crimson (age 22)
  • Natalie Portman as Alice Linebeck/Frank's mother and David's ex-lover.
    • Ciara Bravo as Young Alice Linebeck (age 16)
  • Bill Paxton as the Mysterious Man/David's mysterious father who give a dark power to his son when he was a baby. His real name is Scott Holbrook before he murder his girlfriend and abandoned his baby son before become the Mysterious Man.
    • Jack O'Connell as Young Scott Holbrook/The Mysterious Man (age 21)
  • Kristen Bell as Laura Taylor/Vanessa's mother.
  • Dax Shepard as Terry Taylor/Vanessa's father and Laura's husband.
  • Kiernan Shipka as Maria Wallace/Vanessa's best friend.
    • Kyla Kenedy as Young Maria Wallace (age 12)
  • Frances McDormand as Elaine Wallace/Maria's mother who has escape her dark past 37 years ago. Elaine's real name is Mia Stevenson who is David's biological mother and Scott's ex-lover.
    • AnnaSophia Robb as Young Elaine Wallace/Mia Stevenson (age 18)
  • Ellen Wroe as Ashley Flower/Marcus' deceased former girlfriend who was killed by Danielle in the first film. She appears as a ghost who starts to haunt Marcus.
    • Brighton Sharbino as Young Ashley Flower (age 14)
  • Courteney Cox as Danielle Linebeck/Alice's decased mother who was killed by the Mysterious Man in first film. She appears as a ghost who starts to haunt David.


The Opening Scene

  • (Sinister and dramatic music)
  • (Danielle's room in mental hospital)
  • (The Mysterious Man clean the room and the floor)
  • (The Mysterious Man walk to Danielle's body on the bed)
  • (The Mysterious Man look at Danielle on bed)
  • (Danielle's dead body on the bed)
  • The Mysterious Man: I hope she can burn in hell.
  • (The Mysterious Man move Danielle's body out of the bed)
  • (Sinister music)
  • (Nurse Mary walk with Tolley)
  • Nurse Lori: Mary.
  • Nurse Mary: Yes?
  • Nurse Lori: Which room you are going?
  • Nurse Mary: Danielle Linebeck, she is next to drink the medicine.
  • Nurse Lori: Have you got the same medicine we give?
  • Nurse Mary: Yes, don't worry, I will be fine.
  • Nurse Lori: Be careful.
  • Nurse Mary: I will.
  • (Nurse Mary walk to Danielle's room with Tolley)
  • (The Mysterious Man put Danielle's body in black bag)
  • (The Mysterious Man grunts and pants)
  • (Nurse Mary knock the door)
  • Nurse Mary: Mrs Linebeck? Mrs Linebeck?
  • (The Mysterious Man sees the door)
  • (The Mysterious Man vanishes and left the black bag under the bed)
  • (Nurse Mary opens the door with key)
  • Nurse Mary: Hello? Danielle? It is time for your medicine.
  • Nurse Mary: Mrs. Linebeck? 
  • (The Mysterious Man's blue eye show on the wall)
  • Nurse Mary: Mrs. Linebeck, I am not joking with you.
  • Nurse Mary: It is time for your medicine.
  • Nurse Mary: You need medicine to get you better.
  • Nurse Mary: Danielle?
  • Nurse Lori: So, where is she?
  • (Nurse Mary gasps)
  • (Nurse Mary look at Nurse Lori)
  • Nurse Mary: Don't do that!
  • Nurse Lori: Sorry. Are you okay?
  • Nurse Mary: I can't find her.
  • (Nurse Lori saw a black bag under the bed)
  • Nurse Lori: Look.
  • (Nurse Mary looks at black bag under the bed)
  • Nurse Lori: Get the bag.
  • (Nurse Mary gets the bag out from under the bed)
  • Nurse Lori: She is trying to prank us so she can escape.
  • Nurse Mary: She will never do that.
  • Nurse Mary: I think.
  • (Nurse Mary open the bag with Danielle's body inside of the bag)
  • (Nurse Mary gasps)
  • (Nurse Mary and Nurse Lori in shocked face)
  • Nurse Mary: Oh my god!
  • Nurse Lori: It is only a fake body.
  • Nurse Mary: I don't think so.
  • (Nurse Mary check on Danielle)
  • Nurse Mary: She is dead.
  • Nurse Lori: Oh my god.
  • Nurse Mary: What we going to do?
  • Nurse Lori: We need to call the police and....
  • (The Mysterious Man grab Nurse Lori in the neck)
  • (Nurse Lori screams)
  • (The Mysterious Man bashes Nurse Lori's head against the wall couple of time and Nurse Mary screams)
  • (Nurse Lori scream in pain)
  • Nurse Mary: Leave her alone.
  • (Blood come out from Nurse Lori's head)
  • (Nurse Mary loud screams)
  • (The Mysterious Man bashes Nurse Lori's head very hard)
  • (Blood on the wall)
  • (Nurse Lori fall down on the floor with a big thud sound)
  • (Big blood comes out from Nurse Lori's head)
  • (The Mysterious Man looks at Nurse Mary)
  • Nurse Mary: No, no, no, no, no!
  • (The Mysterious Man grab Nurse Mary in the neck)
  • (Nurse Mary let out a loud scream)
  • (Black screen with loud echoing from Nurse Mary)
  • (Serious music plays)
  • Word (text in glowing silver font): The Evil
  • (Word turn around and change)
  • Word (text in red, bloody font): Blood Origins
  • (Word turn around and vanish)

David meets Maria Wallace after his hangover

  • (Black screen)
  • Maria (voice): Sir? Sir? Wake up! Sir?
  • (David groan sound)
  • (David open his eye)
  • Maria: Hi.
  • (David turn his head and saw Maria)
  • Maria: Are you OK?
  • David: Where I am?
  • Maria: Mummy will not be happy when you crash your way to our garden.
  • David: Huh?
  • (David look everywhere)
  • David: Whoops.
  • Maria: You killed Mommy's plants.
  • (David saw plants that he sit on)
  • David: Shit.
  • (David get up)
  • David: Sorry.
  • (David groan with sun shine on hin)
  • David: There is a fucking sun shine on me.
  • Maria: Fucking?
  • David: What?
  • Maria: You use that fucking word.
  • David: How old are you?
  • Maria: 15.
  • David: 15 years old. What happened if you mum know you use a swear word from me. She will piss me off.
  • Maria: She will don't know about you, er... What is your name?
  • David: David Crimson.
  • Maria: David Crimson.
  • David: If my name was weird because I was giving.

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It is same with the first film. This is only shown on ending credits. At the start of the film, only show the opening scene and then the opening titles.

A New Line Cinema presentation

In association with Village Roadshow Pictures

In association with Dune Entertainment

A Practical Pictures/Zide Pictures Production

A Steven Quale film


  • This film is 165 minutes long.
  • This film is rated R for strong graphic violence and language, some disturbing scenes, sexual content and nudity.
  • 15 certificate
  • It will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures with New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures and RatPac-Dune Entertainment.
  • This film was set in Los Angeles, California.
  • Ashley Flower was killed by David and Danielle Linebeck was killed by The Mysterious Man in the first film but they both appears as ghosts.
  • Marcus Timberlake and David Crimson are haunted by ghosts who they know before death.
    • Marcus Timberlake is haunted by his dead former girlfriend who trying to stop him from move on. 
    • David Crimson is haunted by Alice's dead mother who blamed him for her death, killed by David's father.
  • Both Kyla Kenedy and Brighton Sharbino appear on The Walking Dead.
  • It will be aired on MovieChoice.
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