The Enigma Code is an animated web television series. The series focused on a group of teenagers who must confront


Trust No One


A rebellious soli, a troublemaker, an adventurer, a brainiac, a college student, must form an unlikely team They quickly understand that everyone and everything are not what they seems as dark government converge on the city The series pays homage to as its narrative draws on elements of conspiracy theories, supernatural fiction


Main Characters

Raven Yang - a 17 year old sarcastic and rebellious teen who prefers solitude over having to associate with overbearing cliques. Raven was born in Taiwan but was raised in the United States.

Marcy Ramirez- A 16 year old Hispanic American

Mildred Witkowski- A 15 year old goth She has a crush on Lyon She later i

Sergio Smith- A 17 year old former ex convict from juvenile detention and a childhood friend of Raven. His favorite band is AC-DC Sergio initially doesn't trust Bryn due to her being older but became friends with her.

Lyon Di Zio- A 15 year old boy who is extremely enthusiastic and has an adventurous, fun loving, and laid back personality. Because of his adventurous nature, Lyon has trouble sitting still and is always looking for thrills. He is revealed to be gay.

Zion Hill- A

Tim McAuley- A 14 year old His family has connections with Skull and Bones for many generations,due to him being related to Adam Weishaput.

Bryn Cole/Subject 107-An 18 year old freshman college student raised in secrecy by a former member of the Illuminati. Due to her older age and fighting skills, she was served as the group's protector. She was part of a secret genetic engineering project founded by The Illuminati called Project Zero who creates and experiments on "mutants", artificial humans who were modified with a DNA pattern that grants them superhuman abilities and were trained as soldiers and assassins. She later regained her memories and had suffered an identity crisis.

Linda "Mad Dog" Di Zio-Lyon's 13 year old younger sister. She is affectionately nicknamed "Mad Dog'' by Lyon and have been shown to be more mature than him. She often tags along with her brother on his and his friends misadventures acting as her brother's voice of reason and help them out of situations due to her unique intellectualism. Like her brother, she has an extremely unhealthy obsession with twinkies.

Stacey Jenkins- Originally introduced as a supporting character, Stacey's character gets promoted to main cast later in the series due to certain chain of events. Because of the information her parents had told her about Project Zero, she was hunted down before being rescued by Heather.

Recurring Characters

Alyson Oliver- A popular 16 year old She appears to have severe anger management issues. She is very mean and spiteful and has shown to look down at everyone.

Wendy Warburton- A 14 year old friend of Mildred since childhood. She had moved away with her parents to Austria but remains in contact with Mildred. They remained close friends before entering a romantic relationship after Mildred broke up with Nash. She has a nerdy sense of style- always wearing black horn rimmed glasses, has messy dark brown hair and braces on her teeth. In the series finale,

/Brian Sean-Bryn's overprotective adoptive father, who has been keeping Bryn's true identity and memories a secret out of protection. He and Bryn are currently on the run from "the men in black" who have been following them for years.

Stacey's parents and were members of the Illuminati. In revenge, The Illuminati abducted their first born daughter.

Heather Jenkins/Subject 2.17-It was revealed that she is biological older sister of Stacey as she was kidnapped by the Illuminati at birth and became part of Project 0. She had used to visit and watch over Stacey whenever their parents' aren't around. Though Stacey doesn't have any memory of their interactions as she erased her memories as a way to protect her.

Rickert- The leader of who was also Linda's ex boyfriend

Christopher King-


Kyle Li/Subject 310- A mysterious man of Chinese descent. He tricked Bryn and poses as her somewhat boyfriend in order to exploit her, though he was extremely interested in her but doesn't know why at first. Because of his strong romantic feelings for Bryn and his understanding of what Bryn had said about his purpose among the Illuminati, he later betrays the organization and aiding the main characters. He and Bryn rekindle and became an official couple.

Elizabeth Weishaupt-The Leader of the Illuminati and a descendant of Adam Weishaupt, the original founder of the Illuminati.

The leader of the draconians.


Stacey Jenkins: Dad, what's going on? I heard a noise coming from downstairs!

Stay in your room, Stacey! And whatever you do, don't leave unless I tell you too!

But dad, what about mom?

I go downstairs and check on your mother!

Mildred Witkowski: You know. Dating boys hasn't really turned out for me that well. Do you think it is weird for me to start dating a girl?

Bryn Cole: Just to let you know, my own blood is extremely toxic.

  • Oh, i'm sorry that my class is boring to you Ms. Deadwood. I can see that you couldn't help but sleep through it.

Raven Deadwood: It wasn't really your class that put me to sleep. It's the boring school that did.

Well, since you're having such a hard time paying attention, why don't you catch up on what you missed in detention.

Raven Deadwood: Seriously, its the first day of school and you're giving me detention because I dozed off for a bit?

And that comment just bought you another day of detention.

Raven Deadwood:(shouted) WHAT THE CRAP!


How did you guys get in?!

The door was unlocked.

  • Calvin Hawk: Well, at least my mom doesn't scream like a demonic turkey.


Calvin Hawk:Yes?

Shut up, Calvin.

Yeah! Shut up, Kevin!

Calvin Hawk:That's not my name.

Well, at least it sounded the same!

Calvin Hawk:No it does not.

Raven Deadwood: Calvin! whenever somebody tells you to shut up, you shut up! Now, do me a favor and eat a bowl of shut up, Calvin!

Wait! I wanted to talk to you guys.

Screw that!

Remember me fondly

Oh, trust me. I will.


  • Tim MCAuley: And i'm not a lady!

Kyle Li:Oh and Bryn?

Bryn Cole:What?

Kyle sweep kicked Bryn, causing her to fall to the floor. Before she made impact with the floor, however, Bryn had been caught by Kyle, who was holding her in a pose of him leaning way over her with just one of his arms was supporting her from the back. Bryn accidently grabbed onto his jacket so she would not fall, yet Kyle's face was just inches from hers. Kyle stared at Bryn with a smug grin on his face.

I also had a dream about a woman. She said my name; I feel like she's right beside me.

A woman?

Yes, I don't know who it is though...

Should we tell her?

Yes, we should.

Stacey...Sweetie, the baby in the photograph and the woman you have described is your older sister, Heather.


Season One

Season Two

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