The End of the Ghostfaces takes place after the events of Mimi Mone vs Lauren Malloy. Jill Roberts is no longer paralyzed and has escaped from the hospital. Sidney, Sam, Debbie, Thomas, Frank, Dennis and Robert prepare for the final battle. Can they finally stop the most dangerous Ghostface ever?


Gary Sinise as Frank Nightingale

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Matthew Lillard as Det. Sam Macher

Brooke Theiss as Debbie Macher

Jeremy London as Lt. Thomas Miller

Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts

Hayden Paneteirre as Kirby Reed

Michael Madsen as Det Dennis Mitchell

Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Josh Brolin as Robert Morgan

Molly Burnette as Caroline Mitchelll

Emma Bell as Cami Watson

Rihana as Kamara Easton

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald

William Sadler as Roy McDonald

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen

Shantel VanSanten as Emily Nightingale

Aaron Yoo as Eric Chen

Linnda Cardellini as Janet Evans

Chris Rock as Clinton Banks

Ryan Reynolds as Brock Hibbard

Katlin Olson as Lisa Booth

Kevin Hart as Det William Price


Sidney Prescott

Det. Sam Macher

Debbie Macher

Lt. Thomas Miller

Frank Nightingale

Cami Watson

Dennis Mitchell

Kirby Reed

Robert Morgan

Kamara Easton

Caroline Mitchell

Hayley McDonald

Roy McDonald

Emily Nightingale


Jill Roberts-She is on the loose once again and going on one last killing spree and she wants to make sure everyone remembers the name Jill Roberts.

Ghostface Cameos

Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis-He is shown in Sidney's dream tormenting her saying that no one will ever love her because she is a slut like her mother was and he also says that his cousin Robert will leave her because of that, he also says he respects Jill because she is nothing like Sidney.

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Stu Macher-He also shows up in the same dream as Billy to laugh at her and taunt her he says that Jill is vicious like he was.

Timothy Olyphant as Mickey Altieri-He is shown in a flashback scene when he reveals himself to be the killer to Sidney and Derek.

Laurie Metcalf as Debbie Loomis-She also is shown in a flashback scene when she walks into the theater behind Gale holding a gun on her.

Scott Foley as Roman Bridger-He shows up in another dream of Sidney to tell her that he still hates her and that Jill is her worst nightmare because she hates her more then he does.

Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker-He shows up in Jill's dream whe she is in the hospital, he tells her he loved her more then he loved Kirby, he is also seen in Kirby's dream to say once again he is sorry and that he wishes he had been there for her before she went crazy and killed Judy he would have her talked out of it.

Emma Bell as Fifi/Mimi Mone-Fifi show up in Cami's dream Fifi says she wishes she had met her and she hopes that she escapes the Mone curse she says Mimi is gone for good now that she is dead.

Georgie Henley as Lauren Malloy-She calls Hayley from the mental hospital to say that it isn't over she will get her.

Vinnie Jones as Tom Mackenzie-He is shown in Cami's dream he is torementing her saying she is no better then her cousins the Mone siblings,she will be a killer like them.

Mia Kirschner as Helen Goodson-She is shown in a flashback scene killing Cammy Wesner.

Hayden Paneteirre as Kirby Reed- Kirby is taunted by her evil side in a dream.

Rachel McAdams as Regina Deedle-She is shown in a flashback scene threatening Sidney, Sam, Debbie and Thomas after the reveal.

Chris O'Dowd as Jack Kendall-He is also shown in a flashback scene threatening Sidney, Sam, Debbie and Thomas after the reveal.

Blake Lively as Carrie Donaldson-She is shown threatening Brianna in a flashback scene.

Jonah Hill as Casey Hughes-He is shown in a flashback scene after he is reveled to be one of the killers.

Caroline D'Amore as Kristen Lovely-She is shown in a flashback scene with Mark Onie

Anthony Head as Mark Onie-He is shown in a flashback scene where Sidney says she hates him for what he did to her mother.

Victoria Justice as Sara James-She is shown holding s knife on Melinda in a flashback scene.

Matt Shively as Kyle Romero-He is shown in a flashback scene with Sara at School.

Ashley Roberts as Sally Mone-She is shown in a flashback scene.

Kyle Lowder as Mike Mone-He is shown in the same flashback scene as Sally.

Shantel VanSanten as Cassidy Mitchell-She appears in a video that Jessica and Caroline are watching, Jessica cries when she thinks of the look of anger and insanity in Cassidy eyes when she told Jessica she was the killer.

Amanda Righetti as Trixie Sango-She is shown in a flashback scene

Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson-She is thinking back to the time she killed her first victim it was a volleyball player who was always nice to her but she killed her because of her irrational hate hate for athletes and cheerleaders, she also remembers how she couldn't stop herself because she liked it she promised that she wouldn't become that person again.

Chris Klein as Bobby Lombardi-He is shown in a flashback scene asking Sidney if she remembers him from HighSchool?

Tom Felton as William Prince-He is shown in a flashback scene.

Bradley Cooper as Clint Altieri-He is shown in a flashback scene when he tells Sidney and Sam he is Mickey's brother and that he is going to make her pay for killing him.

Chad Michael Murray as Bobby Landry-He is shown in a flashback scene

Emma Roberts as Melinda Roberts/Brenda Nelsen-Melinda is shown in the scene when she finds one of Jill's Ghostface costumes in her closet and smiles , Brenda is shown in a flashback scene when she reveals herself as the killer.

Milo Ventmiglia as Mark Addison- He is shown revealing himself as the killer.

Doug Savant as Peter Boylan-He is shown in a flashback scene.

Ashley Greene as Taylor Miller-She is shown holding a knife after revealing herself to be the killer.

Crystal Hunt as Jill Richard-She is shown taking off the mask.

Teresa Palmer as Candice Rice-She is shown with the mask in her hand after she reveals herself.

Emmy Rossum as Cecily Randolph-She is shown taking off the costume and underneath the costume she has her police cadet uniform on.

Monica Keena as Emily Prescott-She is shown in a scene before she is revealed to be the killer, she is also shown taking off the mask.

Danielle Panabaker as Melanie Robinson-She is shown holding a knife after the reveal

Kay Panabaker as Nicole Robinson-She is also shown taking off her mask.

Florencia Lozano as Det Carmen Ramirez-She is shown in a flashback scene talking to Sam, later she is shown taking off the mask to reveal herself as the main killer.

Jesse Metcalf as Curtis Becker-He is shown in a flashback scene talking to Simon.

Kevin Michael Richardson as Simon Johnson-He is shown taking off his costume.

Hillary Duff as Morgan Thomerson-She is shown in a flashback scene

Joel McHale as Richard Burns-He is shown arguing with Thomas.

Rebecca Gayheart as Lois-She is shown with Murphy in a flashback scene.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Henley Logan-He is shown talking to Jill while she is in her room at the mental hospital.

Shelly Hennig as Tatum Raines-She is shown in a flashback scene before she attacked Det Natalie Carmen.

Joshua Jackson as Peter Newman-He is shown in a picture.

Vanessa Hudgins as Gina Kendricks-She is also shown in a picture.

Joesph Gordon-Levitt as Andrew Lewis-He is shown in a flashback scene.

James Franco as Mitch Collins-He is shown unmasking.

Anne Hathaway as Andrea Loomis-She is shown threatening Sidney with a knife at her throat.

Dakota Fanning as Kelsey Camenas-She is shown in a picture.

Will Friedle as Ron Dugan-He is shown in a flashback scene.

Keegan Allen as Bobby Logan-He is shown in a flashback scene.

Leighton Meester as Rebecca Shaw-She is shown holding a gun.

Nadia Bjorlin as Chloe Wells-She is shown kissing Vince Johnson in a flashback scene after the reveal.

Jay Kenneth Johnson as Vince Johnson-He is shown is the same flashback scene as Chloe

Brianna Evigan as Lisa Lewis-She is shown laughing after the reveal.

Agnes Bruckner as Olivia Morgan-She is shown taking off the mask.


This is the first time a actress Shantel VanSanten will play 2 characters in a Scream movie that aren't related to each other.When Shantel was playing Cassidy she was wearing a blonde wig so people wouldn't confuse her for Emily.


Lisa Booth- She is stabbed in the back by Jill.

Brock Hibbard-Jill stabs him in the neck.

Clinton Banks-Jill ties him up and then guts him.

Janet Evans- Jill chases her up the steps to her room she grabs her by the hair and pushes her out the window.

Eric Chen- Jill stabs him in the heart right after he got out of his car in a parking lot.

Det William Price- He is shot by an unmasked Jill in Sidney's living room

Jill Roberts-Sidney and Sam shoot Jill in the chest 5 times after a wild and vicious fight in Sidney's living room, Kirby who has untied herself from the chair that Jill had tied up to shoots her in the head to make sure she is dead .


Frank, Dennis and Robert arrive afer the fight was over and they see Jill's body,Sidney and Sam tells them it's finally over Jill's dead.They go to release Jessica,Brianna and Hayley who were tied up in chairs they are okay. Kirby went over to Sidney and Sam and asked if they were okay? She said yes, and Sam said we're fine,Kirby said good she then gave the gun to Dennis and sat down next to her former BFF's body and just shook her head sadly,because she still remembered the Jill that she grew up with she was so nice and sweet to everyone she decided she would remember that Jill.

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