The End of Zorro is a 2007 American swashbuckler film written by by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, directed by Martin Campbell, produced by Walter F. Parkers and Laurie McDonald with music by James Horner. It is the third instalment of the Zorro reborn series and stars Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Martin Sheen, Cameron Diaz, Demián Bichir and Santiago Segura.

Released theatrically on September 22nd, 2007 to positive reception and a box office success.


Original Zorro Diego de la Vega's masters masked Spectre & Siren in 1818 storm the castle stronghold of Don Belozzi who with his conquistadors plans to take the Stolen Treasure of Montezuma. Belozzi has found a jewel of the Montezuma treasure in the temple ruins beneath the Castle Belozzi which like the rest of the treasure is cursed, inducing mental anguish, vivid hallucinations and death. The castle ultimately collapses after Belozzi acquires the jewel, Spectre and Silk failing to escape.


  • Antonio Banderas as Zorro
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena
  • Martin Sheen as Chief Fulgencio Alvarado
  • Cameron Diaz as Helena Martuzzi
  • Demián Bichir as Quick-Draw
  • Santiago Segura as Louis
  • Adrián Alonso as Joaquin
  • Cheech Marin as Castillo
  • Danny Trejo as Slow Burn
  • Diego Luna as Young One
  • Paulina Gaitan as Fast Track
  • Ving Rhames as Boulder
  • Judd Nelson as Chariot
  • Tamara Tunie as Ilonza
  • Mario Van Peebles as Comchack
  • Kuno Becker Wanderer
  • Yareli Arizmendi as Vixen
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