The End Is Nigh is a 2014 American zombie action fantasy comedy film written by Michael Markowitz and John Francis Daley and directed by Seth Gordon starring Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Topher Grace, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Marlon Wayans, Kenan Thompson, Byung-hun Lee, John Cho, Laurie Holden, Emma Roberts, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCarthy.

The film is produced by Ryan Reynolds & Seth McFarlane who both appear prominently in the film.

It is scheduled for a large theatrical release run as of September 4th, 2014.


Seven friends reunite after a long 5 years for one of their own's wedding to a crazy rich girl he lost his virginity to Catherine Tate (Laurie Holden). The shaky groom to be Gerald Burroughs (Jason Bateman) has specifically invited along five of his six friends: former fiery shorty turned unlucky in love guidance councellor Adam Wartzman (Topher Grace), formerly bullied science whiz turned suburbanite tax accountant Donovan Linklater (Charlie Day), former pervert and man whore turned adventurous archeologist Gerald Burroughs (Jason Sudeikis), former romeo turned bored stay at home husband Rodney Milligan (Marlon Wayans) and former punk rocker turned intellectual global marketer Orson Wen (John Cho) to serve as his groomsmen, excluding his former bestfriend turned raging alcoholic, drug addict and swinger Lombardo Erickson (Ryan Reynolds). However wind of the wedding to be is brought to Lombardo's attention by his mother Joanna Strutton (Jacki Weaver) who mails him an invitation to the wedding unaware he was not on her son's personal invitation list. Selectively remembering Erickson has been bestfriends with Louis since kindergarden she mails him an invitation as the best man and soon he arrives at Los Angeles terminal for the wedding with a giant F U sign and wedding present with nothing inside but confetti and another scribbled message of F U. As they settle in and Louis begins to lose his patience with Lombardo who preys upon the pre-wedding ceremonies turning them to disaster the others resolve that allowing him to plan a bachelor party where he release all his supressed craziness will settle him. In doing so however they end up with two monster strippers (one of which is of apparent Korean descent and henceforth Lombardo sets up for Orson) and are almost eaten by the incredibly powerful strippers who throw them back and forth before the apparent Jenna Jamieson looking one is killed violently by the group by being dismembered in a tug of war with all her limbs, The group then ascend on the apparently Korean descended monster stripper whom they gag and handcuff to a chair with naughty groom handcuffs and proceed to interrogate under Erickson's leadership.

Soon after a loud bandgand the restaurant they are in collapsing along with their nice function room they escape (leaving the monster asian stripper to die) to discover Los Angeles in ruins as monsters: including vampires, zombies and freakish witches are tearing apart the place. The film plays between the story of the group of guys fighting their way to meet up with Catherine, Louis' crazy bride to be be and the crazy bride to be and her bridesmaids fighting through the city along with a stranded old flame of Louis'. Rodney and Orson are killed off in seperate situations involving transvetite rapists and crazy hookah smoking wizards and are subsquently replaced by two conveniant L.A apocalypse survivors Sully Milligan (Kenan Thompson) who turns out to be Rodney's brother he never spoke of after a falling out with Sully having sex with his girlfriend and a crazy samurai Wanita Takashiwa (Byung-hun Lee). As they come to meet up with the girls and get up to some serious monster mashing they discover that the one behind the apocalypse is indeed the caterer of Louis and Catherine's wedding Fanny (Melissa McCarthy) who has a personal vendetta against humanity and her demise will bring about the end of the apocalypse and the reversal of all that's happened, turning back time to the hour that her spell was cast which released an army of unholy beasts upon the city which she plans to then turn on the world. A shocking twist comes in the form that Louis' bride to be Catherine in fact hired Fanny specifically as a caterer learning she dabbled in sorcery and asked her to kill off his family and friends as they would get in the ways of her future with him only to have Fanny turn on Catherine.


  • Ryan Reynolds as Lombardo Erickson/ "The Wild Card"
  • Jason Bateman as Louis Strutton/ "The Rodeo Cowboy"
  • Topher Grace as Adam Wartzman/ "The Fiery Kid"
  • Charlie Day as Donovan Linklater/ "The Loose Cannon"
  • Jason Sudeikis as Gerald Burroughs/ "The Stiff Tower"
  • Marlon Wayans as Rodney Milligan/ "The Token Black Man"
  • Kenan Thompson as Sully Milligan/ "The Replacement Token Black Man
  • Byung-hun Lee as Wanita Takashiwa/ "The Replacement Not Uptight Asianatic One"
  • John Cho as Orson Wen/ "The Uptight Asianatic"
  • Laurie Holden as Catherine Tate/ "The Crazy B*tch Bride"
  • Emma Roberts as Jennifer Cylindar/ "The Well Rounded"
  • Mila Kunis as Connie Bentley/ "The Sexy B*tch"
  • Jennifer Aniston as Tiana Rolstone/ "The Fox"
  • Jacki Weaver as Mrs. Joanna Strutton/ "Sorta MILF Strutton"
  • Melissa McCarthy as Fanny/ "The Sorceress B*tch whose coincidentally behind everything"
  • Seth McFarlane as the Car Thief Robert
  • Dylan O'Brien as Robert The Car Thief's Son Callum
  • Jack Black as Grimmauld the Wizard
  • Dave Sheridan as Montaulk the Wizard
  • Richard Ayoade as Glummark the Wizard
  • Jack Black as Anastasia the Witch Queen
  • Amy Ryan as Ginny the Witch
  • Ellen Pompeo as Fellatio the Witch
  • Jennifer Elise Cox as Gonnorhea the Witch
  • Paget Brewster as Matilda the Witch
  • Jaime Pressly as Trashy the Witch
  • Jason Lee as Earl
  • Jenna Jamieson as Monster Stripper
  • Alisa Allapach as Monster Stripper (Asian One)
  • Kevin Spacey as Transvetite Leader Russell Wilbur/ Wilhelma
  • Josh Holloway as Transvetite Pete/ Penelope
  • Wes Anderson as Transvetite Simon/ Sarah
  • Simon Baker as Transvetite Truman/ Tina
  • Betty White as Grandma Dolores Cylindar/ "The Old Broad"
  • Michelle Rodriquez as Samantha/ "The Bar Wench"
  • Clark Duke as Franklin/ "The Bar Wang"


  1. 22- Lily Allen
  2. Tears Dry On Their Own- Amy Winehouse
  3. Rockin In The Free World- Neil Young
  4. It's Time- Imagine Dragons
  5. Stop! In The Name Of Love- The Supremes
  6. Stop! In The Name Of Love- Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Topher Grace, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Marlon Wayans & John Cho
  7. Southern Sun- Boy & Bear
  8. On The Road Again- Canned Heat
  9. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Reprise)- Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Topher Grace, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson & Byung-hun Lee
  10. Monster Mash- Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Cryptkickers
  11. Lovestreet- The Doors
  12. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Ending Reprise)- Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Topher Grace, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson, Byung-hun Lee, Marlon Wayans & John Cho
  13. Be Yourself- Audioslave (End Credits Song)
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