The Enchanted Forest is a 1999 short story written by Columbia Lego. It follows the adventures of Simba.


A lion cub named Simba and his friend Abu the Monkey went on an adventure in a magical forest. The cub and the monkey entered a Cave of Wonders where they met a Genie and his magic lamp. Simba battled Kaa the Snake and escaped from The Cave. Abu and The Genie brought Simba's mother Sarabi. She reunites with Simba.


  • Simba - the main protagonist
  • Abu - the deuteragonist
  • Sarabi - the tritagonist
  • Kaa - the main antagonist
  • The Cave of Wonders - the former secondary antagonist
  • The Genie - the comic relief character


  • Columbia Lego adapted his short story into The Enchanted Forest series. It debuted in 2009 and concluded in 2019.
  • In 2020 - Disney Lego became the producer of The Enchanted Forest reboot.
  • The short story was very different compared to the part animated part live action series.
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