The Enchanted Forest (also known as The Animal Saga) is a part animated part live action comedy-drama musical series. It debuted in 2009 and concluded in 2018. The series was produced by Columbia Lego. It also includes 84 hour long episodes.
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The Enchanted Forest


The show's first episode centers on the misadventures of Simba. The first five seasons centered on the adventures of Twilight Sparkle. The last four seasons centers on the adventures of Bambi as he and Jiminy Cricket faced the dangers of The Enchanted Forest that was ruled by Tod the Fox. In the series finale - Bambi and Tod joined forces with Copper and Jiminy to prevent Ronno and his followers from taking over the forest.

Season 1

  • The Animals of The Forest
  • The Mission
  • The Enemy
  • Animals to the Rescue
  • The Llama
  • New Friends
  • Kuzco's Promise
  • Adventure in The Forest
  • Journey to Nottingham
  • The Escape

Season 2

  • The Duo
  • The Pursuit
  • Best Friends
  • Thorn Valley
  • Return of an old friend
  • Friendship and Love
  • Enter Hugo
  • Adopted
  • The Monkey King
  • Running Away
  • The Jedi
  • Hugo Escapes
  • London Town
  • The Chase
  • The Village
  • Jedi Hugo
  • Kiara and The Fraggles
  • Scar's Plot

Season 3

  • Enter Tod
  • The Fox Chase
  • The Reunion
  • Forest Showdown
  • Lord Maliss
  • Twilight's Victory
  • Snips and Snails
  • Launchpad to the Rescue
  • Not Friends Anymore
  • Kuzco Reformed

Season 4

  • Enter Tommy Oliver
  • Pet Pony
  • Fraggle Temple
  • Welcome to The Forest
  • Searching for Fraggles
  • The Green Ranger

Season 5

  • Twilight in Love?
  • The Great Animal
  • Pooh vs Hook
  • Enter Flash Sentry
  • Twilight's Engagement
  • Funny Friends
  • Twilight is Adopted
  • The Revenge
  • Twilight's Romance

Season 6

  • Enter Bambi
  • The Cricket
  • The Legacy of The Forest
  • Bambi Runs Away
  • Bambi in London
  • The Final Battle

Season 7

  • The Cave of Wonders
  • The Tyrant
  • Lord Tod
  • The Green Trannosaurus
  • Banishment
  • The Little Cottage
  • The Wolf

Season 8

  • The Lioness
  • Show Business in The Forest
  • Bambi meets Della Duck
  • Rebuilding The Enchanted Forest
  • The Rise of Goldar
  • The Stag Brothers
  • The Kingdom Ball
  • The Tower

Season 9

  • Bambi's Sister
  • Three Wishes
  • The Rise of The Lioness
  • The Downfall of The Lioness
  • The Return of The Fox
  • Pleasure Island
  • Donkey Transformation
  • Bambi's Cousin
  • Bambi's New Home
  • The Fox and The Deer


  • Michael Welch as Bambi - A deer and the main protagonist. He was the son of The Great Stag.
  • Joe Ochman as Jiminy Cricket - The narrator and the deuteragonist. He was friends with Bambi.
  • Andrea Bowen as Faline - The tritagonist. She was Bambi's love interest.
  • Jason Marsden as Ronno - The main antagonist. He was Bambi's arch nemesis.
  • Adam Driver as Tod - The former secondary antagonist and the anti hero. He was the fox who was the lord of the forest.


  • Jiminy Cricket was both the narrator and one of the stars in The Enchanted Forest series.
  • The series was based on a story that Columbia Lego made up.
  • The musical score was composed by The Various Artists.
  • The series was celebrated by fans of all ages. Because of the story and the musical numbers.
  • Columbia Lego originally planned on producing a live action reboot version of The Enchanted Forest and have it based on the long running series. But he later cancelled the plan.
  • Bambi once met Simba in the episode Bambi's Sister.

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