The Enchanted Forest (also known as The Animal Saga) is a part animated part live action comedy-drama musical dark fantasy series. It debuted in 2009 and concluded in 2019. The series was produced by Columbia Lego. It also includes 84 hour long episodes.


The show's first episode centers on the misadventures of Simba. The first five seasons centered on the adventures of Twilight Sparkle. The last four seasons centers on the adventures of Bambi as he and Jiminy Cricket faced the dangers of The Enchanted Forest that was ruled by Tod the Fox. For twenty years - The Animals have many adventures. In the series finale - Bambi and Tod joined forces with Copper and Jiminy to prevent Ronno and his followers from taking over the forest.


The story begins in a mysterious and magical place called The Enchanted Forest that took place somewhere in England. The woodland was ruled by Maid Marian the Fox. A lion cub named Simba was tricked by Kaa the Snake who took him to The Cave of Wonders where he finds The Genie and his magic lamp. Along with Kuzco the Llama Donald Duck and Abu the Monkey - Simba battled Kaa. The Genie helped Simba and his friends escaped from The Cave.

Simba went on a series of misadventures in a small town far from The Forest. He encountered Wonder Woman. After Simba returned to The Enchanted Forest - His parents Mufasa and Sarabi defended him and his best friend Nala from some dangerous creatures. Months after the death of his parents - Simba battled Shere Khan the Tiger and The Putties. The Pink Ranger defended Simba from The Putties and they both defeated Shere Khan. After Simba grew up - He married Nala and she gave birth to their daughter Kiara.

Ten years later - Mufasa's old friend Bagheera the Panther who is the owner of an animal orphanage sent the orphaned pony Twilight Sparkle her adopted pet baby dragon Spike and their childhood friends Fluttershy Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie on a mission to rescue Winnie the Pooh and his friends. The animals traveled to America and they met a mouse named Fievel Mousekewitz who got separated from his family. After the animals rescued him from Warren T. Cat - Fievel reunites with his family. The mice traveled to England and moved in with the animals in The Enchanted Forest. Sometime later - Bagheera sent Kuzco the Llama to take Twilight and Spike to find a new home. With help from Fievel Pooh Tigger Piglet Woody the Cowboy Buzz Lightyear Rex the Dinosaur Miss Bianca and Mrs. Brisby - The animals battled Captain Pete Scroop The Sheriff of Nottingham Prince John Gaston LeGume and Professor Ratigan. The animals also befriended Robin Hood the Fox and his sister Rita the Fox. Rita befriended Hugo the Jungle Animal and The Jedi Warriors. They prevented The Sith Lords from taking over The Forest.

Twilight and her friends befriended Kiara and her new friends The Fraggles. After a battle with Simba's traitorous uncle Scar - Kiara was later engaged to her childhood friend Kovu. Months later - Twilight and her friends befriended a young fox named Tod who got separated from his parents Marian and Robin. Tod also became best friends with a young hound named Copper. Tod reunites with his parents after he escaped from Copper's owner a hunter named Amos Slade and his older hound Chief. Tod grew up and he became the lord of the forest. With help from Vixey and Aleu - The animals prevented Foulfellow the Fox and Lord Maliss from taking over The Enchanted Forest. Tod banished Twilight to the countryside after they have an arguement. Kuzco and Spike followed her and they went to live with The Green Ranger. Seven years later - Twilight Spike and Kuzco went on many adventures with The Green Ranger. After an encounter with Prince Blueblood - Twilight and Spike are adopted by a couple of married horses who lived in a village.

Three years later - The Enchanted Forest was abandoned by some of the animals. Because of when they are scared away by Tod and his hot headed temper. Elsewhere - Jiminy Cricket believed that a fawn named Bambi will bring justice back to The Enchanted Forest. Bambi learned a few life lessons from his mother and his father The Great Stag. After Bambi's mother was killed by a hunter - The little deer went to live with a friendly deer named Mena. Months later - Bambi went on a series of adventures with his friends Jiminy Tinker Bell Mike Wazowski James P. Sullivan Thumper the Rabbit Flower the Skunk and The Green Ranger. On his adventure in London - Bambi encountered Goldar Lord Zedd and a lioness named Zira. The Pink Ranger rescued Bambi from the villains.

Bambi defended his friend a fawn named Faline from a mean spirited deer named Ronno. Bambi sometimes met Launchpad McQuack in the village and Simba in The Pride Lands. He and Jiminy even once met Sarabi Mufasa Scar and Chief who came back as ghosts.

Bambi confronted Tod the Fox as The Ghost of Scar tried to turn the fawn to the dark side. But Simba rescued Bambi from Monstro the Whale. After Tod reformed - Jiminy became Faline's sidekick. Sometime after Bambi reunites with his lost little sister Agatha - Tod finds Bambi and they became friends. Faline defeated The Ghost of Scar and she won the heart of Bambi. One night - Bambi have a dream about when he met his mother. Bambi befriended Sam I Am and Guy Am I. Nala defended Bambi from Zira. In a battle - Zira was defeated by Nala.

A year later - Bambi grew up with Thumper and Flower. One day - Bambi reunites with Faline who also grew up. Elsewhere - Jiminy Cricket and Tinker Bell helped Bambi fought off a group of hounds who are sent by The Hunter. One night Ronno tried to steal Faline away from Bambi. But Faline escaped after Bambi came with Tod the Fox and they battled with Ronno. The Hunter accidentally set The Enchanted Forest on fire. Ronno killed Tod in a blind rage. After Bambi and his father escaped from the fire - An enraged Ronno tried to catch Bambi and kill him. But Ronno accidentally fell off a cliff to his death in the burning forest below.

After The Enchanted Forest was burnt down - Bambi reunites with Faline. Some years later - The animals finished rebuilding the woodland after the enchantment was gone. Faline gave birth to twin fawns. Elsewhere - Jiminy Cricket was sad. Because he believed that Bambi does not care about him anymore. But when he sees Bambi on a cliff after the deer became the new ruler of the forest - Jiminy was happy. Because he realized that he and Bambi will always be best friends.

Season 1

  • The Animals of The Forest
  • The Mission
  • The Enemy
  • Animals to the Rescue
  • The Llama
  • New Friends
  • Kuzco's Promise
  • Adventure in The Forest
  • Journey to Nottingham
  • The Escape
  • The Duo
  • The Pursuit

Season 2

  • Best Friends
  • Thorn Valley
  • Return of an old friend
  • Friendship and Love
  • Enter Hugo
  • Adopted
  • The Monkey King
  • Running Away
  • The Jedi
  • Hugo Escapes
  • London Town
  • The Chase
  • The Village
  • Jedi Hugo
  • Kiara and The Fraggles
  • Scar's Plot

Season 3

  • Enter Tod
  • The Fox Chase
  • The Reunion
  • Forest Showdown
  • Lord Maliss
  • Twilight's Victory
  • Snips and Snails
  • Launchpad to the Rescue
  • Not Friends Anymore
  • Kuzco Reformed

Season 4

  • Enter Tommy Oliver
  • Pet Pony
  • Fraggle Temple
  • Welcome to The Forest
  • Searching for Fraggles
  • The Green Ranger

Season 5

  • Twilight in Love?
  • The Great Animal
  • Pooh vs Hook
  • Enter Flash Sentry
  • Twilight's Engagement
  • Funny Friends
  • Twilight is Adopted
  • The Revenge
  • Twilight's Romance

Season 6

  • Enter Bambi
  • The Cricket
  • The Legacy of The Forest
  • Bambi Runs Away
  • Bambi in London
  • The Final Battle

Season 7

  • The Cave of Wonders
  • The Tyrant
  • Lord Tod
  • The Green Trannosaurus
  • Banishment
  • The Little Cottage
  • The Wolf

Season 8

  • The Lioness
  • Show Business in The Forest
  • Bambi meets Della Duck
  • Rebuilding The Enchanted Forest
  • The Rise of Goldar
  • The Stag Brothers
  • The Kingdom Ball
  • The Tower

Season 9

  • Bambi's Sister and The Rise of The Deer
  • Three Wishes
  • The Rise of The Lioness
  • The Downfall of The Lioness
  • The Return of The Fox
  • Pleasure Island
  • Donkey Transformation
  • Bambi's Cousin
  • Bambi's New Home
  • The Fox and The Deer


  • Michael Welch as Bambi - A deer and the main protagonist. He was the son of The Great Stag.
  • Joe Ochman as Jiminy Cricket - The narrator and the deuteragonist. He was friends with Bambi. Jiminy was also friends with Tinker Bell and have a crush on her.
  • Natalie Portman as Faline - The tritagonist. She was Bambi's love interest.
  • Jason Marsden as Ronno - The main antagonist. He was Bambi's arch nemesis.
  • Adam Driver as Tod - The former secondary antagonist and the anti hero. He was the fox who was the lord of the forest and he was best friends with Copper the Hound. Tod starts off as a rival to Bambi. But he later reformed and became friends with Bambi. Tod reunites with an adult Bambi in the series finale.
  • Luke Evans as Scar - The tertiary antagonist. He is a menacing lion who is Mufasa's brother and Simba's uncle.
  • Moria Kelly as Nala - The major protagonist. She is a young lioness who is Simba's childhood friend. Nala once served as Bambi's mentor.
  • Bebe Neuwrith as Zira - The supporting antagonist. She is Nala's nemesis.


  • Jiminy Cricket was both the narrator and one of the stars in The Enchanted Forest series.
  • The series was based on a short story that Columbia Lego made up.
  • The musical score was composed by The Various Artists.
  • The series was celebrated by fans of all ages. Because of the entire show's classic story and the musical numbers.
  • Bambi once met Simba in the episode Bambi's Sister.
  • The Pink Ranger debuted in the episode The Animals of The Forest. She defended Simba from Shere Khan. The Pink Ranger returned in the show's last four seasons. She defended Bambi from Goldar.
  • In 2020 - Disney Lego became the producer of a live action and puppetry miniseries based on The Enchanted Forest series.
  • In the series - Sam I Am and Guy Am I served as the comic relief characters.

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