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The Dreammaker is a 1990 American animated fantasy film directed by Joe Brian and Barry Cook. This is the first film directed by Joe Brian. The film was released in North America by Omnitrans Pictures on March 30, 1990 and is rated G by the MPAA.


Claude and his little sister Marie travel along with the Dreammaker to Somnia, where they find many of the residents are forced into slavery so that the corrupt Monethar can profit from their ability to produce dreams. The three decide to overthrow him by producing more powerful dreams.


The film's score composed by Michael Kamen with songs by Randy Newman and Will Jennings. The film's end credits theme song What Dreams May Come was performed by Sarah McLachlan and Boy George. The soundtrack was released on CD and cassette by Omnitrans Records in North America on March 30, 1990.

Voice Cast:

  • Jason Marin as Claude
  • Natalie Gregory as Marie
  • Andi Peters as Lotty Raccoon
  • Russi Taylor as Lorry Raccoon
  • Dave Benson Phillips as Maurice Pig
  • Lenny Henry as Tulloose Cat
  • John Candy as Monethar
  • George C. Scott as Captin Gallion
  • David Warner as Lippy Louie


  • The animated is produced by TVC London and Hibbert Ralph Entertainment.