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Pterolandsgemdragon.png|The Ameythest Dragon on the website.
Pterolandsgemdragon.png|The Ameythest Dragon on the website.

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PteroLands Productions

Publication information

PteroLands Productions

Release date

March 5, 2002



Preceded by

Amedrag (2000)

Followed by

The Dragon Gemstome: The Greater Power (2007)

The Dragon Gemstone is a book published in 2002, and is aimed at ages 14-25.


This book actually started to get worked on in 1995, But in 1998, A lot of the community of PteroLands complained that it was too hard, so they redo'ed the book in 1999. It also got made into a movie in 2008.

A beta variant called Amedrag was published in June 2000.


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