,The Dimensional War Finals Begins, Darcy Kids Versus The Ruler of Equestria

Protagonist Moondrop
Companion(s): Dollar Rain, Princess Celestia and Lorcan Tredwell
Featuring Cillian Darcy, Kino Darcy, Lilly Tredwell, Deathic Darcy, Kalin Darcy  
Main Enemy:

Nightmare Mane 6 (Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy)

Main Setting: Canterlot High School, Ponyville Equestria.

The Dimensional War Finals Begins Darcy Kids Versus The Ruler Equestria is the Finale of The Epic Tales of Moondrop. This Movie was suppose to be spilt up in 9 episodes. This is The Darcy Kids Final Appearances right before Moondrop and Dollar Rain's Regeneration.


After 17 years since Celestia declare the Dimensional War against the Human World, and it's been twelve months that Moondrop left his friends for six months, But, The Darcy Kids held captive by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. So now, Moondrop team up with his childhood friend Dollar Rain on an Epic adventure to end the Dimensional War onces and for all

Episode I: The Sadness

The Tale Begins on December 30th 2014, It's been a year that Moondrop said talk to his friends later, He felt thinking that his friends were very busy in school and their future rather than traveling with him, So he decide to end his life by convince the Princesses that He's surrender the war and beg to kill him. But then a Female Pegasus appeared behind him and greets him. Moondrop remembers her name Dollar Rain, his Childhood Lover. She reveals to be a Rainbow Factory Worker and gave him a Message from his friends that how they don't want to hang with him because they were on a mission to Equestria who started the War, so they said that they will be staying in equestria for thirty days and thank him for being a friend. Moondrop felt sad and drop the letter and ran off out of the city. In the Canterlot Castle, Princess Celestia founded out that Moondrop left the city after his friends wrote him a note that he's think that his friendship with the Darcy Kids, In Ponyvile, The Darcy Kids were doing Community Service, Cillian's Cleaning Twilight's Statue, Lilly and Kino were doing cooking with Pinkie Pie, Lorcan is forced to work in the Rainbow Factory, Kalin is doing work for Rarity and Applejack, and Finally, Deathic's community service is building nice houses for Fluttershy's Animals. Twilight's beginning to insult her ex-son that he's a monkey boy that upsets Cillian and wish that Moondrop can kill her. In the Rainbow Factory, Lorcan felt sad and saw a small portal through the Human World, so He escape back down to the Human World to warn Moondrop about what's going on Tomorrow. Back in the Castle, All Five Darcy Kids were felt sad but Twilight discovers that Lorcan has Escaped from Equestria, Rainbow Dash will threatening Moondrop for Ending the war. At the Cliffs, Moondrop looking at the sunset, Lorcan saw him beginning to cry and the Episode I ends

Episode II: Reunited

Episode III: Kalin's Death

Episode IV: Beginning of the Final Battle

Episode V: Nightmare Twilight Sparkle Versus Moondrop (Part 1)

Episode VI: Nightmare Twilight Sparkle Versus Moondrop (Part 2)

Episode VII: Nightmare Twilight Sparkle Versus  Moondrop (Part 3)

Episode VIII: Nightmare Twilight Sparkle Versus Moondrop (Part 4)

Episode IX: Saying Goodbye

Moondrop began to use his powers that is merged with his anger issues, The Princesses are shocked and vow to retreat back to Equestria dued to Moondrop's regeneration, He uses Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom to destroy the Bombs to Preform the Triple Rainboom before he disappeared, The War has Ended, The Humans Won the Final Battle of the War, Celestia congratulate the Humans and decide that the Ponies and Humans are friends again after twenty four years. Moondrop went to the bad wolf bay to say goodbye to the Darcy Kids before he returns to Equestria with Dollar Rain dued to their future. Back in Equestria, Moondrop and Dollar Rain walked home and Every pony forgives him for his betrayal even Princess Celestia also forgave them and Invite Moondrop and Dollar Rain to the Ceremony in Canterlot Castle in Private. 

Epilouge: Exile to Another Planet Earth

In Canterlot Castle, Princess Celestia had Accept their Plea that there is the new Darkness that need to be fought in the human world and invite Moondrop and Dollar Rain to go to the human world forever. Dollar Rain asks her about Moondrop's appearances. Celestia reveals that His and Hers Both Appearances will change into Humans and let them to spend their lives in the human world, Moondrop can accept that he want to be exile. Dollar Rain agrees with him, Princess Celestia announces that They will be newborn twins on planet earth in another universe where there will be no Dimensional War that she will never declare ever again. Moondrop and Dollar Rain happliy accept to be exile, Princess Celestia announces that Moondrop will be a handsome young boy and Dollar Rain became a pretty young girl that they reminds them of their future selves so they accept, Twilight appeared with the others that they have unfinished business but they can't because Moondrop and Dollar Rain are going to another planet earth to begin their exile. Twilight begin to disagree, Moondrop and Dollar Rain vanishes from the courtroom and finds themselves in the stars. Princess Celestia tell them that the time has come for them to change into their new human forms. Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity begin to shocked so they and Moondrop and Dollar Rain begin to close their eyes and Twilight protest, "NO! Stop! You're making them giddy! No, you can't do this to them! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! MOONDROP! DOLLAR RAIN! COME BACK!! and Moondrop and Dollar Rain happily closes their eyes and begin to regenerate back into humans for one last time, After they open their eyes, they oddly seems happy as they jumps over to the monitor — it shows they spinning wildly towards Earth. Delighting in the chaos, Moondrop and Dollar Rain clings to the console and gleefully shouts, "WE'RE GOING HOME!!" as they're very happy while going into their new bodies and the Serial ends.


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