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The Devil Within/Ashes to Ashes is the two-part episode that are twenty-second and twenty-third episodes of the third season the American police procedural and legal drama television series The Sullivans. It is a two-part season finale.


Part 1 (The Devil Within)

Drake, Katherine and their teams prepare for extradition for members of the Russian Mafia to The Hague. But later, the court hearing ends in an unthinkable event.

Part 2 (Ashes to Ashes)

After the shootout results in multiple fatalities, including several fellow colleagues, Drake, Katherine, the FJU, the FBI and such work to hunt down the escaped Russian mobsters.


Part 1 (The Devil Within)

The task force arrives back in Denver and Loginov and the other mobsters are placed in the custody of Denver's FBI Office. Once in holding, they prepped for an extradition hearing for them to The Hague. Dr. Fleiss says that the woman and girls rescued are very traumatized by their ordeals, and Graham adding that some of them are American woman abducted from New York, Toronto, Rome, Paris, London and other cities around the world. Miller and Clark reveal that arrests are being made for Loginov's moles worldwide and the victims will be reunited with their families soon. Drake and Katherine question 13-year-old Sandra Whitney, the youngest of the captives rescued. Sandra sadly reveals that some men snatched her while she was on her way home from school, and that they were going to hand her over to people who would do things beyond bad to her. Then Winder and the other FJU personnel arrive, along with Bishop, Peake, Commissioner Smith and such. Peake tells everyone the extradition hearing will start in a couple of hours, and Clark adds that Interpol will be prepared to transport the mobsters to the Hague once it's all said and done. Tariq reveals that there's still no sign of Kotrikadze and the other Russian mobsters who escaped, but Bishop says that there will be undercover FBI, DSS, DHS and such around the courthouse and the National Guard will be on standby if necessary. Commissioner Smith says that Denver PD will around the courthouse as well and they are keeping things secret to avoid the press. Drake asks about their families and Smith says that they are going into protection as the mobsters will likely know about them. Judge Catalano warns everyone that the Russian Mafia won't take Loginov being extradited lightly and will go to any lengths to free him. Doyle also adds that the judge preceding is Judge Brett Clifford, whom Katherine knows is tough enough.

Later, Drake speaks to his father over the phone; Ryan says that he, Finn and Mary will stay at home as police are in the area since he knows one of the detectives. Drake adds to his father to stay with Finn and Mary since Loginov might know about them. Ryan acknowledges this and informs his son that students and their parents have testified against Principal Davis at the school board hearing. Drake acknowledges the news and tells his father to be safe, along with Finn and Mary as he hangs up. Drake shares the news with Katherine who becomes relieved. As she starts to blame herself for her fallout with Andrea, Drake tells her what Andrea told him as he reminds his wife of how Audrey was convinced, promising her that Andrea isn't angry with her. Later on, at the D.A. Office, Katherine, Doyle, Bishop, Cohen, Quelling and Peake discuss about the extradition hearing. After the meeting ends, Davis enters and angrily confronts Katherine in her office for ruining her reputation, revealing that the school board fired and blacklisted her. Katherine defended herself, saying that she deliberately rejected low and middle-class students who were actually more intellectually gifted than the rich ones she accepted. Davis rants at she will come after her for destroying her career and reputation, but Katherine remains undeterred, saying that she has enemies worse than Davis. The disgraced ex-principal arrogantly berates Katherine, accusing her of destroying the future of making the school, but Bishop and Quelling stand up for Katherine to Davis and condemns her for her rejecting students who are actually have potential to do great things simply because they come from families that don't have much money and don't live in affluent neighborhood. Davis then makes a racial statement accusing Quelling and "his people" of thinking they're better than everyone else, but Bishop berates her for her Karen-ish attitude and orders to leave or he will have her detained. The defeated Davis then storms out the office in disgrace.

Back in FJU, Holmes informs Drake that Terrell will be out of the hospital in a few days and will see a psychiatrist soon, which Drake is glad to hear. Ruiz and Richter then reveal to them that most of Loginov's moles have been rounded up, while a few are still on the run. Drake asks about Kotrikadze and the Russian mobsters who escaped with him and Richter says that they are still no sign of them; he suspects that there's a chance that they will come for Loginov during the hearing. Winder overhears them and tells them that they have sent photos of Kotrikadze and others to the undercover agents. Ruiz hopes that Angel doesn't have to testify against the Russian Mob at The Hague and Winder assures him that shouldn't be necessary since Interpol and other agencies has more than enough evidence to get them. Holmes asks about Alina, and Drake says that she may have to testify since her father was formerly Loginov's head of security. Pearce calls Winder and informs him that security has tightened at the courthouse and she and her people will be at the courthouse undercover. Winder tells Drake, Holmes and Richter to head to the courthouse and meet with the Vice detectives. Ruiz wants to go as well, but Winder told him he can't since Angel is a witness and that he and Andrea should be alongside him while Wie and Francis help Winder coordinate things from the FJU HQ. Drake also adds that his uncle will be present at the hearing also.

Drake, Katherine, Doyle and Miller then confront Loginov is his cell. As Loginov glares at them, Katherine informs him that all his moles have been detained and that his empire is done; Loginov remains silent as he looks defiantly at them. Drake tells him that he will enjoy seeing his trial at The Hague for his atrocities. Loginov then says that they have no idea what will happen, but Katherine coldly tells him not to get his hopes up. Loginov informs them that they have ruined his empire, but he still has power in high places. Doyle replied that they will see about that, and Miller said to the Russian mob boss that he is finished either way. Loginov replies that he is one who thinks ahead and warns them not to get confident with him, as he addressed Drake and Katherine by their names, meaning that he knows enough about them. Drake angrily says to Loginov that he will not intimidate them, pounding his fist on the table in the process to exert his point before leaving the room. Katherine sternly warns the Russian mobster that she will enjoy seeing him extradited to the Hague and leaves in anger. As they exit the holding area, both Drake and Katherine feel shaken up that Loginov knows such personal details about them and that he likely knows about Finn and Mary too, which worries them. Miller assures them that if the hearing goes south, he will put their family in a safer location. Afterwards, as Drake and Miller prepare to help escort Loginov and other mobsters to the courthouse, Doyle then notifies Katherine that he has made the decision to leave the Denver D.A. Office after the extradition hearing to explore new opportunities. Katherine tells her partner of seven years that he will be missed when he leaves, with Doyle adding that they've had a lot of good moments together.

At the courthouse, Judge Catalano speaks to Ryan over the phone. Catalano says that the extradition hearing will have security as if it was protecting a state funeral. Ryan replies that Drake and Katherine were attacked by the Loginov Mafia while they were in Copenhagen and were barely able to escape thanks to their comrades. Catalano says that he heard about that and they've made sure to recruit people that can be trusted to escort Loginov and the others and avoid any other moles from discovering the operation. Ryan sounds relieved over this, saying that his son and daughter-in-law are very careful when it comes to who they trust. Then Catalano sees Katherine and Doyle arrive at the courthouse; the two in form him that Loginov and all the others will be arriving less than half and a hour. Dr. Fleiss then arrives and, after checking out footage of the confrontation with Loginov, assesses that he is not afraid. She notes that he is confident that someone will break him free somehow; Doyle says that with Kotrikadze and the four mobsters still out there, they might try something to free Loginov and the others, which Katherine expresses agreement with. Catalano asks Fleiss how she knows how to get into the minds of people like Loginov; she says that she used work for Homeland Security, getting into the minds of terrorists and sleeper agents, and that she left Homeland Security for her family's safety. As Fleiss leaves the area, Doyle says that he didn't know that she had a family; Katherine says that she has a husband and five children and prefers to keep her family's private life separate from her work life.

At the van, Drake, Holmes, Richter, Tariq and Graham are among those escorting Loginov, Korablin, Karpov, Vladimir, Zverev, Dobrynin, Zakharchenko, the Aksakov brothers and Grankin to the courthouse, while Miller and Clark following them. Katherine calls Drake to check in on him; he tells her that they are about to arrive at the courthouse. Katherine tells him that she can't wait for the case to be over with, which Drake says he feels the same way. Once they arrived in the courthouse, Loginov and the others are escorted into the building. Loginov and Korablin see one Denver SWAT office give a signal and they remain stoic. Within the courthouse, Kotrikadze, disguised as a Denver Police SWAT officer, plants a bomb on the a wall in an empty office. Then the other four Russian mobsters, also disguised as SWAT officers, followed the captured mobsters. Quelling notices the signal the one SWAT officer gives previously and becomes suspicious about it. As the hearing begins, Katherine presents her case about the crimes Loginov and his mobsters have committed worldwide. Quelling goes over the surveillance videos and recognizes the gesture that the SWAT officer gave as one that was used by the Loginov Mafia in previous surveillance videos of the mobsters' activities; he realizes in horror that Loginov's men have posed as SWAT officers the courthouse to break him and the others out. Before he can warn them, Kotrikadze enters and nods to the the other disguised mobsters. They then raise their weapons and open fire within the courthouse.

As a bailiff is quickly shot dead, the courthouse went on a frenzy as Katherine and Doyle ducked down. Two of the men shot the handcuffs on Loginov and each of the captive mobsters, as the others opened fire, killing Judge Clifford and a court reporter. The FJU detectives, along with Miller, fire back the shooters. As Holmes shoots one of the undercover mobsters dead, Quelling, Pearce, Kellerson, Rivas and Spier arrived as the all of the Russians fire around the area. Cohen guards Katherine and Doyle as they become overwhelmed by gunfire. Judge Catalano is shot in the neck, while another civilian is killed in a crossfire. As the FJU, Vice, as well Tariq and Graham provide cover fire for Katherine, Doyle and the others, Kellerson is shot in the chest by Nikolai. The mobsters start to make their escape, and Dr. Fleiss is shot in the left shoulder. Another bailiff is then shot in the stomach as Quelling shoots and kills the second undercover mobster. As Katherine and Doyle were getting to cover, Zverev and Vladimir fires at them. Katherine dives for cover and Doyle ducks behind the benches due to heavy gunfire. Drake shoots Zverev in the head, killing him instantly. While Katherine and Doyle head towards the exit, Graham is providing cover fire for them when Karpov shoots him twice in the back, shocking Tariq. Cohen then shoots and kills Karpov, which horrifies his son Vladimir as he fires at Cohen with Katherine and Doyle nearby. Richter then quickly shoots Vladimir and the third undercover mobster dead. As Rivas fires at the shooters, Grankin shoots him in the right side, wounding him. Miller then shoots at the fourth undercover mobster in the head and chest, killing him. As the mobsters continue making their escape through the hallway, Katherine and Doyle head towards Drake. Loginov points his pistol at Katherine and fires a shot, but the bullet missed Katherine as she made it to Drake. As Loginov retreats with the other mobsters, Kotrikadze detonates his bomb, blowing a hole in the wall in the office to allow them to escape. Back in the hall, Drake and Richter see Katherine had blood on her and thought she was hit, but Katherine says the blood is not hers. But then, to their horror, they see Doyle slump against the wall with a gunshot wound that pass through his chest and he starts coughing up blood. As Holmes, Miller, Pearce, Tariq, Cohen and Quelling went to pursue the mobsters, Drake checks on Katherine. But Katherine assures her husband that she's okay and go help the others get Loginov. After a moment, Drake went to pursue Loginov and the other mobsters as she tends to Judge Catalano while Richter tries to save Doyle and Spier tends to Rivas. But sadly, Catalano succumbs to his wound. Then she tends to Dr. Fleiss, who has a through-and-through wound on her shoulder; Fleiss herself is tending to Kellerson, who is a state similar to Doyle and tells, and she reveals that Graham is already dead.

Meanwhile, Kotrikadze leads Loginov and the others to the hole. Drake, Holmes, Miller, Pearce, Cohen, Quelling, Tariq and the real Denver SWAT officers pursued them. As Kotrikadze points the van, Grankin spots the pursuers and starts to fire at them, until Pearce shoots him dead. As Kotrikadze hands the keys to Dobrynin, he and the others fire at the pursuers as well. A SWAT officer is wounded in the shooting, but Holmes takes his rifle and shoot Kotrikadze in the head before he can get into the van, as Dobrynin drove the vehicle off, with Loginov, Korablin, Sergei, Zakharchenko and Nikolai inside. As Pearce calls for paramedics and an APB on the vehicle and the escaped mobsters, Drake and the others are left shell-shocked by all that has just happened...

Part 2 (Ashes to Ashes)

As paramedics and law enforcement arrive on the scene, Clark looks over the post-shootout carnage of the courthouse. Then Miller comes over and informs him that Kotrikadze and the four Russians with him were the ones behind the attack the courthouse. Winder, Wie, Ruiz, Andrea and Francis arrive on the scene and Drake and Holmes step up to greet them. They inform their colleagues that Judges Clifford and Catalano, Graham, two bailiffs, a court reporter and two civilians are all dead and Doyle, Kellerson, Rivas, Fleiss, three civilians, and a bailiff have been wounded. Paramedics then rush the critically wounded Doyle out on a gurney with Richter running next to him and load him into an ambulance. The more critically wounded Kellerson is also loaded a separate ambulance with Pearce sitting next to him. Rivas and Fleiss are also loaded in ambulances with Spier coming in with Rivas. Drake tells Winder that forensics are already combing the crime scene. Katherine, Cohen and Quelling then come to the group. As Drake embraces his wife, Quelling tells everyone that he saw one of the undercover mobsters give out a signal and realized too late that it was used by the Loginov Mafia before. Cohen, upset over the death of her old FBI partner Graham, is fuming that the Russians disguised themselves as SWAT officers. Clark and Winder instruct everyone to find any and all possible leads on how they got the uniforms and such. Winder decides to get Commissioner Smith, the FBI and the Colorado State Police to initiate a city and state-wide lockdown in order to find Loginov and the escaped mobsters. Drake and Katherine tells Miller to get their family to a safe location and Miller acknowledges, telling them that he'll meet them at the hospital later. Katherine decides to head to the hospital to check on Doyle and the others, with Drake driving her there.

While en route to the hospital, Drake calls Ryan. His father tells Drake and Katherine that he has just heard about the shooting on the news and asks what happened. Drake says that Russians disguised themselves as SWAT officers to break Loginov and the other mobsters out. When Ryan asks about him and Katherine, the former tells him that they are alright, but also somberly informs him of Catalano's death in the shootout; Ryan becomes greatly upset over the loss of his friend. Katherine informs her father-in-law that Miller is on his way to their home now and will pick him, Finn and Mary up to take them to safety. She also tells him that they meet Miller at the hospital and asks Ryan to gather changes of clothes to give to him for them because there's blood splattered and smeared on their current wardrobes. Ryan acknowledges and hangs up. As the Sullivans arrive in the hospital, Richter, Pearce and Spier are in the waiting room. Pearce somberly informs Drake and Katherine that Kellerson died en route to the hospital; they offer her condolences. They ask about Doyle, Rivas, Fleiss and the others. Richter informs them that Doyle is critical and doctors are treating him now; Rivas is in serious condition and is touch-and-go; Fleiss only suffered a minor wound and the bullet missed an artery, but will require surgery to repair her shoulder; the wounded bailiff officer is touch-and-go and doctors are working on the three wounded civilians also. Katherine checks on Doyle and sees the doctors working on him as Bishop and Nazario arrive at the hospital. Bishop asks how could the shootout happened and Katherine explains Loginov's men disguised themselves as SWAT officers to infiltrate the courthouse. He then asks about Doyle and she tells him that Doyle was shot when they were running to Drake, and doctors said that the bullet went through his left lung. Katherine states that forensics found a bullet that missed him in the wall where she made it to Drake and she believes the bullet was meant for her. Nazario asks if she is sure about it and Katherine affirms it. The rest of FJU then arrive in the hospital, along with Cohen and Quelling. Francis asks Richter if she's told Brian about Doyle; she replies that she hasn't yet. Then a doctor comes out and tells them that Doyle has a collapsed lung and internal bleeding and will need surgery as soon as possible. As he is wheeled into surgery, Doyle, who has a chest tube to help him breathe, tells Katherine and the others to get Loginov and his men and to ensure Jake and Joyce get protection. As they put him the elevator, Bishop tells everyone to find Loginov and the escaped mobsters as soon as possible.

Somewhere in Denver, Loginov, along with Korablin, Dobrynin, the Aksakov brothers and Zakharchenko, arrived at a house in a different vehicle. Seeing a family in there, they load their weapons. Loginov tells them to approach quietly as they get out of their car. Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Wie speaks to someone over the phone; she then informs Winder, with Drake, Katherine, Cohen, Pearce and Nazario nearby that the van Loginov and his men used to escape was just found abandoned and destroyed in an alley by a small bomb. Drake angrily suspects that they switched cars afterwards. Katherine knows Drake's anger is over her nearly getting shot and consoles him about it. He says that this is personal because she almost got hurt by them. Cohen then approaches everyone and says that while combing through the courthouse's surveillance cameras, the determined that the bullet that wounded Doyle came from Loginov's gun, confirming that he was the one who shot Doyle while attempted to shoot Katherine. Drake expresses his anger at Loginov for attempting to shoot his wife. Commander Taggart comes in and informs everyone that the FBI will lead the manhunt since they lost one of their own. Winder asks what he and his subordinates will do and she replies that Denver PD, including the FJU, will support the FBI and she told them that Special-Agent-in-Charge Mark Franklin will arrive at the hospital in a bit. Jake arrives and asks about Doyle; Katherine points to the doctor who treated him at the ED. As Jake goes to speak to the doctor, Miller arrives with Ryan, Finn and Mary. Ryan gives Drake a bag of clothes for him and Katherine to change. With Miller watching Finn and Mary at the waiting room, Drake and Katherine go to change. Just as they finish and return, Franklin and other agents arrive in the hospital. Franklin tells everyone that they will find Loginov and the other escaped mobsters, no matter what it takes, and that the FJU, Vice, Major Crimes, FBI, US Marshals and ATF will cooperate with each other to find them and Interpol will provide support for them. After the speech, Andrea comes to everyone and says that the bodies of a SWAT officer and his family were found in his house shot execution-style, and medical examiners have determined that they were murdered before the courthouse shooting. The detectives quickly confirm that the murdered officer had access to SWAT uniforms. Wie believes that Kotrikadze and the four mobsters must've killed them after forcing the officers to give them access to the uniforms. Drake adds that Loginov has five people with him and suspects they'll have to steal either a new van, an SUV or two cars. Franklin points out that they need to find out which vehicle Loginov and the others took after they abandoned and destroyed the van used in the shooting by looking through every traffic camera, including in the area where the van was abandoned, have every undercover law officer in bus stops, train stops and such on alert, set up road block perimeters on every major highway in the city and alert Denver International Airport, hospitals, hotels and all cab drivers. Taggart says that the media wants answers about the shooting. Franklin tells her to get pictures of Loginov and his surviving mobsters on all media and tell the public that they are dangerous and very possibly armed. Clark says that Loginov will find ways to elude the authorities and will plan ahead of things. Franklin tells everyone to use all their skills and resources to find them and bring them in alive, which have likely got 24 hours to do before they disappear.

After the meeting, Drake and Katherine go to their family. Finn and Mary are glad their parents are okay. Drake and Katherine assure their children that they will find the people who attacked the courthouse and make them pay. Finn tells his parents that he and Mary are scared for them, but Katherine promises that they've got the best people looking out for both her and Drake. Drake assures his children that they will come home to them when it's all over. Ryan tells his son and daughter-in-law to do whatever they have to do but also making sure they come home alive. Then Ryan sees Catalano's daughter Abby and her husband Glenn arrive. He comes to them and tells the tearful Abby that her father was a good man and judge. Abby tells Ryan that he had just became a grandfather again to her second child only three weeks before and asks why her father was shot when he while consulting with the case. Ryan cannot give an answer that and can only told them that Drake, Katherine and the others will find the shooters, as the latter two offer their condolences. Abby acknowledges them sadly and tells them to ensure her father's death does not end up in vain, as she and Glenn leave the hospital. Miller tells them that he is ready to move their family to a safe location. Drake tells both Ryan and Miller to keep Finn and Mary are safe until it's over, which they acknowledge. With that, Ryan, Miller, and the children leave the hospital.

Meanwhile, at the house the mobsters came upon, Loginov and his henchmen hold the family hostage. He tells the father, Ed Arnell, a pilot, that he will fly them out of Denver, because of he doesn't, he will watch them kill his family. Nikolai hits Arnell's wife to prove their point and Arnell reluctantly acknowledges the threat. While trying to track down the Russians, Francis tells Winder, Drake and Wie that someone reported a stolen SUV four hours before the shooting and it was seen on one camera several minutes after the van was ditched in the alley. Checking out the area's traffic cameras, they spot Dobrynin as the driver and Korablin in the passenger seat, but can't see the back two seats. The detectives immediately put an APB out on the car. Tariq tells everyone that there's no way that Loginov can get help from his moles since they are all either detained or on the run. Clark adds that Loginov is a smart man and will still plan things ahead. Winder realizes that they have to figure out what the mobsters might plan to do. Drake figures that wherever they can go with on the car they stole, they could be anywhere in Denver. Pearce then approaches them and they ask about Rivas. She tells everyone that the bullet didn't hit any of his major organs and surgeons were able to remove it, but he'll be in the hospital for a few days. Drake asks about the others and Pearce only replies that two of the civilians are out of surgery and the wounded bailiff and one civilian are still in surgery. Richter arrives and says that Doyle will likely be in surgery for awhile because of the severity of his wounds. Drake reveals that Katherine told him that Doyle was planning to leave the Denver D.A. Office for new opportunities and Richter replies that she knew about that too. She also says that he told Brian about what had happened and he is worried about him. Winder tries to assure everyone that Doyle is in good hands. Drake says that Katherine feels bad about Doyle being shot, since the bullet that hit him was meant for her.

Drake checks on Katherine, who is with Jake in the surgical waiting room. Katherine asks her husband if they found anything yet; he tells her that they are working on some leads. She becomes emotional, stating that Loginov was trying to shoot her, but Doyle got hit instead and she feels guilty about it. As Drake consoles his wife, Jake tells to them that he knows it wasn't their fault over the shooting. Suddenly, Ruiz comes to them and reveals that they've found something: someone spotted two men matching descriptions of Loginov and Zakharchenko in a house next door and saw her neighbor and his family leave with six men in two cars about five minutes ago. As the FJU and the FBI arrive at the house, they breach the place only to find it empty. The neighbor gives the authorities the descriptions of the cars and their license plates and reveals that Arnell is a pilot, leading everyone realizing that Loginov somehow plans to fly out of Denver somewhere with hostages. Franklin instructs them to find any airfield other than Denver International Airport that they could use to getaway and to track their cars.

Meanwhile, Holmes waits at the hospital along with Katherine, Bishop, Richter, Winder and Andrea. Kim, who helped treated the wounded, approaches, revealing that the three wounded civilians and the bailiff will be okay and she heard that Fleiss had a successful surgery. She also says that Rivas will be kept in the Intensive Care Unit for now. Holmes asks his wife about Doyle and she replies that she hasn't heard any updates on him yet. Katherine tells her to find out. As Kim goes to check on Doyle, Katherine gets a call from her brother Joey, who saw the news of the courthouse shooting on the news in New York. Katherine says she's fine, but her partner got shot and is in critical condition. Joey is relieved to know that she's okay, citing that he already lost too many family members when they were kids and can't afford to lose her too; Katherine replies that she knows that. Then Katherine sees Dr. Barkawi coming with Kim and she tells her brother that she has to go and will call him back later as she hangs up. Kim then leads Dr. Barkawi to Jake in the surgical waiting room as Katherine, Bishop, Richter and others look on; Kim briefly gives them a look of devastation. At the crime scene, as everyone investigates, Ruiz learns that a patrol unit spotted the cars heading west towards the I-25 freeway and notifies the others. As everyone prepares to pursue the mobsters, Drake calls Holmes, saying that the mobsters are driving towards I-25. Holmes says that he and Andrea are on the way. Then Katherine sees Holmes on the phone and has him give her the phone for a moment. Devastated, she delivers some terrible news: Doyle suffered a pulmonary embolism while in surgery, which sent him into cardiac arrest and despite the doctors' best efforts, they could not revive him and he died on the operating table. Drake, stunned by the news, expresses his condolences to his wife and told her that they found Loginov and the others. Katherine tells her husband to take them down, no matter what it takes. Drake acknowledges her words as he hangs up. Katherine then sees Jake weeping as Kim holds him in comfort. She tells Holmes and Andrea go help the FJU and everyone else get Loginov. As Holmes and Andrea head out and Winder calling for a support helicopter, Dr. Barkawi asks Katherine and Bishop if there are any other relatives of Doyle's to notify; Katherine mentions that there's his parents and younger sister. Bishop tells her to give him their numbers so he can call them.

As the police cars and federal sedans race to catch up to the stolen vehicles, Franklin instructs everyone via radio not to intercept the Russians yet if they see them, as it would risk the lives of the Arnell family. From his vehicle, Drake states that they should reach them in three minutes. Holmes radios in, telling everyone that he and Andrea are en route and to keep them informed of where they are heading so they can cut them off. Winder, Wie and Richter board the helicopter. Richter looks somber and tells Winder and Wie that she notified Brian of Doyle's death and that her son was devastated by it. Winder says that they will mourn for him after they get Loginov and the others. After about 10 minutes of tracking them, they find the two vehicles heading north of I-25. As the cops and federal agents close in, Holmes and Andrea come in from the opposite direction to cut them off. Then marked Denver PD units spot them coming off an on-ramp. As the FJU and the helicopter arrive, the police and federal agents start to chase the vehicles. After a long pursuit, Holmes, Andrea, Tariq and other officers and federal agents cut them off in Downtown Denver. Loginov and his men get out of the vehicles, holding the police and agents at bay with their hostages. During the standoff, Dobrynin shoots out the glass door of a skyscraper, allowing Loginov and many of the others to get him with the Arnell family. Zakharchenko fires at the police to hold them off attempt to get into the building when Holmes shot him in the leg, incapacitating him. As Loginov, Korablin, Dobrynin and the Aksakov brothers retreat with the Arnell family, Holmes, Andrea and others detain Zakharchenko.

Drake, Holmes, Ruiz, Andrea, Tariq and others breach the building as Loginov and his crew arrive on the 20th floor of the skyscraper and barricade themselves there. Winder, Wie, Richter, Pearce, Spier and others arrive and sealed off the area. Knowing that the mobsters won't be negotiated with until they are allowed to escape, Drake devises a plan. With the plan in mind, Franklin and Clark speak to Loginov over a landline where the mob boss demands a helicopter in the roof of the building in 10 minutes or he will start killing the Arnells. With Franklin and Clark stalling them, Drake, along with Ruiz, Holmes, Andrea, Pearce, Spier, Tariq and others prepare to breach. Drake catches Ed's attention and signals to have him and his family get down. With Clark and Franklin distracting the mobsters, once that was done, they breach using small explosive charges. Andrea shoot out Dobrynin in the right leg and knocks him out with her assault rifle. As Sergei prepares to open fire, Tariq shot him in the chest twice, killing him, horrifying his brother Nikolai. As Holmes, Andrea and others escort the Arnell family to safety, Korablin and Nikolai fire at them while covering for Loginov. Korablin is wounded in the right shoulder by Ruiz and is taken down. As the FBI agents take him into custody, Loginov reaches to the stairway, with Drake in pursuit. When Nikolai attempts to shoot at Drake, Spier shoots him in the arm. Despite her ordering him to surrender, Nikolai refuses and attempts to shoot her, causing Spier to shot him in the head, killing him.

Drake pursues Loginov down the stairway as the mob boss enters the 12th floor. As Drake searches the floor for him, he informs everyone on the radio which floor Loginov is on. Franklin orders the building into lockdown and seals off between floors 10 to 14. Loginov fires at Drake while taking cover to avoid any sniper fire. As FBI HRT and Denver SWAT teams prepare to breach the floor, Loginov fired at them. Drake sees an opportunity and shoots the mob boss in the lower spine and he drops down to the floor. He then went over to the wounded Loginov, punches him in the face once, and aims his gun at him, lambasting him for trying to kill his wife, and for killing Doyle instead. Loginov defiantly says that he and Katherine made the big mistake messing up his empire and arresting him, and their friends paid for it with their lives. But when he tries to get up, he discovers that he can't move his legs; Drake realizes that he paralyzed Loginov when he shot him and taunts that the mob boss that he now will pay for their deaths, starting with him not being able to walk for a long time, if ever again. SWAT and FBI HRT as well as Clark, the other FJU detectives and FBI agents arrived. Clark comes over and Drake told him and Franklin about Loginov's condition as he leaves the scene and Loginov is cuffed.

At the hospital's morgue, Bishop and Katherine enter the examination room and see Doyle's body for the first time. As they approach it, Katherine is in tears over the loss of her long-time partner, but tries to maintain her composure while Bishop stares at the body in a somber, but stoic demeanor. Peake arrives within moments and, after seeing Doyle's body, sympathetically informs to Katherine and Bishop that Loginov, Korablin, Dobrynin and Zakharchenko are in custody and the Aksakov brothers are dead. They all acknowledge relief and happiness that it's all over. Peake says that the press wants answers outside the hospital. Bishop tells Katherine that he has to deal with the press now, which she acknowledges. Before leaving, he additionally announces to Katherine and Peake that he will retire as District Attorney because he still has a lot of lingering grief over his wife's death a year before and Doyle's death has made him realize that. Plus, with his age, he wants to spend whatever time he has left with his children and grandchildren; he further explains that he will announce his retirement after Doyle's funeral and such. Katherine, although saddened by her mentor's decision, opts to respect it, and asks who will take his place. Bishop asks Peake to take his place when he leaves and Peake accepts the offer. Bishop then leaves to deal wit the press. Later, as Loginov and his surviving mobsters are being treated, Drake reunites Katherine with both of them glad the whole ordeal is over, but also saddened over the losses they've suffered. Drake calls Ryan and Miller, letting his father and uncle know that it's over and he and Katherine are coming to him, Finn and Mary; Miller says that they will be waiting. Later, in the safe house, Drake and Katherine reunite with their children as Ryan and Miller watched on.

Two weeks later, Loginov, Korablin, Dobrynin and Zakharchenko are successfully extradited to The Hague, where they will face trial, conviction and execution for their crimes, including the courthouse shooting. The funerals of those who perished in the courthouse shooting are shown in montages, including Catalano, Graham, Kellerson and lastly Doyle. Catalano's family, as well Ryan and his judge friends attend his funeral. Tariq was among the FBI agents at Graham's funeral. The recovering Rivas is seen at Kellerson's funeral with Pearce and Spier, as well as his and Kellerson's families. Doyle's family and Dr. Fleiss, whose left shoulder is in the sling, attends Doyle's funeral. At the repast, Bishop makes a speech of how they got justice for every family member of those who lost their lives in the courthouse shooting. He says that they all will continue to honor friends and colleagues they lost that day by living as productively and kindly as they would have. Bishop announces to everyone that the next day will be his retirement; in front of everyone, Katherine recalls how he helped guide her to be the ADA that she is now and she will miss him very much, as she embraces him. Drake proudly recalls how Bishop was one of the reasons that he was exonerated for Sharon's murder 17 years prior. Bishop says being in the Denver D.A. Office for over 30 years and being the Distract Attorney for 10 years has given him some of the greatest moments of his life and that he will miss everyone. After that speech, everyone celebrates Bishop's retirement and honors those they lost in the shooting.


Main cast


Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

  • Peter Firth as Interpol chief William Clark

Guest Cast

  • Adam Baldwin as Interpol agent Jack Miller
  • Marton Csokas as Igor Loginov
  • Dean Norris as FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Mark Franklin (Part 2 only)
  • Ilia Volok as Alexei Korablin
  • Ravil Isyanov as Alexander "Alec" Karpov (Part 1 only)
  • Pasha D. Lychnikoff as Boris Zverev (Part 1 only)
  • David Vadim as Yuri Dobrynin
  • Waleed Zuaiter as Dr. Ibrahim Barkawi (Part 2 only)
  • Michelle Gomez as Principal Elizabeth Davis (Part 1 only)
  • David Meunier as Sergei Aksakov
  • Gene Farber as Nikolai Aksakov
  • Sam Spruell as Leonid Grankin (Part 1 only)
  • Florian Munteanu as Vladimir Karpov (Part 1 only)
  • Themo Melikidze as Niko Kotrikadze (Part 1 only)
  • Yuri Kolokolnikov as Andrei Zakharchenko
  • ??? as Sandra Whitney
  • ??? as Judge Brett Clifford
  • ??? as Abby Bakewell
  • ??? as Glenn Bakewell


Part 1

Part 2


  • Final appearances of John Francis Daley (Trent Doyle) and Scott Glenn (Andrew Bishop).