The Deities: Fall of the City of the Gods is a 2019 fantasy sequel written and directed by Ifan Barber. Daniel Kaluuya reprises his role of Dux, as he develops his powers while also trying to stop a trio of demons trying to destroy the universe.


As Dux (Daniel Kaluuya) and his mentors Lautus and Oculi (Lupita Nyong'o and Michael Sheen) return to The City of Gods after seemingly defeating the demons Malum (Milo Ventimiglia), Dolor (Julianne Moore) and Cassida (Mila Kunis). But upon their arrival, they find it in ruins at the hands of Noctis (Tilda Swinton) and Venandi (Kristen Stewart), who have imprisoned Sano (Morgan Freeman) and Peritia (Glenn Close) and plan to revive the demons in order to revive the fallen demons. With Vigil (Andy Serkis) missing, Dux turns to his only hope, Veritas (Idris Elba).


Daniel Kaluuya as Dux

Dux is a Deity who has proven himself as a God after battling the demons on Earth, he hopes to one day succeed his grandfather as The Supreme God, but his current priorities include finding his friend Vigil and stopping Noctis.

Michael Sheen as Oculi

Oculi is a powerful soothsayer God who has the rare power of travelling between realms, he also holds the capability of creating realms. He uses his skill to help Dux find Vigil and defeat Noctis before its too late.

Morgan Freeman as Sano

Sano is The Supreme God and Dux's grandfather. He is the ruler of The City of Gods and one of the most powerful Gods to exist. Sano's bloodline, however, is the only mortal bloodline in the realm of Gods and his life force will soon move over into another realm like his ancestors before him. Dux hopes to one day be his successor. He is weakening in prison under the control of Noctis and Venandi.

Milo Ventimiglia as Malum

Malum is evil personified, a demon from the Hell realm, his plot to destroy Earth was prevented, by his soul was saved by Venandi, who plans to revive him.

Julianne Moore as Dolor

Dolor is the former Goddess of Medicine, but her experiments drove her crazy and caused her to become The Demon of Suffering after being banished to Hell by Sano. She joined Malum's plan, but ultimately was defeated, but her soul was saved by Venandi.

Glenn Close as Peritia

Peritia is the Goddess of Education and Knowledge and Dux's mentor, she suggests Dux as a candidate for saving the City of Gods to Sano. She believes that anyone can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it, and she has witnessed both success and failure - being the oldest deity in the universe. She is imprisoned by Noctis and becomes the sole carer of a dying Sano.

Lupita NYong'o as Lautus

Lautus is The Goddess of Love and Friendship and she joins Dux's quest as a moral compass, but she possesses much darker powers that may be useful, or fatal in the wrong hands. Noctis attempts to enslave her, but she proves more powerful than anyone initially thought.

Mila Kunis as Cassida

Cassida was once one of Sano's angels, and was chosen to accompany Dolor to hell in order to ensure she arrived there promptly. However, upon arrival, Dolor corrupted Cassida and she chose to remain in Hell. She is Dolor's faithful servant. She is enslaved by Venandi and her blood is used in the attempt to revive Malum and Dolor.

Kristen Stewart as Venandi

Venandi is a rogue deity who abandoned her education to become an Angel Hunter, but her job is becoming increasingly more difficult when the Angels are freed by Sano. She is Noctis' right hand woman and acquires the souls of the demons.

Andy Serkis as Vigil

Dux's Angel and companion, he accompanies him on his quest to Earth. Dux promises that if they're successful, he will free Vigil and they will become equals. Vigil disappears in the middle of battle

Idris Elba as Veritas/The Narrator

Veritas is an all knowing and all seeing God who self-exiled ions ago, he holds the answers Dux needs to save

Tilda Swinton as Noctis

The Goddes of the Night, Noctis has been withdrawn from the city for decades, but unlike Veritas, she was exiled involuntarily. She seeks ultimate revenge with the help of Malum, Dolor and Cassida.


The second in a six-film series, Fall of the City of Gods will be followed by Resurgence of the City of the Gods in 2022.

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