The Deep End is 2014 psychological horror film. This films stars Edward Norton,


A couple's holiday turn up down when they meet a ex-convict, the husband found out the ex-convict make a move on his ex-wife and his teenager daughter. The husband and the ex-wife must keep their children safefore put themself in danger.



  • Edward Norton as David Clayton
  • Winona Ryder as Kate Clayton/David's ex-wife then married again at end of the film
  • Ethan Hawke as Jack TBA
  • Abigail Breslin as Leah Clayton/David and Kate's 17 years old teenager


David and Kate found Jack and Leah in the bed

  • Kate: I don,t like him.
  • Kate: Beacause he fuck me in the morning.
  • David: When I was in the sea with our kids
  • Kate: He is crazy.
  • (Moaning)
  • David: You like him.
  • Kate: No, nice fucking moaning, fuckhole.
  • David: That not me.
  • Annie: Mum, Dad.
  • Jake: Somebody is in our room.
  • Kate: Where is Leah.
  • Jake: We don't know.
  • (Moaning)
  • David: Stay here.
  • (Jake and Annie hide)
  • (David and Kate walk to the room)
  • (Moaning)
  • (David grab Jack's hair and push him off)
  • Leah: Jack.
  • (Kate turn the light on)
  • David: Leah.
  • Kate: Leah.
  • Jack: Hi, guys.
  • David: Why you are wet.
  • Jack: We went to driving.
  • David: Without nobody know.


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