The Deception (film New Zealand-U.S) Suspense Action New Zealand film.


  • Boliche 'Boli' Mya as Frankie Dante (secondary antagonist); works with Luis.
  • Al Ebanks as Ronny Franco (Rico's brother); an U.S police officer.
  • Alberto Nuñez as Detective Rico Franco (Luis's uncle)
  • Alberto Clarke as Luis Franco (main villain)
  • Yasiel Hernandez as Fred (El Primo) Marko (as Yasielito WWE Superstar)
  • Tatiana Juardines as DEA agent Cary Suaréz (main 4th villain) (Ronny's ex love interest)
  • Vanessa Swaby as Diane
  • Jose Swaby Nixon as Frank
  • Dario Rivers as Maikel
  • Keevon'Djvon'Douglas as Donnie
  • Maikel Ebanks as Richards (3rd villain)
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