The Death of Wolf Man (2010 film) American timeline horror film.


  • Jimmy Clarke as Ben Lawrence, pastor.
  • Janiah Bodden as Lisabet Chung (uncredited), Dr. Randall's daughter.
  • Jamie Clarke as Mr. Lawson, Ben's deceased father.
  • Yanet Swaby as Dr. Randall (dreams only), former scientist
  • Nolberto Swaby as Larry Talbot, wolfman transform.
  • Carmen Swaby as Juile; Randall's deceased step-mother.
  • Clibland Swaby as Count Dracula
  • Alejandro Bodden as Eduardo Chung, Randall's deceased ex-husband, Lisabet's deceased father.
  • Ernesto Laurance Peaz as Jim Winscott, Randall's boyfriend and Lisabet's step-father.
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