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The Death of Moondrop is a 2016 film take part before The Walking Ed Cillian Darcy The Game and th

The Death of Moondrop
Main Character

Main Heronie

  • Kino Darcy (First Appearance) 


  • Britt McKillip as Princess Cadance
  • John de Lancie as Discord

Main Enemy

From the Part One.

  • Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle
  • Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash, Applejack
  • Tabitha St Germain as Rarity
  • Andrea Libman as Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie

From Part 2

  • Mark Hamill as Steve
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Laura
  • Kevin Micheal Richadson as Max
Series Prequel
Length 17 Minutes

e Alternative Worlds Saga.

Originally broadcast 21 September 2014


Moondrop aka Moon is the 3 Years old Bat Pony hates adventures very much and Twilight Sparkle and her Friends dont liked him because he's a bat pony and vow to kill him. So now He emarks on an adventure into the human world after his death. 


The Beginning

the Series Begin in 3 Years Later, Moondrop aka Moon graduated flight school after passed the final exam and fly to sugarcube corner to meet pinkie for something but then he got knocked out by a booty trap and trapped in her basement. After 5 hours, He woke up and got stuck on a table but manage to escape to the exit,

On the Escaping, He first met Applejack and Rarity for the first time and he flew back to canterlot. After he left, Applejack and Rarity founded out that he's a bat pony and decide to help to kill him.

Fluttershy's Lovely Home

In the Morning, Moon woken up and look outside of the window and then Princess Cadence (his adopted cousin) told him that Fluttershy's looking forward to have a play date at 12:00pm and Moon dont know that he can do, Cadence told him that it's going to be fine.

While arriving to fluttershy's House, Moon decide to look around the house and grab a drink of water, after 20 minutes are up, Moon decide to head home to canterlot but then, The door is locked and Fluttershy wants him to go to into that room, while he hates adventures, he saw a chainsaw and a rifle but then, Fluttershy walking towards him and about to kill him with Twilight appeared to hold the sisscors, Pinkie Pie with her hair down and hold a knife, Applejack carries a bad apple, Rarity turns into Lil Miss Rarity and Rainbow Dash with a machine but then he opened the door and grab the rifle to shoot another door to open it and flee outside and ran away to ponyville.

While got outta Ponyville, Moon felt scared and Cadence appeared to escort him home but Moon stood up and wish he disappeared for 15 years but Cadence told him that Princess Celestia broke his pomise and Moon walked fly home to be alone and the Movie ends.


to see the Transcript of the Short Film click Here


The Sequel of the Short film is Confirmed part 2 of The Death of Moondrop called The Time of Moondrop and  The Return of Moondrop instead of the movie, This Movie is a feature film that takes part in the fourth world where Cillian is Moondrop who travelled without Kino.