The Death Of Batman is a 2017-2018 Horror-Thriller turned Western action movie of Batman: Wrath Of The Villains but don't worry, this is also non-canon. However, this is rated R because it serves as a first Batman horror turned action movie with shooting involved and bad language. It is directed by Quentin Tarantino and distributed by Paramount Pictures and The Weinstein Company. Also, Batman characters go under their real names.


In this scary story, a female outlaw called Bat-Venom (Helena Bonham Carter) arrives in Gotham and goes on a killing spree with the help of her brother (Martin Starr). It's up to Bruce (Kevin Conroy) and V-Bat (Ben Affleck) to stop her by being forced to kill her. They are also forced to work with Ra's Al Ghul (Gerald Butler).


The episode starts with Kevin Conroy (Himself) and Quentin Tarantino (himself) talking to us (the audience) and informs that they got a non-canon horror story. But warns us that the events are not pretty.

  • Chapter 1: Opening

While Bruce (Kevin Conroy), his wife Selina (Grey DeLisle), and his counterpart V-Bat (Ben Affleck) are gone in another country, Caroline Greenway (Helena Bonham Carter) and her brother Gil Mason (Martin Starr) break into a chemical factory. While in there, Caroline finds one of Hugo's chemicals and drinks it but becomes insane and develops a new alter-ego called, "Bat Venom". She injects Gil with it and he joins her on a killing spree. Outside, a blind old man (Nick Nolte) says the Bat-Venom legend is true. (the opening theme from Scooby Doo and The Legend of the Vampire is used to reveal the film's name and cast or creators)

Two months later, At the docks, Bruce arrives, along with Selina and V-Bat, and they are greeted by the others. The G.C.P.D. name him the new sheriff.

  • Chapter 2: Killing spree.

At Arkham Asylum, Jack Napier (Mark Hamill), Roman Sionis (Tim Roth), and William Tockman (John Glover) are watching T.V. but encounter Bat-Venom and Gil. The three inmates get injected with the serum and join. They inject Roland Daggett (Sam Rockwell). They later find Amanda Waller (C.H. Pounder) but decide to kill her by having Gil shoot her in the face.

At Wayne manor, Bruce finds out and promises to take down this psycho.

At the docks, Bruce's boat is actually used by Ra's Al Ghul (Danny Trejo), his daughter Talia Al Ghul (Kelly Hu), and his strongman Ubu (Kevin Michael Richardson). Ra's leaves the boat but as soon as he does, Bat-Venom blows it up, killing Talia and Ubu. Ra's angrily vows revenge on the killer.

At the Iceberg Lounge, Oswald Copplepot (Jonah Hill) hires security to prevent the killers from coming in. Edward Nygma (Crispin Glover) is there too. However, Bat Venom manages to kill everyone, including Pamela Isley (Laura Harring). She sees Copplepot and Nygma. She shoots Copplepot dead. Nygma tries to fight but is shot by Roland. However, he shoots in return and both men die of their wounds.

At Rubert's mansion, Rubert Throne (Bruce Dern), Gillian Loeb (Tim Roth), and Mario Maroni (Michael Madson) are having an argument over the situation. However, Bat-Venom arrives and Maroni smirks before making more demands, which causes a shot to the face by an irritated Gil. During their meeting, Loeb is revealed to have murdered Jerome. Loeb claims the brat owned him money and caused him his job but Jack kills Loeb out of anger. Gil then threatens that if Bat-Venom doesn't make out of Gotham alive, neither does Throne. Throne lets them use the mansion as a base.

News repots reveal that Carmine Falcone and Alberto Falcone have been killed.

  • Chapter 3: Set-up.

During their funeral, Bruce and Commissioner Gordon (Ewan McGregor) set a trap for Bat Venom. However, she ruins the funeral and injures Gordon while killing a few cops. Gordon is taken to the G.C.P.D.'s medical room while Thorne is arrested.

  • Chapter 4: Attack on two homes.

At the G.C.P.D., Lucius Fox (Samuel L. Jackson) is put in charge while Gordon's best friend Harvey Bullock (Kurt Russell) takes care of Gordon. However, the villains break in but pretend to be visitors. Thorne just makes offensive remarks but an irritated V-Bat decides to taunt him by making fake stories about the death of Thorne's counterpart Carl Grissom. An angry Thorne grabs a gun but is shot in false self-defense by V-Bat, earning cheers from everyone while bowing and keeps on saying "Thank you, thank you." He then catches Throne's falling hat and wears it before they take Thorne's body to the morgue. However, Bat Venom blows up the station, killing Lucius. Jack shoots Renee Montoya (Zoe Bell). Bullock tackles her but she shoots him while Clock King stabs Gordon. Jack fins Aaron Cash (Jamie Foxx) hiding in the bathroom, aims a Western shotgun at him, and pulls the trigger, killing him. Bruce sees the dying Gordon and hears him telling the hero to kill the killers before dying of blood loss. Batman however is too reluctant to do that.

At Wayne manor, Selina starts drinking milk from the kitchen but is attacked and killed by Bat Venom. Tim Drake (Michael Cera) hangs out with Gordon's daughter Barbara (Mila Kunis), who he really likes. However, he vomits when he finds Jason Todd (Jensen Ackles) murdered while a blood covered Bat Venom laughs. He angrily tries to fight her but is stabbed through his back by Gil, killing him. Barbara sees this but is stabbed in the stomach and killed with a dagger by Bat Venom. They later defeat Richard Grayson (Andrew Garfield) and force him to call Alfred.

In the Bat Cave, Alfred (Martin Jarvis) receives the call but is shocked to hear Richard get finished off. He tries to shoot them but is captured. Bruce arrives and tries to save Alfred but is too late and witnesses the butler getting shot several times by Bat Venom. Bat Venom and Gil later disappear. Bruce hears Alfred now telling him to kill them. Bruce finally decides to do, vowing revenge on Bat Venom and Gil for killing Bruce's friends and family even destroying the mansion.

  • Last Chapter: Final Showdown.

The city starts having a blizzard, meaning Mr. Freeze and Nora are dead and that one of their projects malfunctioned.

At a warehouse, Bruce (who is dressed as Chris Mannix) recruits V-Bat (who is dressed as Major Marquis Warren) and Van Wayne (James Parks), his cousin. Ra's Al Ghul arrives but blames himself because in truth he created the chemical that created Bat Venom, showing regret for creating a monster. Batman forgives him and recruits him.

Along the way, Ra's gives them victory cigars while he gives V-Bat a letter for Batman.

They go to Rubert's mansion and get some Western guns or other weapons. However, their van is blown up by missiles, killing Van. When Clock King tries to kill them, he is wounded with two bullets to the chest by V-Bat and is finished off with two bullets blowing up his head, killing him. They reach the top level and see a helicopter but they destroy it. However, Ra's Al Ghul was shot to death by it. The sole heroes promise to avenge his daughter.

In the top level, they find Jack, Roman, and Bat-Venom but Gil, who is hiding under the floor board, shoots V-Bat in the groin, injuring him. Bruce gets distracted by this which gives Gil enough time to come out and shoots Bruce in the chest. Bat Venom later reveals herself as Caroline Greenway. Caroline smiles at her brother's success but he is later shot in the head and killed with a Western gun by Bruce, scaring Caroline. Then they start revealing bounties on the gang: Gil Mason is worth $50,000, William Tockman is worth $12,000, Roman Sionis is worth $15,000, Jack Napier is worth $20,000, and Carolina is worth $100,000,000. Roman attacks but is shot in the kiwis by V-Bat and killed. Jack also tries to attack but is shot in the chest and killed with the Western gun by Bruce. However, they run out of bullets but they later see a cable wire and then laugh when they see a better way to end this. Batman then wraps the wire around her neck, making her choke. Then they start lifting her up to the ceiling and repeating a Western thing like sentencing her to hang by the neck until she's dead. They watch and laugh as she is left hanging until she finally suffocates to death, killing her once and for all. Bruce sits on the side of a bed that V-Bat is laying on, both of them later start dying from their injuries. They see victory cigars and smoke them while smiling at police sirens that are heard. They finish their cigars and V-Bat gives Bruce the Bush letter. Bruce reads it and likes it, much to V-Bat's happiness. Bruce throws the letter away and they pass out from their injuries, leaving their fates ambitious. A red title then says, The End.

Then we go to Bruce Wayne and Quentin Tarantino destroying the chemical and ending the episode by saying, "Happy Halloween." ("There Won't Be Many Coming Home" by Roy Orbison plays in the end credits)


Main Characters

  • Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman - He is the "Sheriff" of the story. He is the master detective turned sheriff of Gotham. He is dressed as Chris Mannix from the Hateful Eight, which this film happens to be a counterpart of it.
  • Ben Affleck as V-Bat - He is the "Bounty Hunter" of the story. In the Western part of the story, he wears a U.S. Calvary uniform. Hugh Jackman made an uncredited cameo as a younger V-Bat in a Earth 3 flashback.
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Caroline Greenway/Bat Venom - She is the "Killer" of the story.
  • Martin Starr as Gil Mason - He is the "Outlaw" of the story.
  • Gerald Butler as Ra's Al Ghul - He is the "Immortal" of the story.
  • James Parks as Van Wayne - He is the "Driver" of the story.
  • Mark Hamill as Jack Naiper/The Joker - He is the "Clown" of the story.
  • Mark Strong as Roman Sionis/Black Mask - He is the "Richman" of the story.
  • John Glover as William Tockman/Clock King - He is the "Timer" of the story.

Supporting Characters

  • Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Fox - Co-owner of Wayne Enterprises.
  • Ewan McGregor as James Gordon - Commissioner of the G.C.P.D.
  • Kurt Russell as Harvey Bullock - Captain of the G.C.P.D. and Gordon's best-friend.
  • Michael Cera as Tim Drake/Robin - Bruce's adoptive son and deputy.
  • Mila Kunis as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl - Gordon's daughter and Bruce's deputy.
  • Andrew Garfield as Richard Grayson/Nightwing - Bruce's adoptive son and deputy.
  • Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd/Red Hood - Bruce's adoptive son and deputy.
  • Martin Walker as Alfred Pennyworth - Bruce's legal guardian.
  • Grey DeLisle as Selina Kyle/Catwoman - Bruce's wife.


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