The Deadly Revenge is a 2016 crime drama film, starring


A teenager, Molly Williams and her father, Derek Williams must take the gang after the death of 11 years old girl who is wanted revenge after Derek killing a 13 years old teenager 8 years ago.


The movie open at 8 years ago, Molly Williams (TBA) and her divorced mother, Julia Williams (Senta Moses) was attacked by gangster after Molly saw a young teenager, Liam Collins (TBA) break the car. Molly's father, Derek (TBA) shot Liam and attack him after he try to attack and rape Molly. Derek try to shot the gangster but got away. Derek after them and found Julia, attack, beat and rape.


  • TBA as Derek Williams
  • Senta Moses as Molly Williams


The Opening Scene

  • (Black and white)
  • (Molly write in her homework)
  • (Crash)
  • Molly: Huh.
  • (Molly walk)
  • (Molly watch)
  • (Liam break the car)
  • Liam: Holy shit, this is not stole, this is fun.
  • (Liam laugh)
  • (Liam hit the car)
  • Molly: Oh my god.
  • (Molly walk)
  • (Molly knock the door)
  • Molly: Dad, Dad.
  • (Derek kiss Julia)
  • (Julia moan)
  • Molly: Dad.
  • (Molly open the door)
  • Molly: Mum.
  • Julia: Molly.
  • (Derek get up)
  • Derek: Molly, what the fuck you going here.
  • Molly: Dad, a somebody is break the car.
  • Derek: Our car.
  • Molly: Yes.
  • Molly: He is look like teenager.
  • Molly: He has brown hair.
  • Derek: OK.
  • Derek: Where my gun.
  • Julia: Derek, what the fuck you doing.
  • Derek: Where is my fucking gun.
  • Julia: Under the bed.
  • Derek: Get it.
  • (Molly walk)
  • (Molly saw Liam)
  • (Liam walk and break the door)
  • Molly: No.
  • (Liam slap Molly and grab her)
  • Julia: Molly.
  • (Louis grab Julia)
  • Molly: Dad.
  • Liam: Take her.
  • Julia: Molly, MOLLY.
  • (Julia cried)
  • (Derek shot Liam in the arm)
  • (Molly scream)
  • (Derek punch Liam)
  • Molly: Stop, Dad.
  • (Derek and Liam fight)
  • Molly: Molly.
  • (Julia scream)


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