The Deadly Flower is episode of the first season in The Phoenix Defenders.


Delphine recalls back when she was a villain and how she became a member of the Phoenix Defenders.


The bride was glaring at her, tears in her eyes and her dress ruined. The groom held her tight

Groom:Hurry up and go, freak. Haven't you done enough today?

Delphine looked around her to see that there are glares and murmuring of confusion in the crowd. Delphine grinned widely, narrowing her eyes.

Delphine Isley/Poison Rose:I'm sorry. Am I the only one who thought a reception in the guts of a giant fish was tacky and overdone?

Everyone threw glasses, plates, and shoes at Delphine. Delphine frowned at first, but she smothered it with a maniacal laugh.

Delphine Isley/Poison Rose:Yes! Hate me! Hate me because I saved your crappy lives!

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:Do you want everybody to hate you?

Delphine Isley.Poison Rose:I'm one of the bad guys, they already hated me.

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:Everyone hates you?

Delphine Isley/Poison Rose:Of all the things I said, that's all you heard? Look, I'm not one of the good guys. I'm a prisoner that you are keeping on the sidelines to deal with messes that you and any of the Phoenix Brats wants to deal with.

Delphine Isley(voiceover):I might look as sweet as a rose but i'm a deadly poison. And i don't have a father. You guys are probably wandering how is this possible? Well... let's just say that i was created by science. I was chemically made and was injected into my mother and is genetically identical to her as a result. I was raised by my mother and was treated as a second in command when it comes to eco terrorism. Not that i have a problem with it or whatever. The main reason i was conceived is because she needed someone to take her place sooner or later.

Chow time Nature princess.

With a sigh, Delphine looked up towards the silver of light shining from the crack in her door.

Any day no princess. (With a frown. Delphine stood up from her spot from the ground and make her way to the door) Ah there she is, the beautiful princess, here's chow.

Delphine Isley:What is this crap?

What no thank you kiss for the one who brought you the food?

Delphine Isley:Oh, how could i forget.

With a smile, Delphine summoned a vine of thorns and throw the guard backwards. Delphine manically laughed until the guard yelled.

Griggs: (yells) Let it out!

Suddenly, gas comes out of the vent and slowly makes its way towards Delphine. Delphine let out a painful scream as it touches her skin and she falls to the ground.

Delphine Isley:(in pain)I'll kill you! (faints)

Get up princess!

Delphine opened her eyes and shot a glare at the guard.


You don't get to tell me what to do princess. Here's breakfast.

Delphine Isley:(with a sly smile)You know what this is good for?

The guard leaned closer towards Delphine with a seductive smirk on his face.


Delphine Isley:This.

Without warning, Delphine shoved the tray back at him, successfully hitting him in the face. Letting out a growl, the guard rips his talky off his belt.


Delphine used her plants to shield her away from the gas.

Delphine Isley:(laughs)Not this time buddy!


Delphine's eyes widen with fear.


Using all her energy, she used her vines to slam the guard away from her cell.

Delphine Isley:Kill him! Poison him! Make him work for us!

Shut up!

Delphine Isley:I didn't say anything.

The guard scowled and glared.

Delphine Isley:I win this round, Bats.

Uh, you know Cursechanter, I like it when you suddenly go rough on me.

Cursechanter:Don't play cute, Poison Rose.

(sarcastically)Who has to play? I am cute.

I hope you have a good time in prison.

I can bet that the main thing you're going to miss about me...are my lips. (kisses Lyn)

Pushing her away with a playful smirk, Delphine start to run as Lyn stood there slightly stunned by the sudden kiss.

Be gentle, you know that I don't like to play too rough.

You're a punk, you know that?

Batman: And you're the girl that lost her chance of redemption. You've caused so much trouble Poison Rose.

Get her!

Delphine then

Delphine Isley:Hey, where are we going?

Wonderland you crazy freak.

Delphine Isley:What's that? Off with their heads? Paint the roses with their blood? (giggles) Late...we're late for a very inportant date!

Touch me and you die!

Delphine Isley:Cut the crap and tell me what you want?

Amanda Waller:

Delphine Isley:And you expect me to convince mom to help you out?

Amanda Waller:Not Ivy. You.

Delphine Isley:Me? Boy please.

Batman:(sarcastically)A few years under her care and you want me to believe that she never taught you anything?

Delphine Isley:What do you know then?

Batman:You live with various of deadly plants, knowing plants to Ivy's level is a must.

Delphine Isley:What if i say no?

Commissioner James Gordon:Life imprisonment.

Amanda Waller:Take your chances.

Delphine Isley:I am so screwed.

Batman:This is just the start. Cursechanter will be your handler for now on.

Delphine Isley:I rather go back to my prison cell. I rather go back to my prison cell.

End Episode

Voice Cast

Commissioner James Gordon

Amanda Waller

Jennette McCurdy- Delphine Isley

Elizabeth Gillies- Lyn Manchester

Ike Barinholtz- Griggs

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