The Day the Earth Stood Still is an upcoming science fiction film which is a remake of the 1954 and 2008 films of the same name. The film stars Adrien Brody as the alien Klaatu and Bridget Moynahan as the human scientist who aids him. The Day the Earth Stood Still was directed by Robert Zemeckis and scored by Alan Silvestri.


The film opens with a giant sphere landing in Central Park in New York City. This mysterious object is actually a spaceship and an alien being emerges along with a towering robot. The alien, who resembles a human, states that he comes in peace. However, a nervous soldier accidentally fires his rifle and shoots the alien, wounding him. The weapons of the gathered soldiers are then vaporized by the robot, who is ordered to stop by the alien using a strange phrase in an unknown language.

The alien is taken to the local hospital, where he is treated with hostility by the staff. A scientist named Dr Helen Benson arrives and is the only person to treat him nicely, so he responds warmly to her. The alien introduces himself as Klaatu and explains that he is an emissary from a group of alien races and has message which he must give to all world leaders simultaneously. Helen replies that would be impossible to get them all together, but Klaatu is not disheartened. He also explains that his robot companion's name is Gort and suprises Helen by rapidly healing his bullet wound.

Klaatu is kept under armed guard. When Helen learns that he is to be interrogated through torture, she chooses to free him and hides him in her home, where he meets her son Jacob and boyfriend Michael Granier. Michael is suspicious of Klaatu, who is going by the name Tom Stevens. When Helen has to go to work, Klaatu offers to look after Jacob, who takes him on a tour of the city. The two bond over the course of the day, with Jacob considering Klaatu to be his friend by the end of it.

Later, Helen takes Klaatu to see Professor Barnahrdt, the smartest man she knows. Barnahrdt is at first wary of Klaatu, until the alien solves the problem on the professor's blackboard, and gains his respect. Klaatu tells them that the aliens who sent him are fearful of humanity's treatment of the enviroment, and that if his message goes unheeded, Earth will be destroyed. Barnhardt reponds that he wishes he could help, but is unable to do so. Klaatu and Helen return home, where Jacob is playing around with a tape recorder, giving them an idea.

Klaatu, Helen, Barnhardt and Jacob hatch a plot to broadcast Klaatu's message across the world. Barnhardt and Jacob will break into a local government installation and use it to hack into newsfeeds everywhere. Klaatu records his message on the tape recorder for them, revealing his true self to a shocked Jacob. Klaatu thanks Jacob for being his friend and bids him farewell. Meanwhile, Michael reports his suspcions to the governent, who arrive at the house to arrest Klaatu. Helen then breaks up with him.

Helen again visits Klaatu is his new holding cell and frees him once more. They attempt to flee, but Klaatu is fatally shot. With his dying breath, he tells Helen that the phrase to stop Gort is "Klaatu Barada Nikto." He then thanks Helen for all her help before succumbing to his wound. His spirit departs in the form of white light exiting through his mouth before his body disintegrates in front of a shocked Helen. Gort senses his death and reactivates, going a rampage through New York.

While Helen runs off toward the sphere, Barnahrdt and Jacob successfully gain access to the government facility. Government agents chase after both them and Helen, but are slowed down by an electrical shockwave unleashed by Gort, disrupting all electrical power in the city. Helen arrives just as the army closes in on Gort and he starts vaporizing the soldiers. Helen orders Gort to halt and he does so, rendering him motionless and allowing the authorities to concentrate their fire power and destroy Gort.

The sphere then lifts off the ground, emitting a pulse which puts an end to the blackout. This enables Jacob and the professor to broadcast Klaatu's message, which is received by all world leaders, numerous scientists and countless civilians. Klaatu warns that if humanity's pollution extends into space, Earth will be reduced to a burning cinder. His final line is "We'll be awaiting your answer." The film ends by showing the different character's reactions to the speech as the sphere leaves Earth.


Adrien Brody - Klaatu

Bridget Moynahan - Helen Benson

Ty Simpkins - Jacob Benson

Patrick Dempsey - Michael Granier

Stephen Fry - Karl Barnhardt

Tyler Mane - Gort

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