The Darkest Tale of Lorcan Darcy - Part 1 is the 2019 supernatural horror film, directed by Kimberly Peirce, and is the first installment of The Darkest Tale of Lorcan Darcy Trilogy. The film was produced by Kevin Misher, with a screenplay by Lawrence D. Cohen and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The film stars Mckenna Grace as the titular protagonist, alongside Jackson A. Dunn as Lorcan's boyfriend, Chosen Jacob and . The cast also features Hugh Jackman, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Chad Michael Murray, David Eddings, Alanna Linayre, Lauren Synger and Cameron Boyce in his final role. In The Darkest Tale of Lorcan Darcy - Part 1, An twelve years old girl, Lorcan discovers a nightmare of cartoon characters seemingly brought to life by the titular ink machine.

After The Darcy Triplets: Enter the Archieverse became a huge success, Warner Bros. Pictures expressed interest into making a Lorcan Darcy horror movie. Work began in September 2017 on a female version that would be set in the same world as Riverdale. In October 2017, Peirce was asked to direct the movie and Cohen and Aguirre-Sacasa were set to write with Grace and A. Dunn added in November. The film was inspired by the 2017-2018 survival horror game, Bendy and the Ink Machine published by Kindly Beast under the name of the game's in-universe animation studio Joey Drew Studios Inc. The film was dedicated to the memories of Cameron Boyce who died in his sleep on July 6.


Prologue: Inside the Farm

On September 25th, 2001, Bill and Lisa Darcy are living in Brooklyn, New York City. When Lisa gives birth to twin girls, she decided to name the first twin Laura-Belle while Bill name the youngest twin, Lorcan.

Twelve years later, six friends Lorcan, her twin sister Laura-Belle aka L.B, their younger brother Max, Jake, Kyle and Anya are vlogging on a trip to Manhatten to help their classmate Mike. Lorcan and Laura-Belle are told by Mike that Manhatten is controlled by a cult called the Farm and people have been brainwashed since, including their other classmate Carla. The group head to the coffee shop to meet Mike.

At the coffee shop, Mike talk about Carla's brother, saying her family took her out of school, spending lots of time with Edgar Evernever. He calls the members the Farmies. The group head to the Farm to get a closer look. Mike tries to get Carla out of there, but the group hold him back. They decide to investigate further, finding the Farmies drowning Carla's brother, so he can be reborn. Edgar Evernever then captures the group from behind, taking Laura-Belle's minicam and bringing them to the chamber. The group is submitted to the lake and then imprisoned.

At the compound, Evelyn Evernever meets the group, and invites Laura-Belle to join her and Edgar. During the night, while Edgar writes in his journal, Laura-Belle begin asking questions. Edgar invites her to join the Farm while Evelyn pours hera cup of tea. Lorcan, Jake, Kyle, Anya, Max, Mike and Carla break out of their imprisonment and decide to upload their footage on the minicam to alert the FBI. Edgar explains to Laura-Belle that that he was a different man many years ago. His life was in shambles and so he left it behind and walked into the desert to die, until he stumbled onto a tree, on a hillside of a farm. Edgar knocked on the farm’s door and when he woke, he was being tended to in a white room by a kind, elderly farmer. Edgar repaid the woman by lending a hand around the farm. He watched the field grow into something beautiful and in the process, felt reborn. Thus Edgar made it his sacred duty to open his own Farm, where he could welcome lost souls. Laura-Belle accepts to do the baptism in order to protect her friends and family.

As they escape from their imprisonment, Lorcan and Max decided to rescue Laura-Belle. Carla explains to them that they're doing the baptism which makes them shocked and rushes off to stop the baptism with Jake joining them.

The women of the Farm gather for Laura-Belle's baptism. Evelyn seems to lead the event. This is a day of rebirth. It is important to remember that birth is no easy fear, Evelyn says. It is a trauma to leave the comfort of their wombs. They push, tear, and spread forth. Crying and gasping for air. Today, Laura-Belle will rip off the weight she has carried, break through the barriers restraining her and she will emerge into the light of her destiny. Evelyn asks Laura-Belle if she’s ready. Laura-Belle replies that she is. Lisa helps Laura-Belle into a steel tub of water and hold her under water. Even as Laura-Belle gasps and fights for air, Lisa forces her down until she is unresponsive. Lorcan, Max and Jake, having ran across the hall, finally makes it to the facility, barging into the chamber and demanding that the baptism be stopped. Lorcan pulls her sister from the tub and performs CPR. Unfortunately, she failed to revive Laura-Belle. Max mourned one of his two favorite sisters while Jake hugs him. It makes Lorcan snapped at her mother in anger. She and Evelyn told her that it was an accident, but she didn't believe her.

Edgar leads all of Lorcan and Jake's classmates and teachers and seeek to recruit Lorcan and her friends into the Farm. They've all come together to get them to join them. In unison, the Farmies recite "Join us." If only for a second, it seems that Lorcan, Max and Jake begins to consider the offer, but she declines it nonetheless and takes off running.

After hiding in the shed, Lorcan cries for the death of Laura-Belle, but get angry at Edgar Evernever and swore revenge. Kyle, Anya, Mike and Carla found them and discovers L.B's death. They offered Max to take him home which he accepts and Lorcan and Jake take a walk to the woods.

Chapter One: Moving Picture

Chapter Two: The Old Song

Chapter Three: Rise and Fall

Chapter Four: Colossal Wonders

Chapter Five: The Last Reel

Lorcan and Jake wakes up in a bed at Tom and Allison's hideout. She comments on the song Allison is singing, claiming she recognizes it. Eventually, Allison gives them a piece of glass known as the seeing tool that reveals hidden messages throughout the world when Jake looks through it. During a conversation between Tom and Allison, Allison explains that Ink Bendy has found the hideout and that they need to escape. Allison and Tom escape and leave them behind.

The duo escapes the hideout through a secret passage shown to them by messages on the walls shown to them through the seeing tool and makes their way to a barge. As Lorcan and Jake sails through a river of ink they must escape from a Giant Bendy Hand to survive. At the end of the river, Lorcan and Jake finds themself at the Lost Harbor, a seemingly empty village. They are then attacked by the now-insane Sammy and eventually saved by Tom and Allison. After Sammy is gone the four heroes are attacked by Searchers, Lost Ones, and Miner Searchers.

After the fight is over, Allison asks Lorcan to lead the way. In the next room, Lorcan falls down a hole when a wooden board breaks beneath him. She then finds herself in the Appointment Lobby needing to collect pipes to drain a hallway that leads to the Film Vault. To do this, Lorcan will have to go to the Administration Maze and will have to avoid the Piper, Striker, and Fisher enemies and collect Ink Blobs to place into an Ink Maker. When Lorcan reaches the Film Vault he finds an empty box that Lorcan claims to have been important to Bendy's end. Jake, Allison and Tom eventually meet Lorcan in the Film Vault and explains to them that they must to get inside Ink Bendy's lair. There's a locked door leading to the lair that Tom punches open.

They reach the Giant Ink Machine Entrance with a machine across a river of ink. Lorcan and Jake must swim across alone as Allison explains they can not step into the ink. They has no choice but to leave Allison and Tom behind. They reaches the Throne Room and finds a reel tape named "The End". Then Lorcan finally battles Ink Bendy who transforms into Beast Bendy. Jake has to switch levers to open doors. Lorcan then has to make Beast Bendy charge at him to break ink pipes. After that, They places the reel in a projector which flashes colors, the same in their previous visions, which finally destroys Beast Bendy.

Lorcan and Jake arrived back into Joey Drew's apartment. Joey tells them that it's time for them to go home. Lorcan's grandfather, Henry Stein arriving in. Joey small talks with Henry and then tells him to visit the old workshop. Henry turns to a door on his right and the surroundings change back to the beginning scene in Chapter 1.

Lorcan and Jake arrived home to Brooklyn where they reunite their friends and family after they survived. Bill tells Lorcan that he and Lisa are getting a divorce after what he did to Laura-Belle and the Farm has left the city. Lorcan was shocked about the Farm and tell his friends that it's time to get to business — Planning Revenge on the Farm and predicts the future that in five years (2018), they're in a small town called "Riverdale".


  • McKenna Grace as Lorcan Darcy: The youngest twin and the titular main protagonist of the trilogy who lost her twin sister to the Farm, drove her to insanity. She is also the girlfriend of Jake Thompson whom he has a crush on.
    • Grace also portrayed Laura-Belle Darcy: the oldest twin who died from being drowned.
  • Jackson A. Dunn as Jake Thompson: Lorcan's boyfriend whom she has a crush on. He is the deuteragonist of the trilogy.
  • Jackson Robert Scott as Max Darcy: Lorcan's ten years old brother who serves as the tritagonist of the trilogy.
  • Chosen Jacobs as Kyle Pimiento: Lorcan's best friend who has a sense of humor.
  • TBA as Anya Diaz: Lorcan's mexican-american best friend who speaks two languages.
  • Hugh Jackman as Bill Darcy: Lorcan and Laura-Belle's father who's a cartoonist. He is very caring and kind to his daughters.
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey as Lisa Wilson: Lorcan and Laura-Belle's abusive mother who kidnapped them and their friends and taken them to the Farm.
  • Chad Michael Murray as Edgar Evernever: The leader of the Farm and Lorcan's arch-nemesis. He is the main antagonist of the trilogy who wants to recruit her to the Farm.
  • David Eddings as the voice of Joey Drew
  • Alanna Linayre as the voice of Susie Campbell
  • Lauren Synger as the voice of Allison Angel
  • Millie Bobby Brown as Carla: One of the prisoners at the Farm who's in the same class as Lorcan, Jake, Kyle, Anya and Laura-Belle. Her older brother is a Farmie.
  • Cameron Boyce as Mike: One of the prisoners at the Farm who's in the same class as Lorcan, Jake, Kyle, Anya and Laura-Belle.  His older sister is a Farmie.
    • This is Boyce's final role before his death on July 6.
  • Sarah Paulson as Erica/The Purple Witch: Lorcan and Laura-Belle's biological mother from another dimension who has a power of magic and illusions.


  • This is the first installment of The Darkest Tale of Lorcan Darcy trilogy, which sets part one in 2013.
  • This film dedicates the memory of Cameron Boyce who died in his sleep on July 6.
  • This film sets in the same world as the surviving horror game, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and teen soap opera series, Riverdale.


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