The Dark World's Ending is an adult animated science fiction comedy film. The film follows a group of friends whose lives are disturbed by the arrival of an alien race threatens to end the world as they know it.




Akron-a young man who has a television set for a head.

Jad- she is revealed to be the last descendant of a race of who were at war with the for thousands of years.

Chiemi- Akron's girlfriend.

Kari- an energetic but insane extraterrestrial.

Megan- Kari's human girlfriend. She was later revealed to be pregnant with Kari's unborn child.


The leader of the alien race

The leader


What's your favorite sex position?

My favorite sex position is the JFK. I splatter all over her while she screams and tries to get out of the car.

  • Is everybody okay?

(sarcastically) The world is fine yet the people are fucked as hell.

  • Tell my wife coughs that i changed the wifi password to...guuuuuuuuuh!

Ok. Well, that's a fucking weird ass password but i'll let her know.

Yes. His final words were Sammy, tell my wife... that she's a skank.

Oh shit! Now how will i ever find a new husband that pays the bills so i can spend the money on pointless shit on an online dating site?!

You are charged with third degree jackassery and first degree assholism. You are now sentenced to death without parole.

  • Kids, you're under arrest!

For what?


  • Jaxon:Yo man, is that a threat?

How about you threat these nuts in your mouth, you Dora the explorer looking motherfucker!

  • Winn: This is beginning to sound like a bad gay porno...I LOVE IT!
  • Have I ever told you that I've always had a thing for chocolate?

No, you have not.

Well, I'm telling you this now!

  • Once we conquer the world, we'll be both respected and feared by society!

Just like black people!


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