The Dark World's Ending is an animated science fiction comedy . The show follows a group of friends whose lives are by the arrival of threatens to end the world as they know it.



Main Characters

Amanda- A 19 year old She is very strong at hand-to-hand combat and excellent at using fire arms.

A 20 year old half Luno hybrid man

A 13 year old girl of African American- Japanese descent.


Hector-A robot who can . He is also Dwayne's ex boyfriend.

Megan-A pornographic film actress


Yuka Fujmura-A Japanese American former stripper who serves as Megan's arch rival later frenemy.

Allegra- A mysterious Luno woman who has a serious and blunt personality ,however having came across Will a few times, she became more emotional . A running gag which people would accidentally mispronounce her name as Viagra instead of Allegra. In the epilogue, She and Joel got engaged and are expecting twin girls.


Erica- An attractive young woman who is Matthew's wife.

A half Luno hybrid

Recurring Characters

Foster Father

foster Father


The leader of the Lunos and the leader of the men in black (MIB).

A member of the MIB


Seriously, you guys kept treating me as if I'm the one responsible.

That's because you were the one who started this.

Really? Oh shit. And Here I thought things couldn't get any worse .

Stop stripping in public, you pervert!

H-Hey, that was your fault not mine.

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