The Dark Man 2: The Dark Man returns is a sequel to: The Dark Man


The film takes place 2 years after the events of The Dark Man and Jarvis has returned as a ghost for revenge against his sister Pammy Scott who killed him in the last film and her 8 new friends: Hershel and Rick (who are brothers), Julie and Sam  (who are sisters), Blake Linderman (who is an expert on ghosts), Selina Thawne (Pammy's matial artist trainer whom she learned how to fight from), David and Chris.


2 years after the events of the previous film, Pammy Scott is in the championship of a martial artist tournament against her trainer Selina. Pammy manages to win the match and gets the award for best female fighter in the state. Selina is happy for Pammy and tells Pammy she's the best student she ever had. After the match however Selina goes home to find her living room tampered with and searches for anyone in her house. Jarvis's ghost suddenly appears behind Selina and levitates a bunch of knifes at her neck and chest, killing Selina. Pammy is saddened by this and begins to suspect it may be Jarvis since the reports say the knives were levitated and goes Blake for help. He agrees it could be Jarvis back for revenge but needs to know what type of ghost he is in order to figure out how to stop him. Meanwhile Hershel and Rick are at home watching TV when Jarvis's ghost pops out of the TV and shoves Rick in it, killing him and then goes after Hershel who is hiding in the basement. Jarvis soon finds Hershel and scares him so much he has a heart attack and Jarvis leaves Hershel to his death. Blake meanwhile has done further research and explains that only The one who killed Jarvis when he was alive can stop him which is Pammy,but is still trying to figure out what Pammy needs to do. Selina, whose corpse is now possessed by Jarvis, pays Pammy and Blake a visit and Pammy and Selina/Jarvis again engage in an epic marital arts fight. Blake quickly searches through his books of information on how to free Selina from possession and finds out that the only way to free a possessed body is to be shot through the head. Selina punches Pammy 3 times in her face and again with kicks and Pammy pummels Selina around with acrobatic kicks. When Blake goes to look for his gun he realizes that he misplaced it somewhere and frantically searches for it. Pammy is holding her own against Selina/Jarvis until Selina does an uppercut and a massive left kick on Pammy which angers her to the point where she jabs Selina/Jarvis 4 times on her left and right sides of her face and kicks her through a window with a slow motion face kick. Jarvis comes back in and he decides he's had enough fooling around and starts using a knife against Pammy and corners her against a wall making the fight up close and personal (the view also swtiches to Pammy's first person view). Blake finally finds his gun and shoots Selina through the head whose corpse vaporizes and Jarvis's ghost flees and tells them this isnt over. Since Rick and Hershel are also dead Blake gives Pammy a gun should Jarvis also possess them to go after her while he does more research. Jarvis goes after Julie and Sam next and kills Julie with a fireplace poker by impaling her with it and Sam tries to hide like Hershel did.This proves just as futile however and Jarvis decapitates her with the poker.

Blake finally figures out how to stop the ghost of Jarvis when it comes for him too. The ghost was about to kill Blake when it suddenly felt real pain on his leg and fled to the location of it's corpse. It found a wolf biting his right leg and scared it off. Blake explains that the only way to Kill Jarvis is for Pammy to inflict one fatal wound on Jarvis's body for each of his victims when he started his rampage as a ghost and other people can inflict fatal wounds if there is only one left (which so far is 5). If Jarvis kills Pammy or all 8 of Pammy's friends before being stopped, Jarvis will be unstoppable. Jarvis has grown powerful enough to posses multiple corpses at once now and sends Rick, Hershel, Sam (whose head is now reattached) and Julie at Pammy and Blake. All four are freed from possession as Blake and Pammy are now prepared with the guns to shoot them through the head. Blake and Pammy head to the place where Jarvis's body fell too in order to inflict the 8 wounds.  Meanwhile Jarvis himself has killed David by throwing him off a 5 story building to his death and Chris by slamming a table on his face (which means that the corpse now requires 7 fatal wounds to defeat). Pammy and Blake are now the only ones left and if one of them is killed Jarvis will win and be unstoppable. They find his corpse in the woods and then Jarvis appears, who is aware of what they are trying to do. But before he can attack Pammy shoots the Corpse 6 times stunning Jarvis's ghost. She is out of bullets before she can make the 7th shot however, but Blake managed to bring a knife and stabs The Corpse through the head (it was now vunerable to Blake due to only being one wound left to make) and this apparently defeats Jarvis. Blake then remembers a part that he forgot tell Pammy: instead of being defeated the ghost is now forced back into his body and all of his wounds before being dying and all 8 fatal wounds they just inflicted on him are also healed and the body will now have capabilities that the possessed bodies had which includes Selina's martial arts skills and now has 5 times as much endurance than before making him far more difficult to kill.

However Jarvis is now no longer capable of any supernatural attacks and also now has to kill Blake AND Pammy in order to be unstoppable. Once Jarvis is revived he attacks them both in a final struggle and Jarvis finds the spare knife he used to seriously injure Pammy in the previous film and uses it to his advantage. Blake is injured by the knife and is momentarily knocked out of the fight while Jarvis's new fighting skills make him at odds with Pammy. Blake comes back in soon and Pammy manages to disarm Jarvis while Blake grabs the knife and Stabs Jarvis in the back with it. Jarvis retaliates by reclaiming the knife, punching Blake 4 times and breaking it so that the fight is now evenly matched. Blake is disabled again while Pammy continues to fight Jarvis with her full fighting skills and Greatly damages his left side of his face by kicking it 5 times and stomping on it twice after tripping him. Jarvis fights back with a punch that knocks her down and Jarvis stomps on her face twice. Blake is starting to regather his strength and weakens Jarvis one more time with the knife he packed with him by stabbing him in the stomach. Jarvis has had enough of Blake, grabs him and knocks out Blake by throwing him on a tree and leaving Pammy alone with a weakened Jarvis. Knowing she may still die here, she decides to go out "in style" and strips down to her bra and underwear (making her look very beautiful) which astonishes Jarvis long enough to kick him down with her now bare feet. He gets up and the two resume fighting, Jarvis wounds Pammy by punching her 4 times in her face and Pammy kicks his right side of his face 6 times and stomps him straight on his face 4 times. Jarvis is now severly weakened and Pammy takes full advantage of this with a final 4 part beat-down (during all 4 parts the view switches to Jarvis's first person view). 

In part 1 She kicks Jarvis In the face 10 times and then does an acrobatic face kick on his right side. Part 2 has her Punching Jarvis 12 times and Doing a massive left punch. Part 3 is 10 punches and kicks, does a massive uppercut, a flip kick and finally stomps on him repeatingly until a portal to hell appears and demon hands grab Jarvis. Terrified, he makes one last effort to resist complete defeat by Trying to drag Pammy with him by grabbing her foot. However she does part 4 of the beat-down which is 8 face kicks with her other foot and a final slow motion kick which gets him off and Jarvis is sucked down to hell defeated once and for all while screaming "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!".Pammy then sees Blake waking up and tells him that Jarvis is defeated and it is then revealed that Blake and Pammy have been in love with each other since 4 months before the film started when Blake asks Pammy if she would like to marry him after all they've been through. She eagerly says yes and then asks if they would like to take some time to celebrate alone in the woods since Pammy says she is "properly dressed for it". Blake agrees and smiles and they begin having sex in the woods together for 2 minuties straight. While they are doing this the wolf that bit Jarvis's leg from earlier appears and lunges at them. Pammy easily knocks out the wolf with a kick and punch while still kissing Blake and not ever looking at the wolf. When they are finished they happily leave the woods to start a new life together.  The ending is 10 years later and it shows them both together and playing catch with their 8 year old daughter together named Alsa Scott.


1. (1st)  Selina: killed by having knifes to the chest and neck

2. Rick: shoved into a TV

3. Hershel: given a heart attack by being so scared of Jarvis

4. (2nd) Selina (possessed): shot through the head by Blake while she was fighting Pammy

5. Julies: impaled with a fireplace poker

6. Sam: decapitated by the poker

7. David: fell to his death from a 5 story building

8. Chris: a table slammed on his face

9. Jarvis: Forced back into his body, Massive beating, dragged to hell by demon hands after the beat-down

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