The Dark Man is the first film in a two part horror film series the second part being: The Dark Man 2: The Dark Man Returns


A flashback takes place one year before the events of the film with a teenager named Jarvis Scott with his 9 friends: Pammy Scott(also Jarvis's sister) and her boyfriend Danny Fineman, Natalie Benson, Jennifer Riley, Maddy Kales, Jake Grant, Mia Miles, Ben Gates and Jennifer's boyfriend, Micheal Green staying in a cabin the woods. His friends play a prank on Jarvis which is Pammy disguised and as a killer called "the dark man" which results in Pammy chasing Jarvis to a cliff and when Pammy reveals to him it was only a prank, Jarvis slips off the edge of the cliff and the fall kills him as he falls in a river. One year later the 9 friends return to the woods to try to get over the exprience when they get stalked by 2 unknown figures....


One year after the death of Jarvis the 8 friends go back to the woods and decide to stay in a Cabin there for two days and Jake goes down into the woods to look for his book which he dropped earlier. When he is doing so the dark man spots him and Jake spots him back and sees him holding a knife. Jake thinks it is Pammy again but he relizes it is not her when a pale savage creature attacks him. The pale creature is the dark man's pet who is named Jarvo by the dark man and as Jarvo kills Jake by snapping his neck and the dark man merely claps. Danny goes to look for Jake and finds his corpse and is attacked by the Dark Man. Danny manages stun him by punching him in the gut and escapes back to the Cabin. He finds everyone there except for Natalie and Ben who went to go relax and explains that there is 2 killers here that has already killed Jake and they need to find Natalie and Ben quickly. Pammy calls 911 on her cell phone and they tell Pammy they will be there in 1 hour. Jennifer and Micheal believe this to be another prank and stay in the cabin while the others look. Meanwhile the dark man and Jarvo (the pale creature) decide to split up: the pale creature goes after Natalie and Ben while the figure goes after Jennifer and Micheal and meet up again to take out the others afterward. The creature finds Ben and suddenly pops up in front of him while Ben is investigating a noice it had made and impales him on a sharp knife the dark man gave it. When Natalie goes to investigate, Jarvo appears behind her and kills Natalie by bashing her face in.

Pammy, Danny, Mia and Maddy find their bodies and they light a match to see better and when Jarvo arrives, Mia burns it with the match and Jarvo runs away and it is revealed that it is vunerable to fire. Meanwhile the dark man spots Jennifer and Micheal making out by themselves and decides to let them do it and thinks to himself about romance scenes from horror movies and how they are almost always interrupted. After deciding he has watched enough he stabs Micheal through the head, killing him. Jennifer throws a blanket on the dark man to try to confuse him but Jarvis still manages to throw Jennifer through a window to her death. The four remaining survivors find a journal about the creature, it is called a Wendigo which is a human who resorts to cannibalism and they think that Jarvis may have survived his fall and his now back for revenge. They hatch an idea to lure The creature to the cabin and kill it using gasoline and the fireplace. Jarvo and the dark man reunite and he pets Jarvo for a job well done. The dark man and Jarvo attack the four, The Dark Man kills Mia with a gun and Jarvo pops out of nowhere in front of Maddy. Maddy tries to fend off Jarvo by punching him repeatingly although she has poor fighting skills. The punches barely make him flinch, don't hurt Jarvo at all and only irritate him and kills Maddy when she is too exhausted to continue. Pammy and Danny, the only survivors left, run for the cabin when Pammy trips and gives the killer an opening. He tries to shoot Pammy but misses until he runs out of bullets. They both manage to escape and arrive at the cabin until they are found by both of the killers.

The dark man halts Jarvo from attacking and he finally reveals himself to be Jarvis, still alive from the events one year ago and back for revenge. He reveals that the creature is really Pammy's father who got lost in the woods years ago and resorted to cannibalism which turned him into a wendigo but managed to remember his family. Which lead to Jarvo and Jarvis regonizing each other and Jarvo had caught Jarvis mid fall (with Pammy not noticing it).  Although regonizing Pammy he knows that she is partly responsible for Jarvis falling of the cliff and does not try to help her. Pammy tries to reason with Jarvis by reminding him what happened was a prank and that they did not mean for him to be pushed off the cliff. Jarvis considers this for a moment but while they are talking Danny manages to light the cabin ablaze. Jarvis orders Jarvo to run out and gets out with Pammy and Danny not far behind. Jarvis's jacket gets caught on fire and he takes it off to avoid being burnt. Jarvo does not manage to make it before the cabin explodes. Jarvo emeges from the wreckage, still alive but badly burned and makes one more attempt to kill Danny and Pammy however Pammy manages to decapitate her father with a shovel finally killing him. Furious at the death of his father and savior, Jarvis fatally stabs Danny and runs off as Pammy and Danny embrace and have a final moment together before Danny dies from his wound. Jarvis and Pammy who are both enraged at the death of a loved one, attack each other in a final confrontation. Pammy manages to knock Jarvis's knife out of his hand and high kicks him right in his face. Jarvis relizes that Pammy has trained in martial arts and in hand to hand combat after what happened a year ago. After a struggle where they both taunt and hurt each other (Pammy also takes off her shoes to fight) he manages to trip Pammy and begins to strangle her. Jennifer is then revealed to still be alive and tries to help Pammy, she manages to get Jarvis off of Pammy but Jarvis picks up his knife and kills Jennifer.

While doing this Pammy is now running away. He chases her to the cliff where he fell down a year ago and the two fight again. Jarvis manages to slash Pammy multiple times with the knife until Pammy knocks it off the cliff. Pammy beats Jarvis severely with attacks for each of his victims and does a acrobatic face kick which knocks 3 teeth out and breaks his nose (this one for Danny). He retaliates by stabbing Pammy in her left shoulder and right leg with a spare knife he kept in his pocket and begins to strangle her again. He is about to kill her when she manages to stab Jarvis with his own knife fatally . As she moves in to push him off Jarvis knows that he is too weak to win now but makes one last injury to Pammy by stabbing her in the stomach. Pammy uses the last of her strength to push Jarvis off the edge this time the fall really kills him as Jarvo is not here to save him. Pammy manages to make it back to the wreckage of the cabin before collapsing due to blood loss from the injuries from the fight. In a mid-credit scene it is revealed that police found her in time and manage to take her to a hospital to edventually recover. In a post credit scene the screen zooms in on Jarvis's body and then we see a ghost-like hand pop out and hear Jarvis laughing which means he is now a ghost.

Characters (please note that all the pictures of the characters put here are also random)

Pammy Scott:
Lauren Esposito

Jarvis Scott:


Danny Fineman:

Danny Thompson

Natalie Benson:
Madison Wolfe

Jennifer Riley:
ODM2ODU2MzA= o house-at-the-end-of-the-street-jennifer-lawrence-gives-

Maddy Kales:


Jake Grant:


Ben Gates:
Ben Feldman

Mia Miles:


(and last but not least)

Micheal Green:

Kenny Garson (2543)


1.Jarvis and Pammy on the cliff for the first time:

Pammy: relax Jarvis it's me Pammy it was just a prank.

Jarvis: i can't believe it's you, you scared me like- slips off the edge)

Pammy: JARVIS!!!! NO!

"Pammy looks over the edge and sees he has fallen"

Pammy: NO! NO! What have I done!?!? "breaks down crying"

2.Jake Grant meets the Dark Man:

Jake: Pammy is that you again? OH MY GOD "relizes its not Pammy"

The Dark Man: no Pammy here Jake, only me and my pet!

"Jarvo comes in and attacks Jake.

"Jake screams and The Dark Man claps"

3.The dark Man watches Jennifer and Micheal

The Dark Man (thinking): I would love to just interrupt them now but eh what the heck sex scenes in horror films are almost always interrupted by the killers i'll just give em some time.

(Jennifer begins to undress) Ok that's quite enough of that (kills Micheal)

Jennifer: AH! GET AWAY!!! (throws blanket at the Dark Man)

The Dark Man:It will take more than a blanket to stop me. (throws Jennifer out of the Window)

4. The Big Reveal (obviously spoilers)

Danny: who are you anyway dark man? it's time you stopped hiding yourself

The Dark Man: Jarvo halt, you really have no idea? "reveals himself" do you?

Danny and Pammy: JARVIS!?!?!?

Jarvis: Yep i'm back i survived my fall since our good friend here grabbed me.

Danny: how do you know that thing?

Jarvis: chuckles remember when my dad went missing in the woods and do you know what cannibalism does to you?

Pammy: no no no, that can't be... dad?

Jarvis: He got lost in the woods somehow before my hmph accident and he is still capable of regonizing his family like me but he isnt helping you since i told him about the prank.

Pammy: Jarvis you need to listen you don't need to do this you know the prank was accidental plus we can help you

Jarvis: You can't help me anymore you can my father now and... wait. What are you doing?

"Danny sets the Cabin ablaze"

Jarvis: NO! NO! NO! GET OUT! GO! GO!

5. Jarvo and Danny's fate (big spoilers)

(a charred hand pops out from the wreckage)

Pammy: is Jarvo coming back out of there?

Jarvo emerges from the wreckage and jumps on Danny



Jarvo turns around and is decapitated by Pammy with a shovel


Jarvis fatally wounds Danny with a knife and runs off

Pammy: DANNY! DANNY! stay still you are going to make it

Danny: it's nice of you to lie but please don't not like this

Pammy: i said you're going to make it i am not going let you die here

Danny: it's too late for that now.... i love you Pammy

Pammy: ... I love you too Danny

Pammy and Danny kiss

Danny: Pammy don't forget me, promise me you won't

Pammy don't worry i won't

Danny dies

Pammy: starts sobing until sees Jarvis

Pammy: YOU, look at me you heartless monster (voice breaking) look what you've done, you've killed my all of my friends, turned my own dad against me and now you've killed the man who truly loved me. You're not my brother anymore, you're a dead man who i am going kill for DANNY AND EVERYONE YOU'VE HURT!!!

Jarvis: yeah yeah i'm sure you'll try, go ahead Pam

Pammy: DON'T CALL ME PAM! (attacks Jarvis)

Quotes 5: Jarvis vs Pammy battle to the death

Pammy disarms and high kicks Jarvis

Pammy: how did that feel?

Jarvis: i see you've been training a bit and i am gonna tell you now it won't help, i can take whatever you can throw

Pammy: oh really? you think you can handle me? (takes off her shoes and takes a fighting pose) ready for a beat-down?

Jarvis: bring it on

Jarvis dodges Pammy's attack and hits her twice

Jarvis: how did that feel Pammy?

Pammy: not nice to hit a girl, it makes her VERY angry

Jarvis: or kill her boyfriend i take it?


Pammy repeatingly tries to kick Jarvis until he trips her and begins to strangle her

Jarvis: you put up a good fight i'll give you that  but you still los-

Jennifer kicks Jarvis off

Jarvis: didnt i throw you out a window?

Jennifer: that was your mistake, windows are unreliable these days

Jarvis: (smiles and picks up his knife) i won't repeat it.

Jarvis dodges Jennifers next attack and stabs her in the chest

Pammy: JENNIFER!!... you murdering little- (gets punched 3 times by Jarvis)

Pammy: that was a mistake (wipes blood of her lip) follow me Jarvy

Jarvis: did you just call me- oh i'm coming alright

Jarvis chases Pammy to the cliff

Pammy: i found it fitting that we finish this here

Jarvis: fair enough (attacks Pammy)

Quotes 6: Jarvis vs Pammy battle to the death part 2 finale 

(Jarvis slashes Pammy)

(She disarms Jarvis and scorpion kicks him)

Pammy: that was for Jennifer! and this is for Micheal!

She punches Jarvis right on his nose

Pammy: This is for Mia!

She Kicks Jarvis in the left side of his face

Pammy: this is for Jake!

She kicks Jarvis on the right side of his face

Pammy: this is for Natalie and Ben!

She kicks Jarvis on both sides of his face

Pammy:and this is for Maddy! 

angrily does a devastating uppercut on Jarvis and backs away


backflips toward Jarvis and hits him with a slow motion, acrobatic face kick

Pammy: had enough yet you psycho?

(Jarvis gets up, his face bloody and beaten)

Jarvis: is that the best you got?

Pammy: lets find out shall we? (prepares to attack again)

Jarvis stabs Pammy in her right leg, left shoulder and begins to strangle her

Jarvis: I had a spare knife in my pocket, this is how i imagined it Pammy, you and me here again together and me finally reversing fate right on you!

Pammy: and this is how i imagined it:

Pammy stabs Jarvis with his own Knife and is now standing on the edge

Pammy: any last words?

Jarvis: (stabs Pammy in the stomach) how about that?

Pammy: gasps AH! AH!

Jarvis: whats wrong? feeling woozy? hard to stay alive?

Pammy: how about you?

(Pammy punches Jarvis off the edge and watches him die)


Jarvis (1st): slipped off the edge of a cliff and feel to his death, did not die

Jake: killed by Jarvo by having his neck snapped

Ben: Impaled on a sharp knife by Jarvo

Natalie: Killed by Jarvo by having her face bashed in

Micheal: stabbed in the head by The Dark Man

Jennifer (1st): thrown out of window by the Dark Man, did not die

Mia: Shot to death by the Dark Man

Maddy: Killed by Jarvo offscreen

Jarvo: Burnt in the cabin explosion, decapitated by Pammy

Danny: Killed by an enraged Jarvis

Jennifer (2nd) Stabbed in the chest by Jarvis

Jarvis (the dark man) (2nd): massive beating, stabbed in the stomach and punched off the cliff (is now a ghost).

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