The Dark Knight of Tomorrow (or Batman Beyond II) is a 2019 American Action Superhero Sci-Fi film, based off of the 1999-2001 DC Animated Universe series of the same name and a sequel to the 2017 film, Batman Beyond, premiering in the theaters on June 6, 2019, as the second of three installments of the Batman of the Future film trilogy, followed by Legacy of the Batman. The film stars Tyler Posey, Clint Eastwood, Chad Donella, Asa Butterfield, Zooey Deschanel, Karrisa Tynes, Michelle Harrison, Crystal Reed, and Yvonne Craig as the main cast of the film, with Posey portraying Terry McGennis, who continues to carry on the legacy of the Batman, while dealing with new supervillains.

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After taking back his company from Derek Powers, elderly Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, continues to undo all the wrongs and illegal activites Powers did with his company, while mentoring teenage Terry McGennis, the new and improved Batman, to carry on the legacy that he started almost fifty years ago, with Terry cleaning up his life and re-establishing Batman as the protector of Gotham City, but even with the help of a very reluctant Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Gotham continues to plunge into the age of darkness, crime, and corruption that Bruce pledged to stop all those years ago. Now, when Walter Shreeve, a sound engineer hoping to change society with his inventions by finding a way to cure for deaf people, including his daughter, looks for revenge against Wayne Enterprises, after Powers stole his life's work and becomes Shriek, a super villain that can control frequency and shoot sonic blasts. Not only does Terry have to handle Shriek, but when a bullied nerd at his High School, Willie Watt, steals a mentally-controlled robot called the Golem, he becomes a psychokinetic supervillain himself. Last, but not least, when Shriek attacks Wayne Enterprises, Deanna Clay is caught in an accident that changes her into the liquid shapeshifting supervillain, Inque. In order to save Gotham City, and Wayne Enterprises, Batman must not only go up against one, but three new super villains, all while keeping together his life as Terry McGennis and the Dark Knight of Tomorrow.


  • Tyler Posey as Terry McGennis/Batman, ​a now eighteen year old reformed juvenile delinquent, who previously stole the batsuit in order to get revenge for his father's killer, and now makes up for his past, by taking on the mantle of Gotham's protector, under the mentorship of Bruce Wayne, pretending to be his "personal assistant", to cover his constant disappearances.
    • The batsuit is a black high-tech suit, with red accents and a red bat on the chest. Unlike the previous crusaders, Terry doesn't wear a cape, but instead retracts wings from under his arm, combined with his jet boots, to fly. The suit is also allows durability, allowing Terry to take a hard blow, but remain conscious. The new suit is capable of many weapons and abilities;
      • Dispensible Batarangs
      • Grappling guns built into wrist
      • Increase strength, speed, and agility
      • Electrical discharge
      • Camoflauge
      • Retractable blades from forearms
      • Launchable tracers
      • Touch microphones on tip of fingers, allowing Terry to hear conversations clearly through solid walls
      • Infrared/night vision
      • Vital scanner
      • Bat bombs
      • Smoke pellets
      • Flash bang
      • Kill function, allowing Bruce to shut down the suit from the batcave
  • Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne, the billionaire CEO of Wayne Enterprises, returning it to it's former glory after taking his company back from Derek Powers. Twenty two years earlier, he was the masked vigilante, Batman, but he retired due to his failing health. He reluctantly let Terry keep the batsuit, but now he proudly trains Terry to carry on his legacy.
  • Chad Donella as Walter Shreeve/Shriek, a former sound engineer that worked at Wayne Enterprises. His life's work included finding a cure for deafness, mostly for his deaf daughter, but after he was fired and his work was stolen by Derek Powers, he planned revenge. Now, he uses a high-tech suit that allows him to create destructive waves of sound and manipulate sound in a variety of ways, in order to destroy the company that cost him everything he's ever worked for.
  • Zooey Deschanel as Deanna Clay/Inque, a private eye that was stealing Wayne Enterprise secrets, but when Shriek attacked the building, she was infected by a batch of mutagen, that mutated her into a dark blue liquid-like villain, with the ability to shapeshift.
  • Asa Butterfield as Willie Watt/Golem, a teenage nerd at Terry's school, that is constantly bullied, but when his father tells him to take charge, Willie steals the GoLeM (Galvanized Lifting Machine), controlling it with an EMP headset, to take revenge and soon gets a bigger and more dangerous plan.
  • Michelle Harrison as Mary McGennis, Terry's widowed mother, who Terry now lives with, after his father's murder. She often worries that Terry will dive back into juvenile acts since the death of Warren, but is happy to hear Bruce Wayne offered him a "job".
  • Karrisa Tynes as Maxine "Max" Gibson, Terry's best friend and a very smart student in school. She finds out his secret, and now helps him as a computer genius to hack into secret files.
  • Crystal Reed as Dana Tan, Terry's girfriend, who also worries about him being to aggressive and going back to juvie. Though they do have a very close relationship and she helps comfort him after everything, but she is annoyed by him cancelling their plans and ditching her for his "job".
  • Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon, the commisioner of Gotham city and the former partner of Batman, Batgirl, having hung up her cowl to replace her father as commisioner. She barely approves of Terry being Batman, believing that dressing up and fighting crime is an innapropriate way to handle justice.
  • Colton Hayes as Nelson Nash, the captain of the wrestling team and a school bully, who Terry often stands up to.
  • Cooper Timberline as Matt McGennis, Terry's younger brother. They often bicker, like most siblings, but Matt is actually a big fan of Batman.


Four years ago at WaynePowers, a sound engineer, Walter Shreeve, is on the verge of creating technology that can assist in the hearing of deaf people, mostly looking to cure his daughter, but former CEO Derek Powers fires him and steals his research.

In present day, elderly Bruce Wayne continues to redeem his company, Wayne Enterprises, after recovering it from Derek Powers, aka Blight. He is holographically communicating with the board from the Batcave, discussing the preservation an old part of town, which holds the theater that he went to with his parents, the night they were murdered. After the meeting, he is revealed to be in the batcave, talking with Terry, who is currently chasing a gang of Jokerz, who have stolen a Wayne Enterprises truck, carrying dangerous chemicals. A woman walking towards Wayne Enterprises is nearly ran over by the clowns, but Batman swoops her up. He gets a call from Dana, who is with Max at a gravity ball game (a futuristic cross of Hockey and Lacrosse). After stopping the Jokerz, he heads to the school, but the game is over and everyone has left, except Dana, who is waiting for Terry.

After the game, Willie Watt, a teenage nerd, approaches Bobbi Blade. Her boyfriend, Nelson Nash, picks on him for flirting with his girl. He pushes him against his own car, accidentally scratching it. Nelson prepares to beat up Willie, but Terry arrives and defends Willie. Nelson threatens that Terry won't be able to protect him forever. Terry and Dana help him up, and he storms off. He heads to the construction site, where his dad works, and tells him what happened. His father tells him to take charge and be a man. While leaving, he stares at his dad, who is using an EMP headset to control the GoLeM (Galvanized Lifting Machine), a large robot used for construction.

The next day, Terry is with Dana and Max at the mall, where Nelson drags Bobbi to a car show. Terry and Dana talk about their relationship, with Dana upset about Terry being late and constantly ditching her, because of his "job" for Mr. Wayne. Suddenly the Golem smashes through the walls. Terry grabs Dana and Max, then dives to the floor as debris flies over them. Max looks up and Terry is gone. The Golem seemingly attacks Nelson, even destroying his car, throwing it at him, but Batman flies in, and pulls him out of the way with a grappling hook. Watching from the Batcave, Bruce tells him what it is and to aim for the power source in the head. He smashes the glass that protects the machine's power source, and stabs it with a batarang. Outside of the mall on the roof of a nearby building, Willie is wearing the EMP headset, which short circuits when Batman stops the Golem, and electrocutes Willie. Terry suddenly reappears as the police arrive. Dana yells at him for ditching her again, and breaks up with him. After overhearing Blade break up with Nelson, Willie asks her to a dance.

Terry returns to the Batcave, where Bruce tries to trace the headset that was used to control the Golem, although he fails, since the headset short circuited. Bruce says they can figure it out later, and that he has a meeting with the board. Terry drives him to Wayne Enterprises, joking that this meeting has to be important, if it gets Bruce out of the mansion in daylight. Inside, Deanna Clay, the same woman Batman saved from being ran over by the Jokerz, is sneaking through the building, ending up in the bio lab. Terry watches the meeting telegraphically from the limo, but sees a man in a white uniform with a helmet and big round gloves walk in. Suspicious, Terry grabs a case and opens it to reveal the batsuit. Inside, the meeting is interrupted by the man, as he blasts the door with a sonic wave. Bruce tries to take on the man, but he activates a large sonic shriek that forces the members to the ground, covering their ears. Batman flies through the window and tackles the man through the wall. They battle on the stairway and stumble into the lab, where Deanna is. Terry shoots a grappling hook into his blaster, yanking it out as it blasts the catwalk, causing Deanna to fall into a vat of mutagen, which fuses to her skin. While the man escapes, Batman dives into the tank and pulls out Deanna. Afterwards, Bruce is hurt and is put into the hospital. He tries to leave, but Terry stops him and says he'll figure this one out on his own. Driving home, he realizes he's being followed.

Terry returns to the batcave and tries to analyze the piece of the sonic blaster he yanked out, and it's made of an alloy that helps concentrate sonic frequencies, and is only made by a run-down company, ShreeveTech. While leaving, he encounters Ian Peek, an investigative reporter, who talks to him about Batman.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Bruce begins hearing voices, telling him to go to the window, but Bruce tries to fight it. The orderlies come in and suddate him.

The white-suited man returns to his lab, revealing himself to be Walter Shreeve. He hears a knock on his door and puts away his suit, before answering it, revealing Terry who is posing as a pizza boy, pretending to have the wrong address. Shreeve welcomes him inside, where Terry looks at all of his tech, including a small two way radio set, and a device that looks similar to the blaster, but blocks all sound. He notices the pizza boy getting deeper and deeper into the coversation and knocks him down. Terry kicks him back and runs away, while Shreeve gets his blasters.

Elsewhere, Deanna is in a lab at Wayne Enterprises, as her body begins to liquify. Her body becomes a puddle on the ground and slithers through a crack in the wall. Outside she barely manages to regain her human form as she steadily walks into the city, with her footprints seeming acidic on the ground.

Terry escapes and heads to the hospital to tell Bruce, but is told that he was taken to the psychiatric ward for hearing voices. Batman pays Bruce a visit, and Bruce pleads that he is not crazy, and paranoidally tells him to check the lights and tear down the walls to search for microphones, but Terry realizes the one large bandage Bruce has and removes it to reveal it is concealing one of Shreeve's two way headset. With this as proof, Bruce is released and returns to the Batcave to continue investigating Shreeve and the Golem. Terry gets a panicking call from Max. Batman arrives in the park ready for battle, but Max is fine, and just reveals that she guessed he and Batman were one and the same. Afterward, he talks to her about how it happened as they walk through the park.

In the middle of Gotham's central area, where tons of people are walking, Deanna begins to liquify again and barely manages to maintain a solid form. Police officers notice her an the acidic liquid dropping from her. She accidentally extends her hand and knocks back one of the cops. The other shoots her, but they just pass straight through her. In the park, Terry gets an alert from the batcave about what's happening.

More police arrive, including Commissioner Barbara Gordon, as she tries to talk her down, but the others continue to shoot at her, even though they pass through her liquified form. She hits a cop car at the Commissioner, but Batman flies over and catches it. Gordon has her squad cease fire, while Batman tries to talk her down. He recognizes her as the same woman he saved from the truck and chemicals. He succeeds in keeping her calm, and almost has her leave with him, but when she accidentally steps into a large puddle of water, she begins to merge with it. A sniper atop of a building believes her to be escaping and shoots her arm, which splatters everywhere. She shoots out her other arm at him and destroys the corner. Batman shoots a batarang at her, but it sticks into her, as she knocks him into a car. He gets back up and shoots a batarang around a police officer to pull him out of the way of falling debris. Deanna and Batman have a small battle, before Batman uses a hose from a water truck to liquify her into a puddle.

He returns home and crashes into his bed, throwing his suit into the closet, until he gets a call from Dana. At a party in a warehouse on the docks, he meets with her and they reconcile while dancing. Meanwhile, Willie is getting Bobbi punch, while Nelson talks to her. She decides to take him back, and he says he'll "talk" to willie about it. Nelson and his jock friends take Willie outback and throw him over the docks, even though he can't swim. At the construction site, the damaged Golem responds to his distress. Just as he is about to drown, the Golem pulls him out of the water. Realizing he can control it with his thoughts, he has it attack the dance. Batman arrives and battles it once again, but with the power source already destroyed he doesn't know how to stop it, as it escapes.

Meanwhile, Shreeve breaks into Wayne Enterprises, where Deanna is being kept in a special case. He breaks her out and they plan revenge on Bruce Wayne and Batman, now calling themselves Shriek and Inque. They break into a Wayne Enterprises factory to draw out their enemies, but instead find Willie repairing the Golem. The three of them make their own pact to destroy the Batman. Shriek activates a radio station to release a sonic wave that disturbs everyone in Gotham. Shriek demands Batman, or else he'll kill everyone in Gotham.

At the Batcave, Bruce repairs the damaged Batsuit, while Terry tells Bruce he saw a friend of his controlling the Golem, and devises away to use Shreeve's tech as a weapon. Bruce says they need to find someone who can hack into the Golem's system, and Terry says he knows someone. Commissioner Gordon arrives at the mansion. Bruce demands Terry stay in the cave, while he goes to talk to Gordon. Bruce refuses to give up Terry to Shriek, but Barbara says that he has to. Bruce forces her to leave, but when he returns to the batcave, Terry's gone.

Batman arrives at the factory, where he battles Shriek, Inque, and the Golem. After a long battle, he places a chip into the Golem and tells Max to hurry. It grabs him and attempts in pulling him apart, while Shriek blasts him. In her home, Max hacks into the Golem's system and shorts circuits it. It drops him and crashes to the floor. Batman flies up and shoots two batarangs, one that releases sonic vibrations that cancel out Shriek's sonic waves, while the second one slashes the gauntlet, causing it to overload. Batman grabs the other gauntlet and activates it, as he shoves it into inque, causing her to disperse. The three are taken away, with Willie brain dead, Shriek deaf, and Inque unable to reform.

In his office Peek is visited by Batman, knowing that he and, formerly Bruce Wayne, is Batman. Terry threatens to come back if his secret gets out..

In the end, Bruce watches as Wayne Enterprises helps in the restoration of Gotham's historic sites. At graduation, Dana is trying to call Terry, but Max says he'll be a little late. At city hall, Commissioner Gordon arrives, when the psychotic terrorist, Mad Stan threatens to blow the place. Batman arrives and flies head on to face him, dodging all of his grenades and rams straight into him.


  • Terry: "Fine. Do whatever you want to me, but he doesn't deserve this. He's done too much for this city to end up in the middle of a media circus.
  • Peek: "He means a lot to you, doesn't he?"
  • Terry: "Yes... he does."

  • Bruce: "What do you want me to do? Just hand Terry over to Shriek?"
  • Barbara: "Give the kid to me. I'll figure something out. I had a pretty good teacher, remember?"
  • Bruce: "Yeah, I do, but I also remember that you work for a mayor that would sell him out at the drop of hat!"
  • Barbara: "Well, what the hell do want me to do? If you've got a better plan, then..."
  • Bruce: "All I know is this; that boy has done a dam lot for this city, and has asked nothing in return! It's time this city does something for him!"

  • Terry: "Hey, when Shriek was getting into your mind, how did you know you weren't just going insane?"
  • Bruce: "Well, first; I know I'm not psychotic."
  • Terry: "Wow, I really hope your second answer is more reasonable."
  • Bruce: "The voices called me Bruce. In my mind, that's not what I call myself."
  • Terry: "Then what do you call yourself?"
  • (Bruce smirks at him)
  • Terry: "Yeah, I guess you would... but that's my name, now."
  • Bruce: "Tell that to my subconscious."
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